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Chapter One

I paced the hallway in front of my sisters' rooms. They had already been asleep for two hours. It was November second, Makaela's sixteenth birthday tomorrow, and I had to break the news to them tonight while the full moon was shining bright. It was the only night the portal was open. I looked at my watch and saw that it was time. It was fifteen minutes before midnight. I stopped pacing and stood directly in front of their door. I reached over and put my hand on the cold metal. Why did I have to do this? Why did mom and dad have to be dead? I can't handle this. I jerked my hand away when the doorknob turned. My other sister, seventeen year old Juliette opened the door and rubbed her eyes. "Alyssa, what are you doing out here?" It was time to take action.

"I want you to wake up you sister and tell her to get dressed. Both of you get dressed." With that I turned and walked away. As I walked toward my room, I heard Juliette shake Makaela and wake her up. I walked in to my room and grabbed my black, floor length cape that was lying on my bed. I slipped my arms through it and sat down on the bed. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. I sat there until my door squeaked and a fully dressed Juliette walked in. She had dark brown hair that went down to her knees that she was putting up in to a bun on top of her head. I sniffled and stood up. She was lengthy and the same height as me. She had a small body type but tough build, unlike her sister and me. I looked up to her freckled face and into her dark green eyes. "Did you wake up your sister?"

"What's wrong, Alyssa?" She said with worry.

"Did you wake up you sister?" I said again.

"Yes. She wasn't very happy about it though she threw a few pillows at me and told me to get out." Juliette said trying to cheer me up.

"Well, it is your sister we are talking about. But you are not a flower yourself, Juliette." I said with a smirk.

Just then Makaela walked in with an angry look on her face. "Why did you have to wake me up?"

I spoke first. "I had to wake you up because it is time that I showed you both something." Her face smoothed at my stern tone. "Now, let's go down stairs and sit in the kitchen." I pushed my way past the two, down the hallway to the staircase. We all traveled down the spiral staircase that led straight into the kitchen. I walked to the counter and pulled three coffee cups from the cupboard. I filled them each with hot coco mix and then boiled some water. "Now, you both now how our parents died-"

Juliette cut me off. "Yes, mom and dad died when we were still babies. I was one and Makaela was just a new born. You were ten when they died…" Juliette couldn't go on anymore so Makaela started from where she left off.

"They died in a car accident. The car slid of the icy road and in to the lake… They froze almost instantly." I turned to give them their cups and Makaela looked at me with pain in her eyes.

I sighed. "I know that both of you have come to believe that over the years but it is a lie." They both looked at me stunned. "First of all, I am not 26. I know I look like it but…"

"Wait." Juliette said, "Are you trying to say you're not our sister?"

"No! No, no, no. I am your older sister but of a lot more years then you would suspect."

Makaela looked at me with her big shiny ice blue eyes. "Can we guess?"

"Sure take a shot at it."

"34?" Juliette piped up.

I shook my head.

"40?" Makaela asked.

I shook my head.

"72?" Juliette said.

"Nope." They both stared at me. "Done guessing?"

"Yes." They both said at the same time.

I sighed. "Now, you are going to believe me correct?" They nodded. "I am… am…" I took a deep breath. "I am 237. And I am a witch."

They both looked at me like I was crazy and then busted out laughing. Through the laughing you could hear increments like: "Kidding" and "Yah right" and "237!" and "Witch! Ha!"

I huffed and walked back up to my room. I took and small book about two inches by two inches out of my desk drawer and then walked back down stairs. By now, the two girls were back sitting in their seats and drinking their hot coco. I threw the book in front of them. They just looked at it. I put my fingers on top of it so it looked like I was pinching the cover and lifted. With that lift, it turned into a huge book that had at least two thousand pages in it. I flipped it open and searched through it for our family tree. I found it and pointed at the date below my picture. Both their necks craned over the book to see the date.

Stelaluna MoonShade. Born December the fourth, year 1773

"Alyssa… that…that person looks exactly like you." Makaela said.

"But she has a different name." Juliette stated.

They were both still staring down at my face on the crinkled old page. "I had to change my name. But most people I know still call me Stelaluna." I shrugged. "Now, do you believe me and are you coming with me?"

"Where to?" Makaela looked up and asked me.

"We are going to where our lives started." I turned to face the stairway. I pulled in a deep breath and swept my hands in a semi circle in front of me. There, a stone arch with an iron gate appeared. I looked back at the girls who just stared at the archway with their mouths open.

I snorted. "Told you so." I walked toward the gate. "Follow me." I opened it and stepped through to a world that only existed in fairy tales.

The centuries old streets were quiet. It was the middle of the night here as well. I saw the castle above the roofs of the shops. The portal leads us thought to a door that opens when we arrive. The door is at the very end of the street. I sat by it for a moment waiting for the girls to come through. The door slowly opened and Makaela popped in to this world. She looked around but was knocked over by Juliette who had also come through. They both stood up and dusted the dirt of their clothes.

"Now, we need to go up to the castle." We walked toward the castle. When we got to the outside gate, the guard gasped when he saw my face and did a quick bow. He hastily opened the gate and allowed us passage. Instead of going through the big front doors, I lead them to a small door farther on the right side of the castle. I opened the door and led us to a room. We passed no one but we heard the clattering of dancing feet and music. I smiled and realized that The Full Moon Ball was going on. The bedroom I had led us into had a huge bed with a chandelier hanging over the middle of it and a large wardrobe at the far end. I told the girls to sit on the bed and I walked over to the wardrobe. I opened its door to find it empty. "Hmm… I guess I will have to make my own."

I turned to look at Juliette and Makaela. They just stared back. "Hmm…" I walked over to Juliette and looked at her. Then, I waved my hands over her body and formed a dress just for her. She looked down at the royal purple dress that had swirls of diamonds on the corset. The sleeves hung off her shoulders and led down to the skirt that had purple tool making it just a little bit fuller. At the very bottom, that just touched the ground, there were more swirls of diamonds. "Alyssa! It's so pretty!" She twirled and I laughed. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She ran over and hugged me.

I pulled away and walked over to Makaela. I stared at her and waved my hand over her and created a sky blue dress that was silk and had sparkles all over it. The dress hung perfectly around her. It was all held up by small, thin straps on her shoulders. She had had her eyes closed so when she opened them and looked down at herself, she gasped and ran her hands over the smooth, silky dress. "I…I… I don't know what to say except," She lifted her eyes up to mine, "Thank you a thousand times, Alyssa."

"No need my darling." I cupped my hand around her face, "Now, I need to get myself dressed." I walked over to the giant mirror hanging next to the wardrobe and looked at myself. I sighed and closed my eyes and waved my hands over my body. I opened my eyes, but I didn't need to look down to know what I had on. It was a blood red dress that clung to every curve of my body and then flared at my knees with stiff black tool. It was strapless with a thick black ribbon around the top. It didn't touch the ground but covered the small heeled black shoes I wore.

I sighed. I looked towards the girls staring at me in my dress. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Is it something with my dress?"

"No, no!" Juliette spoke, "There is nothing wrong, you are just so beautiful…"

I laughed and walked over to where they were gawking. "There is something missing." I thought out loud. I looked at their hair and clicked my fingers so their hair was pinned up in to a bun. I opened my hand and a black crystal appeared with a long crystal stem. I put my hair so it was half up in a bun and half down and slipped the crystal in to my own hair. "There. Now we are perfect." I walked out the door and down the hall with the two girls in tow. We passed no one along the way except a few guards who gasped and bowed. The girls tried to ask me why they did so but I just kept silent. They would find out soon enough.

When we got to the two large doors, the announcer looked at us and opened them. "Girls, you two are going to have to go first. I will be right out after you, I swear." They both nodded hesitantly.

"Lady Makaela MoonShade." The announcer's voice rung out through the hall. Makaela looked back at me and I nodded and gestured her forward. She walked forward with her head held high and I let out a sigh of relief. "Lady Juliette MoonShade." She jumped when she heard her name, but walked out as Makaela had with her head held high.

Next was me. I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. I walked towards the doors. I hadn't seen any of these people in 16 years. The day Makaela was born. I hadn't been caught up with any news. I couldn't. Not until the girls could protect themselves. "And, Lady Stelaluna MoonShade who we have not seen for 16 long years, has finally come back to take her seat on the council again." I wiped all the fear of my face and replaced it with confidence. No one could blame me. It wasn't my decision to leave. I had to protect the girls. I had had no choice.

I walked in and I heard gasps chorus around me. There every one was, with their silvers rings on their middle fingers of their left hand. Each of us with either a piece of ribbon, a feather, a pearl, or rarely, a crystal somewhere in our wardrobes where others can freely see. The girls were rushing over to me. Makaela hurried her words, "Lady? Council? What is going on, Alyssa?"

"She is not Alyssa here, young one, she is Stelaluna." I turned around to see two familiar faces. Corin, the one who had spoken, and Sabene. They used to be really good friends of mine, before I had to leave. "Stelaluna… 16 long years… it's amazing." He looked me up and down, "And you haven't changed one bit."

"Neither have you, Corin." I noticed the small pearl in the ring he wore on his left ring finger, and the feather in Sabene's hair. He looked towards the girls who were standing behind me. I pulled them in front of me and introduced them. "Corin this is Juliette." I put my hand on her shoulder. "And this is Makaela." I put one arm around her. "And this, girls, is Sabene and Corin. They were-"

"Are." He corrected.

"They are really good friends of mine." I smiled at them. I was about to start to ask them how everything had been but Juliette cut me off.

"I know you…" She was looking intently at Corin. "I have dreamed about you with my parents."

"Well, I did know you for the first year of your life before you and you sisters had to escape from-"

"Well, it has been good seeing you, Corin." I turned to Sabene. "Sabene." I nodded and started to pull the girls away. I spoke over my shoulder to Corin. "I will explain after the party. I promise." I started to pull the girls away from the center of attention but before I got too far, there was a booming voice from the far wall where the thrones sat. "Ah, Stelaluna. It has been sixteen years since I last saw you." Everyone in the room immediately stopped talking. And I stopped moving. I recognized that voice. That voice had been my second father. That voice had always been there for me. That voice was the kings. I turned around to look at the king. He was getting old and it looked like this was going to be his last full moon ball. He could see the sadness in my face and smiled a small smile. "Yes, Stelaluna, my time is limited."

I started to walk toward where Linwood stood in front of his throne. Next to him, still sitting in her throne, was Luella, the queen. "I have missed you so much, Linwood." Everyone gasped at me using his name. "Or should I say, Your Majesty." I bowed.

"No, you know very well that you can and will call me by my first name." Another round of gasps.

I smiled and walked up and hugged him. I didn't even realize that I was crying until I felt a warm tears slide down my face. "I've missed you," I cried into his shoulder.

"I am glad you are finally home, Stelaluna." He looked at the girls. "I see they do not have their rings."

I shook my head. "I have only been here for half an hour and it is late." I smiled.

Juliette walked up to me. "What with a ring?"

I showed her the middle finger of my right hand, and there sat a silver band. "We get our rings when we start training to be witches. You will get them soon."

Linwood spoke. "That is what you get at the beginning of level one of your training. See, there are four levels before you master everything. Level two you get a ribbon. Level three a feather. Four a pearl. And then, when you master it all a crystal. And, you have to wear whatever latest one you have at all times." He pointed at the breast pocket on his jacket. "I have a crystal." He turned to Luella. "As does my wife." He paused, and his face turned grim. "But if anyone ever takes it without your permission, they have control over you and your power." He smiled up at me. "But your sister would never let that happen."

Juliette looked at me. She couldn't see anything, but I knew what she was looking for. I reached to the back of my head and removed the crystal and handed it to her.

She gasped. "You've mastered everything?" I smiled and nodded. "Wow." She handed the crystal back. I returned it to my hair.

"After the Full Moon Ball, we will meet in private and explain everything else to your two sisters." Linwood said.

"Yes, they will be asking many questions." I smiled up at him.

"Let's dance." He told me.

"Are you sure you are up to it?" I asked concerned.

"Of course I am." He told me and led me to the dance floor. As I passed the girls I told them to be good.

Everyone encircled the dance floor but nobody stepped on to it except Linwood and me. We started to dance the waltz. We said nothing while people just stood and watched. It was amazing that after 16 years I still knew how to dance. We swung around the floor and I was just thinking of all the memory's I had in this palace. But, that was all shattered when Linwood let out a strangled cry and dropped to the ground. I screamed and realized what was happening. He was having a heart attack. I dropped to my knees and started to shake him. With his last few breaths he said, "You… you are the next in line."

Then he closed his eyes. I started shaking him again. I finally gave up and buried my head in his side. "No… I'm not ready…" I whispered. "You need to guide me and help me."

Then, after all the shock, the guards rushed over to me. They flipped him on to his back and checked his pulse. As I already knew, he was proclaimed dead. Then, every ones attention turned to me. "What did he say to you?" One of the guards asked.

"He… he… he told me that I was the next in line to be queen." Nothing.

Luella broke the silence. "Was he right?"

Corin spoke up. "Yes, he was." Corin knew because he had a seat on the council like I did.

"I can't be queen!" I stood up walking backwards toward the doors. "I… I haven't been here for 16 years! I don't know what is going on!" I ran in to someone. I turned around to see Juliette and Makaela.

"Alyssa," Juliette said firmly, "You have to. You will be a great queen."

I turned around to look at all the council members and villagers. Someone with a pearl on shirt burst through the crowd with and an angry expression. "She cannot become queen! She doesn't have the right qualities!"

"What 'qualities' does she lack, Christopher?" Corin scolded him. "She has the abilities, she comes from the most important family we know, and she know has a quorum thanks to Juliette and Makaela."

"I don't want them used in this. It is their choice." I was looking at the girls when I said this.

"Alyssa, really? We just found out where we really are from." Juliette said.

Makaela started in. "We are not going to be so quick to leave. And you need to stay here and rule these people." She paused and looked around. "And if us staying here is what it takes then so be it."

Juliette chuckled. "I am sure not complaining." Then she put a fake horrified look on her face. "Will I still have to go to school?"

I let out a laugh. "Yes, but it is different."

"How?" They both piped up.

"You get to learn magic." Corin said. The girls both gasped and jumped up and down.

"Well then, since the girls are in, I accept."

After I said that, I felt really cold. I looked to my feet to see ice spreading around me and encasing me. I looked around the room to see who was doing it and spotted Christopher holding out one of his hands toward me. He caught me gaze and smiled wickedly. Before I could do anything back to him, the ice froze my hands. I looked to everyone and they were all still rejoicing. No one had noticed me. The ice now covered my entire body. All I could move were my eyes. Corin looked over and his smile faded in to a frown. He rushed over and tried to use his powers. But he couldn't use fire. He had the power of water. He only specialized in one element not all of them like I had. I started to not be able to breathe. I calmed down and thought of a scorching desert. I felt a burning sensation around my body. It started to melt the ice. When it all dripped off my head, I gasped for air and melted the rest of.

I saw that Christopher had started to run. But I held out my hand and froze him. Not with ice, but freezing his blood. Not enough to kill him, but just enough to make him stop moving.

"Stelaluna! Are you alright?" Corin asked me.

Still looking at Christopher, I said, "Yes I am fine." I started to pant. "I haven't used this much magic in 16 years." The guards ran up and hand cuffed Christopher. I let go of the magic and fell to the ground. Corin help me steady my breathing and get back up. "I need to slowly gain my power back." The girls ran up to me.

"Are you okay, Alyssa?" Juliette paused. "I mean, Stelaluna." She let out a chuckle. "That is going to take some getting used to."

I smiled. "Yes, I am fine." I considered if that was true. "A little tired, but fine." I yawned.

Corin smiled at the girls. "We have rooms for all of you in the castle since this going to be you home now."

I flinched at the word home. "Queen…" I looked up at Corin. "Oh god… I can't believe it."

He smiled sadly at me. "You will be a great ruler."

"I sure hope so." I walked towards the girls. "We have a full day tomorrow and we need to get some rest." We walked out of the large hall with Corin behind us after we had said good night to everyone.

Corin led us to the east wing of the castle; He gave me the room that I had dressed both the girls and myself. He gave the girls rooms directly across the hallway from mine, just in case. I said goodnight to the girls and went into my room. I remembered that the wardrobe held nothing so I was quick to magically whip up some pajamas for myself. I took them into the bathroom and started the water in the shower. I was about to take my dress off when there was a knock on the door. I walked back out and opened the door to find a maid with some pajamas. "Those are for the girls in the two rooms behind you." I kindly told her. "I already have some of my own thank you."

She nodded and scurried off to knock on Makaela's door. I closed my door and retreated back into the shower. I undressed and got in, welcoming the boiling hot water running over my tired and stressed body.

I am not going to be a good queen, I thought. I am going to mess up. I sighed under the spray of water. No, I thought. I am going to be great and will rule with power.

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