The Pale Horse

Chapter 1

The Cidia

"Birth and Death; we all move between these two unknowns."

- Bryant H. McGill

"Madam?" A timid voice asked from the shadows.

"What?" She yelled as she sat up in bed. She hated being disturbed while she was in her chambers.

"The Cidia have returned," the small voice squeaked in answer. She could hear as the owner of the voice scurried away. The shadow creatures that were her servants frustrated her so much. None of them had any backbone though considering who their former master was that was not any surprise.

Her Master had given them to her as a gift; more like he was trying to get rid of them. They did not have many uses. The only truly useful beings down here were the Cidia. But in the end, there was only so much she could take of their whining. She surmised that she might as well get up and see how the Cidia fared on their outing.

As she got up from bed, from all corners of the room, shadows drifted towards her and curling up around her body, transformed the material of her nightgown into a long flowing black gown. It was seamless and hung off her shoulders. The color made her already pale complexion even paler. Her long black hair was pulled back in a chignon. She could feel a slight pressure on her back. After a few seconds, the feeling disappeared. She dismissed it.

Making her way through the stone corridors, she stepped into the receiving hall. Across from her was one of the individuals she wanted to see. Leaning against the far wall, a girl ,about the age of eighteen, was dressed in a black long-sleeved under armor shirt and black shorts. She was listening to music and from the noise she could hear all the way from where she was standing, she was listening to it rather loudly.

Her blond head, with the red and black streaks in it, bobbed slightly to the music she was listening to. Dark sunglasses covered what she knew to be blue eyes. Overall the image was not a very intimating one. Though when she got sight of the crimson stain on her hands, she knew better.

"Homicide, you did not think to wash up before you appeared before me?" She asked haughtily.

Raising her head, Homicide appeared to look straight at her and with her blood-stained hands slowly removed the ear buds from her ears and stuffed the wire in her short's pocket.

"You had said you had wanted to see us as soon as we had returned. I'm only following your orders," Homicide replied.

"Next time, wash up before appearing before me," She countermanded.

"Whatever you say, my lady," Homicide said with a slight roll of her eyes.

"Where are the others?" She asked as she scanned the rest of the cavern.

"They have yet to arrive," Homicide answered, sounding bored. She reached back in her pocket for her ear buds. She hated reporting in.

Echoes of footsteps could be heard coming from the main corridor along with what sounded like laughter.

"Well, speak of the devils," Homicide muttered under her breath. As soon as she said that, two girls walked into the cavern, falling against each other in laughter. It took several minutes for the girls' laughter to subside.

As they started to simmer down, Homicide coughed loudly. The two girls then realized that they were not alone. Abruptly looking up, they saw Homicide who promptly nodded her head towards the other presence in the room. As they looked upon their superior, their eyes widened and stood straight up with their arms at their sides.

They could tell their lady wasn't pleased with them. Her hands were clenched into fists at her side and her right eyebrow twitched. Homicide was surprised there wasn't steam coming out of her ears.

"What is the meaning of this?" She ground out each word.

The other two looked at each other from the corner of their eyes and stayed silent. Homicide shook her head. Those two ... she sighed mentally. Regicide and Genocide. What a pair. They were always getting into trouble. Though she suspected it was from boredom. They just didn't have enough to do topside.

As the others were waiting for patiently for their lecture, Homicide noticed something peculiar about Regicide's hair. She had ... bangs? Reg's dark brown hair had once been straight but now there was a slight curl to it and with the bangs coming just above her green eyes, it made her look very different from when she had left that morning. Black elbow length gloves covered her hands and she wore a Paramore t-shirt and black jeans. Black high heeled cowgirl boots completed her outfit.

Homicide then looked over at Genocide. She was surprised Gen had cut her hair. Her waist length blond hair now only went to the middle of her back. She was wearing a white peasant shirt with a purple corset over it. Black jeans encased her legs and high heels made her stand a couple inches taller than her usual short height. The added inches only made her stand up to Reg's nose. She was the shortest of them which Hom found ironic.

"You cut your hair?" Their Lady eyed the girls' hair. Her light blue eyes trailed the length of Reg's hair and Homicide knew the exact moment she had seen the flame red tips.

"And you colored it?" And that was the final nail in the proverbial coffin. No pun intended. Homicide didn't know if she wanted to be hear to see the carnage that was about to ensue. Their lady had strict rules about how they appeared. The last one to disobey one of those rules had vanished. They hadn't seen Suicide since.

Now Reg and Gen had gone and broken not one rule but two. Well Gen hadn't colored her hair but still. Since they had done it together, they were going to be punished together.

"Hom colored her hair!" Reg replied indignantly. Gen didn't say anything. Though Homicide doubted she would. She knew how much trouble they were in.

"Homicide was only allowed to color her hair because she met her quota for the month. So tell me Regicide have you met your quota? Did you take care your business in Libya?" Their lady's stare was so intense that Homicide saw Reg start to fidget.

"Well, no, but you have no idea how hard it is to find Gadafi," Homicide almost pitied Regicide, she sounded so small.

"You have thousands of rebels at your disposal. How hard could it be?"

Regicide shrank even more from the intensity of the Lady's glare. Just when it looked like their Lady was going to explode, she took a deep breath and her anger seemed to dissipate with the breath.

"See to it that the situation in Libya gets taken care of or else you will be punished for your transgressions," their Lady suddenly turned around and headed back in the direction of her chambers. All three of them just stared in the direction she had gone with their mouths open.

Regicide was the first to recover from her shock. "I don't believe it," she gasped.

Genocide laid a hand on her Reg's shoulder and replied, "Don't question. Just be thankful she didn't do to us what she did to Suicide." Gen shuddered at the thought.

Hom stood up from her place on the wall and walked over the to other two. "You idiots are so lucky."

Regicide knew that she had dodged a bullet but she wondered why her Lady had let them off so easily. Was something wrong with her?

She realized that Hom was staring at her strangely. Hom walked right up to her and raising a hand, flicked the tips of her dark brown hair and said, "Copy cat."

Reg stuck her tongue out at her. Hom then turned around and started in the direction of her quarters but before she entered the hall she looked back over at Reg and said, "By the way, the bangs make you look emo." Hom then continued on her way.

Gen quickly grabbed a hold of Reg's arms behind her back before she could take off after Hom. "Don't. It's not worth it."

"She's just jealous," Reg said crossing her arms.

"You have to admit. The bangs do make you look more emo."

Reg gave Gen a shove and said, "Shut up."

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