So, my sweet readers, this is not a new chapter. You might hate me for this, or you might love me for this depending on how you feel about the story, but I have decided to take a break from this story. I'm not really feeling it anymore and I only have like one person reading it... I thought I had some ideas for the story, but I haven't really developed them.

I do plan to come back and finish this story, but not right now. All is not lost though. I do have another idea for a story, which i'm really excited about. I plan to start it asap and I'm going to plan the entire thing out before I start writing it. That way, I know I have a full story.

Hope it's not too saddening, but just thought I should let you know. I already have a title and a summary for my new story and they are:

Behind Enemy Lines

Summary: Marine soldier Evan Watson's mission was simple: rescue the commanding officer and his daughter. He finds the daughter and they soon become trapped together behind enemy lines. What happens when the two are forced to rely on each other to survive?

I'm really excited for this story and I'm excited to share it with you! Thanks for all of the love and support! (: