Hey everyone. I know I should probably be writing the new chapter for 'Get Used to It' right now, but this idea has been in my head for a while and has refused to leave. So I decided to put up this instead. I hope everyone enjoys it, please tell what you thought of it in a review when you're done reading it.

"I think he's looking this way." Katie said excitedly to Jessie and Matt, "He is so looking at us!"

"Not at us." Jessie corrected, "At you."

"Really?" Katie asked and looked eagerly once again across the lunch room at Derek Lapo, the school's resident hottie, and Katie's current crush. He was the captain of both the basketball and football teams and was likely one of the most popular people in school. And with a tall, ripped build and blond hair he was what many girls, including Katie, thought to be the ideal guy. What Katie also liked about him was that he had a golden personality to along with his movie star good looks. Derek never acted like anyone was below him and would often go out of his way to help someone in need. Sure enough, his light hazel eyes were staring directly at her. When he noticed her looking back at him he gave her a wink and a lopsided smile, then turned away to talk to his friends.

"You're right." Katie gushed joyfully, "He was. That is so awesome."

"I know! He so likes you." Jessie replied in a happy tone identical to the one that Katie had. Matt remained silent and rolled his eyes over his friends' antics.

"Really?" Katie asked once again. Derek, the most gorgeous person to ever grace Hillside High School's hallways, liked her? Yeah! She was officially in the best mood ever created.

Jessie nodded. "A lot of people are talking about it. Hector told me that Derek's even thinking about giving you the kiss test."

Katie's eyes narrowed in confusion. "The kiss test?"

"Derek only dates girls that are good kissers." Jessica explained, "So to know if a girl is a good kisser or not before he dates them, he makes out with said girl to test their kissing abilities."

Katie's good mood suddenly vanished. Why did there have to be a stupid catch? Why couldn't she just get her dream guy? "Well there goes my chance of ever dating him."

It was Jessie's turn to be confused. "What? Why?"

"Because I am the worst kisser ever." Katie explained, placing her head in her hands. It was a sad truth. One that she was quite ashamed of and apparently one that was now biting her in the butt.

"You can't be that bad." Jessie tried to reason.

Katie shook her head. "I'm that bad." Every boy that she had ever kissed, or rather, had attempted to kiss, could testify to that. She placed her hands back down on the table that three were seated at.

"I can testify to that." Matt added in, speaking for the first time since the trio had sat down, "I walked away with bruises whenever we made out. Or tried to make out anyways."

"You're just exaggerating." Jessie replied.

"He's not." Katie said, thinking back to when she and Matt used to date, "I couldn't even aim right. In fact I still can't."

"Oh." Jessie said, her tone taking a noticeable drop, "That sucks. So what will you do if he wants to date you?"

Katie sighed, "I guess I just won't be able to go out with him."

"Don't say that." Jessie said.

Katie shrugged, moving a lock of her curly red hair behind her ear. "It's the truth. I guess I'll just half to except it." No matter how horrible it was. Her eyes trailed down to her lunch, which suddenly didn't seem very appetizing.

Katie's bad mood continued for the remainder of the school day. Even during biology class, which usually brought a smile to her face. A frown was permanently glued onto her features while she learned about neurotransmitters. Although she loved learning about the body and hoped that she could one day use her knowledge to become a doctor, the fact that she didn't have any chance of dating the man of her dreams made the nervous system seem a lot less exciting.

As , the biology teacher, discussed the notes she played with her pencil and kept her eyes set on her desk with no intention of ever looking up. However she did look up when she felt a jacket brush by her arm. was walking behind her to the back of the room with a paper in his hand. Slightly intrigued, Katie watched as the teacher stopped at a desk and placed the item on the desk with a disappointed look on his face.

The student sitting at the desk was none other than Scott Alis, one of the school's major playboys, although his style closely resembled that of a druggie. He was wearing a white wife beater and his dark blue jeans were low on his waist. His short curly black hair crept out of a dark grey cap. He had brown eyes and a head that seemed to be permanently tilted upwards, as if he was constantly looking down at people. Although right now it only had a slight tilt as talked to him. She could only make out the words failing and throwing your future away.

That wasn't surprising. It was common knowledge that Scott was failing biology, as well as a few other of his classes. Whenever a teacher tried to talk to him about it he replied that he had better things to do then study, such as making out with chicks. And knowing him, he probably was spending most of his time doing that too. He did have a reputation as the best kisser on campus.

Wait. The best kisser…. An idea began to form in Katie's head. It was strange, and there was a high possibility that it wouldn't work. But she would try it. After all, what did she have to lose?

So she waited until the bell rang and everyone exited the classroom and filled into the hallways to get to their lockers. She followed them, but instead of going to her locker, she walked towards Scott's. Or at least the hallway that she assumed Scott's locker was located in. Fortunately, her assumption was correct. He was at his locker, already swapping spit with a brunette girl.

As she walked forward a sudden wave of nervousness and hesitation came over her. Her plan did seem a little weird. And he might just laugh at her for it. Or what if he agreed but when he discovered how terrible of a kisser she was, backed out? Or what if…

Katie tried to shake the thoughts out of her head. If she didn't go through with this then she might never become a better kisser. And then she would spend a great deal of time thinking what if. Besides, Derek was worth the risk.

With that thought in mind the redhead took a deep breath and then walked over to Scott. Thankfully he and the girl were finished their little making out session and the brunette had left, leaving her number in Scott's pocket.

"Scott." She began when she was beside him.

He turned to face her. When he saw her his face took on a look of confusion. "Katie…right?" She nodded, "Sup?"

Here goes nothing. "Alright, so I heard that Derek likes me and possibly wants to ask me out." She explained, "But apparently he only dates good kissers and to be honest, I suck at kissing. Like, really badly. So I'd fail his kissing test thingy. Which would not be good because I really like the guy. I know that you have a reputation as a good kisser and I know that you're failing biology. I'm getting really high marks in bio right now. So I was hoping that you could give me kissing lessons and in turn I'd tutor you in bio."

Scott was silent for a few moments and for a moment Katie had an urge to tell him to just forget her plan and run away. But then, with a slightly confused expression on his face, he began to speak. "So let me get this straight. You want me to teach you how to mac out so you can date your dream dude in exchange for tutoring me in bio?" She nodded. He paused once more, and then shrugged. "Sure."

Katie's eyes lit up. "Thank you so much!" It worked. Her plan actually worked! Well, not completely since she hadn't actually gotten better at kissing yet. But at least step one was complete. By two to three weeks max she would be a great kisser and ready to impress Derek with her new abilities. She was sure of it.