I answer the door and find that it is Jess. "Oh hi, Jess," I say. "Hey, I came to talk, is that ok with you?" Jess explains. "Well now isn't really the best time," I say. "Oh well when would be a good time?" Jess asks.

Before I can respond a spear hits me in my back and launches me across the room, pinning me against the wall by my chest. Jess screams. I cough up blood and I look to see the hunter standing there with a spear gun.

Jess starts crying, "Why are you doing this?" "Because he's an animal, a monster!" the hunter says. "What?" Jess asks, confused. "He's a vampire! He's responsible for all the murders in this town! He's a cold blooded killer!" the hunter reasons.

"What? That's crazy! You're insane!" Jess argues. "Is it? Look at him, he's still breathing," the hunter says, pointing to me. Jess looks over and sees that I'm still alive.

"How?" Jess ponders. "I told you he's a vampire," the hunter states. "Is that true?" Jess asks me. I nod. "You see now if you excuse me I'm going to take the bastard out of his misery," the hunter orders.

"What? You can't!" Jess argues. "Why not? He's dangerous! And if you haven't noticed, he isn't human so the law doesn't apply here! There's nothing else to do!" the hunter retorts. Jess begins to say something but stops, probably cause she agrees with the hunter.

"Before you do that I have something I want to ask him," Jess says. "Ok but make it quick," the hunter commands. "Did you really love me?" Jess asks. "I don't know…" I say, truthfully.

"You don't know? What does that mean?" Jess asks. "Ok times up! So unless you want to see a beheading, get out!" the hunter shouts. "No not until he answers my question!" Jess argues. "Your question? To Hell with you question! I'm killing the freak!" the hunter says.

During that moment I rip the spear out of my stomach and drop to my knees. The hunter takes notice to this and picks up his machete that I had dropped when I was harpooned and he charges me.

He swings the machete at my head but I block it, using the spear. He pulls the machete back and swings it down, knocking the spear out of my hand. Before he can swing it again, I dive into his stomach, knocking him onto his back.

I then begin to punch him in his face repeatedly, sending blood everywhere. Jess runs over to us, "Stop! Please!" I stop punching the hunter and I look up at her, "Why should I?" "Because you're not a monster! Prove him wrong!" Jess ignorantly says.

I stand up before saying, "Oh but he's right. I am a monster." "You can change that!" "No something's never change," I say.

The hunter then lunges the machete into my back. I scream in pain and cough up blood before turning around and swatting the hunter backwards. I pull the machete out of my back and turn around and decapitate the hunting bastard.

Jess screams at what I had done. I turn around to face her, "I'm sorry that you had to see that but it had to be done. It was either me or him." "Get away from me!" Jess screams. "You freak!" I walk over to her, "Jess?"

"Stay away!" I nod and walk past her and run out the door. Before long I'm at the outskirts of the town. As I'm running my injuries heal. Poor girl, I really messed her up I think to myself as I disappear into the night.

The End?