Fighting for Bliss

See it in his eyes, the will to carry on
He's got to stand and fight alone
Despite knowing that she's temporarily gone
He refuses to let his pain be shown.

Standing firm with his friends at his side
He carries on through Chaos and despair
And while hope for others may have died
For one young man, faith is still there…

Looking to the sky in the depths of the night
Knowing that somewhere, she's looking back
He keeps on battling for the future bright
Even when all the cards against him stack.

Monsters will try anything just to beat him down
But he won't allow himself to lose it all
Makes his way through every ruined town
With her name in his heart to call.

With an otherworldly gift to call his own
And a courageous pendant 'round his throat
Bravery within him has intensely grown
As he fights for the one on which he dotes.

Look into his eyes of the gentlest blue
And see the flame of a man with a passion—
A man with a love burning strong and true
He'll bring her back in the quickest fashion

He knows how, to have her with him once more
Would give anything to be able to hold and to kiss
The lovely queen that he so deeply adores
This man will do his best fighting for bliss.