Inextricably linked,

In life an death,

I face down the face of everything.

The summation of all goals,


And Executions.

The waste of the world,

Staring at me with my own eyes.

I taste fire in our mouth,

Feel a burn clawing its way into our head,

And all the agony and disbelief of the world

Seems to pinpoint itself

On us.


Two ugly things,

Falling to pieces,

One at a time.

I stare in my own eyes,

As my own death starts to chip away at me.

In this moment,

Everything is fire,

Made of pain,

The world is an oven.

At this time,

We're not merely dying,

We're reverting back into nothing

Broken down into basic components,

And then reduced to ash.

Bits of what was

Sifting through the air.

Everything is quiet,

Everything is Waiting,

The world is silent.