Better Than Being None (Sep 1)

We were talking about death
and how it haunts each one of us.
I always thought little of being dead
as I always focused on living my hell.

I got too much problems already to be worrying about it.

But there is really no difference
between being alive and dead.
It's the same as dreaming
as in dreams we are alive
and in living we have died.

We've got it all upside down.

As in life, we throw away our aspirations
and haunt ourselves with our realizations
that life is a statement of what you can't do.
Life is a statement of what is outside of you.

You can't choose a lot of things in this world
although you can decide when and where to leave it all.
Even so, it doesn't matter much.

It's just as selfish as saying that being alive is better than being none.

Welcome to The Forgetful September. Let's get right to it.