I stare at the house from the tree that I am hanging from. I can smell the blood of the humans inside as they are partying. However only one person's blood matters to me at the moment, it is the blood of a teenage girl. It's not because of the girl though. No, it's because of the type of blood.

You're probably thinking that I'm talking about type A or O and what not. No, I'm talking about a new type of blood that is very similar to Type A in looks but in taste it is so much better. Supposedly it tasted like a spring from Heaven.

Upon hearing about this new blood from a fellow vampire, I embarked on a journey, searching for someone with this blood. Thanks to my keen sense of smell I was able to track down the owner of the blood to a house in the state of Colorado. Nothing was going to stand in my way of getting the blood.

However it wasn't going to be easy since that same night, the teenage girl was having a party at her house. I wasn't going to let that stop me, though since I had been travelling so far. I already made up my mind. I want it here and now.

Jumping down from the tree, I land on the ground, below, do to my enhanced endurance; the high fall didn't affect me at all. I hear someone coming so I dive behind a bush that is behind me. Peering over the bush, I see the fence that surrounds the house and the two kids who are on the porch, a boy and a girl. I decide that it won't be a snap.

I emerge from the bush and charge at the fence. In a single bound, I leap over the fence, basically flying like a bat. No wonder people used to think that we could turn into bats, I think to myself as I landed. In a blink of an eye I scale up the side of the house and climb so that I am above the porch and the two teenagers.

I look down and see them making out. I once had love like that, I think to myself about my days as a decent young man before I became a savage beast of the night. I then let go of the wall and land behind them. They are too busy sucking face to notice my presence. The guy rolled on top of the girl and they continue kissing. I pull out a knife and shove it through the guys back and stick it far enough for it to hit the girl's chest. I pull the knife out and they both fall limp.

Examining the blood on the blade, I lick it off. You're also probably wondering why even though I'm a vampire and I have super human strength that I'm using knives. The answer to that is that knives help make killing faster and more effective especially when you have to kill a lot of people at once which is what I have to do in this situation. Putting the knife away and jumping back onto the wall, I crawl to the other side of the house. I manage to find an open window and climb in through it. The window leads to a bedroom.

The moment after I come in, the door opens and another boy and girl come in, luckily them coming in triggers my instinct to jump onto the ceiling. I jump so fast that they're not able to see me. They then walk to the bed. Why is it that the kids of today are so hormonal? I think to myself.

The girl sits on the bed and the guy pulls his shirt off. Before they could do anything, I fall from the ceiling right behind the guy. I grabbed his head and jerked it to the side, effectively snapping his neck. Letting go of him, he to falls to the floor.

The girl opens her mouth to scream, but before she can, I covered her mouth and put my arm on her stomach. I then flipped her forward so that she would hit her back on the floor, breaking her neck. I then walk to the door and exit the room.

I walk downstairs to where most of the party is. I hear music and see kids dancing to it. This gonna be harder than I thought. I pull out two knives. I hope that I'm fast enough. I super speed at one of the kids, closest to the stairs. I slit his throat with one of the knives before quickly slashing the next person and the next. I continue cutting down these kids until there is only one left and that is the girl with the blood I wanted. I kill these people so fast that only a minute has passed. Despite this the walls are covered in blood and bodies are lying everywhere.

Before you call me a monster for slaughtering these kids, you must understand that I can't help it. My addiction to human DNA is too much to bear. As a vampire I must fall victim to my instincts like an animal.

The girl stares at the mess, in shock, before running away in terror. Before she can leave the room, I run behind her and grab one her arms. I then fling her across the room, onto the wall. She hits the wall and the impact causes her to fall to the ground. I then super speed to her.

She looks up at me, "Why are you doing this?" I ignore her question and grab her by her throat, lifting her off the ground in the process. I pull out her arm and I make a cut on it using my fingernail. I then suck the blood out of it.

The blood tastes so wonderful. It gives me an exhilarating feeling as it enters my mouth. It tastes like no other blood than before! In frenzy, I shove my hand into the girl's stomach and pull it out. I lick all the blood off of my arm before proceeding to drain her dry of all her tasty blood. The warm blood feels exhilarating as I swallow it. Within minutes, I completely consume her DNA and she was dry.

I feel great and refreshed after drinking from her but then no less than minute later, I become greatly aggravated that there was no more to drink. I need more and I am gonna get it. Leaving the house, I get ready to begin a new hunt for someone else with the good blood…