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If a sentence is italicized, then the person is thinking the sentence in their head.


Devin POV

It's so damn annoying…..

End of example.

It means that Devin is thinking 'It's so damn annoying'

Just wanted to clear some things :)

Devin POV

"Two groups are out and on the rampage throughout the U.S. First group, the Infinity group. Hence the name since wherever they go, they leave infinity marks all over the place. However, no information is much given about their personal info. They are quite dangerous though at a bit slow rate. But id doesn't mean they are not affecting our society. Second, the Gai Group. Most deadly out of all of them. Did more murders than we can count on all of our hands and toes and many rapes and many kidnaps. You, Mr. Kahn, are hired to capture these assassins and to hand them over to us." The Head of the police said nodding at me.

"Keep in mind that we should not kill the assassins before handing them to us, Ms. Kahn. People in Maryland do that all the time." Mr. Maffett said rolling his eyes at me.

"He is an encounter specialist which is not an ordinary policeman, Mr. Maffett. And do not treat him like one."

That's right, bastard.

"You will have a team of two people." The Head of police explained to me and then he nodded at the door.

Two men came inside the room and nodded subtly at me. They both looked around my age, possibly even older. One of them had blonde hair which was buzz cut and the other one had tousled brown hair. A tattoo was made on the blonde guy's arm and it said 'Nicole' The two of them had good build and looked like they were ready for war. Just the way I liked it.

"Rob." The blonde guy said almost grunting as he shook my hand. His eyes had friendliness in it, much to my surprise. His grip was strong, but it didn't mean I was weak.

When the brown-haired guy didn't say anything, the blond guy nudged him making him finally speak.

"Mike." The brown-haired guy said without blinking an eye.

"Robert, Michael, this is your team leader, Mr. Devin Kahn. He is the new encounter specialist transferred from Maryland. You must follow his orders and respect him as much as you want him to respect you." The Head explained.

Rob and Mike saluted him and said, "Yes, sir."

"Mr. Kahn, these two men were transferred from North Carolina. And Robert here is an expert shooter while Michael is an excellent tracker. That is all." The Head concluded getting up and everyone else got up.

"Very good." I nodded, "Come on, boys. Let's go to the crime scene."

"Wait just a moment, Mr. Kahn." The Head called out.

I turned around and nodded, "Yes, sir? Oh and sir, make it Devin."

"Alright, Devin. Just so you know, there is another encounter specialist team in this area. If you meet with them anywhere, tell them I said keep up with the good work. And the leader of that group is in a higher rank than you are, so respect comes first, alright?"

I froze, "Wait a minute. I'm sorry, sir, but did you say another team working on this is in this area?"

"Why yes, Devin. And they are progressing very well. But we need more people. We cannot delay finding them any further. This is why we appointed you as the leader, so you will help us." The Head explained.

I bit my lip down to say anything. I was a bit furious on how we became the secondary team. And I became the leader of a secondary group. How dumb was that? My pride was being tarnished. But those innocent people needed me and I won't back down without a good fight.

"We can only hope he can help us." Mr. Maffett muttered.

I bit my lip even further to not bite back at that man.

What is up with that old man? He hates me ever since he saw me. Geez…..

"Mr. Maffett." The Head said giving him a look.

I just rolled my eyes.

"A murder just happened in front of a mechanic's garage, sir. It is marked with an infinity sign." Rob explained as we walked out of the room. I grabbed my coat and gun and kept the gun secured in my coat pocket. Rob and Mike did the same thing.

"We need to get there soon." I nodded and then glanced at Mike, "You don't talk much, do you?"

"There's no need to." Mike said making sure his gun is tucked safely out of view.

I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything.

"Let's hit the road." I nodded at both of them while I jumped into good ol' Toyota. It was silver and was a Corolla. It's a good deal old, but I'm too lazy and proud of it to sell it off.

"Do we need to wear our police uniforms?" Rob asked.

"No." I replied drumming impatiently on the steering wheel.

"I'll get my suitcase." Mike said going back inside the building again.

"Where's he going with a suitcase? Florida?" I asked Rob who got inside the car. The car moved as he settled in and finally buckled.

"What he means is his police suitcase. It contains everything. From pepper spray to fingerprint powder."

"It's not huge, is it?" I said rolling my eyes at the mere concept.

"Nah, it's kinda the size of a first aid box." Rob said pulling his window down. It creaked and moaned, but opened nonetheless.

I don't know why, but I hated words like 'kinda, 'cuz', and all the informal words. It annoyed me to no ends, but I kept my mouth shut. Mike came back and sat in the backseat rubbing off snow from his coat. After all, it was still January and ever since the blizzard came in, it was still a bit snowy. I actually wouldn't mind going to Florida. I looked at his black medium-sized briefcase.

"Where to?" Mike asked as he settled in his seat.

"Now that is the biggest first-aid box I ever seen." I said looking at the briefcase. You can barely fit it in a backpack kid carried these days.

Oh, right, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Devin Kahn, an encounter specialist. I track down killers, kidnappers, and etc. I always tend to have a gun in my pocket at all times because I'm familiar with the heavy weight in my back pocket. I have a black leather coat that I usually like to wear so it can conceal my gun. As for my personal info (I didn't get the need why I had to tell you this), I'm single, 25, and have no need for a woman. I just don't need them. I don't even get love so how am I supposed to love? I'm 5'11, just a damn inch away from 6'0. I totally don't get why I need to tell you this, but I'm just around 150-160 pounds. I have black, straight hair and I would goddamn hate the person who messes it up. My eyes are black too, but that's impossible so they're dark brown instead. My mother told me that if you look into them, you cannot tell a lie. A thing that sets me apart from other people is that I have a scar just below my ear that ends just above my jawline. It actually makes me look tough, that's why I didn't get stitches. I never told anyone how I got it. I'm know I'm good-looking and always presentable, so there. I can get any lady I want, but just not trying. Well…that's it, I guess.

"Drive." Mike said not listening to what I just said.

"Excuse me?" I said adjusting my mirror.

"Drive…..sir." Mike muttered through his teeth.

I smirked.

That is better….

"I heard the place is crowded up. And the mechanics inside the garage are getting really annoyed. Did you see the local news? They locked out all police officers out and only allowed people who need their services."

Damn mechanics…they think they are so 'that' when police officers are actually 'that'. They don't go to college, but they think they're so smart. Dumba…..wait…

"Really?" I said smiling to myself as I took a right.

"Complete BS if you ask me." Rob said shaking his head.

"Then we totally need their help." I said revving up the engine.

"What?" Rob and Mike exclaimed as I slammed down the brake right in front of the hardcore ice scooped up a sidewalk. Loud scrapes were heard as I kept driving the car.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mike yelled as I slammed the accelerator and then stepped on the brake fully almost making my old car fly.

When we were done, my engine was smoking from the closed hood of my car and my front looked like it needed a desperate paint job.

"We're done." I smiled as my idea was done.

"Oh really? I thought there was more." Rob coughed as he fanned out the smoke with his hand.

"Was this your brilliant idea?" Mike snapped.

"In fact, it is. We will never get any information on what happened if we don't get inside the mechanic's garage unless we are having an 'issue' with a car."

Mike rolled his eyes and muttered, "You have issues….."

Rob sighed, "You could have told us that."

"Never occurred to me." I murmured as drove to the garage with my now old AND broken car.

Mike rolled his eyes and I could see it in the mirror and smirked. When we finally got to the garage, it was actually pretty big. It wasn't large, but it sure wasn't small. It could fit two cars inside of it. There was one in there. The garage had a badly painted sign that looked like it was going to drop anytime and it said 'Maria's Garage' in loopy letters. But just before the garage, there was a dead body along with the police lines with security guards pushing the annoying reporters away. There was a blondie giving the reporters (or the dead body) dirty looks while she stalked inside the garage. I scowled in disgust as I almost stepped on a cockroach on my way to the garage. I looked at my car and whistled quietly. The front part looked like shit compared to the rear side. The two guys got out of the broken car and also stared at the car. It was old, what do I care? I discreetly glanced at the crime scene and the security guard almost pushed me away. I barely even glanced at the body though I could tell it was a female.

"What the hell? Do you know who I am?" I said angrily as the security guard pushed me away from the garage.

"I don't care if your president's son, sir, but you need to leave." The security guard said taking my hand.

"Have you looked at his damn car?" Mike rolled his eyes and nodded to my Corolla.

"Oh….I'm sorry, sir. HEY!" The security guard said leaving me to catch some other nosy reporter almost droning the same blondie I saw with questions. She looked impatient as if she had a meeting to go to.

Stupid blonde mechanic.

I walked up the blondie pushing the reporters.

"Excuse me, excuse me, leave the lady alone." I said waving them off.

I looked at Mike and Rob and they just stared at me.

"Don't just stand there, help." I said giving them the look.

"Oh." They said before coming to help pull away all the annoying reporters. I rolled my eyes.

The reporters left grumbling, but at least they left. And then the dumb blondie started ranting at me.

"What did you do that for?" She yelled.

I just stared at her, "I just helped you."

"Help? Oh please, all men think women are weak and they can't handle by themselves and men have to come in and save the day." She said looking at me in disgust.

"Excuse ma'am, but can you just look at his car?" Rob said nodding towards my broken car.

Her eyes widened either in shock or excitement, couldn't tell.

"Oh my gosh! What the hell did you do to it?" She said walking up to it and softly touching the scratches and dents.

"Ran it against a bunch of frozen snow." Mike muttered and then got nudged in the ribs by Rob.

I gave him a look and he just rolled his eyes.

Well isn't someone so loyal?

"Can you please fix my car?" I said sounding sincere.

Man, Devin, you are the best actor known to man. Maybe even better than Tom Cruise.

The blondie fell at first word and babbled, "Well…..yeah, come on in. We don't have any customers right now cuz of this, so come on in. We don't charge much, but it depends on what happened to your car. If you can get somehow make the car go inside the garage with this…stuff in the way."

It's a crime scene, idiot. Not 'stuff' Women are so…

I just shook my head and smiled the smile that usually made the ladies go heads over heels and boy, did it work on the blondie.

"Man, he's good." Rob muttered under his breath.

"Don't underestimate me." I said before getting inside the car.

Before I closed the door, I heard Mike say, "Good God."

That guy really got on my nerves and if he pushes it, that's it.

"I suggest you move out of the way, b—" I stopped my mouth before it said 'blondie' and revved up the engine.

"It's Britney!" She grinned.

Come to think of it, she actually did look like Britney Spears. Except Britney Spears, though I don't exactly use this kind of words, was hotter. Waaay hotter. This blondie had bright blue eyes and looked like she needed to be on the streets of Los Angeles. She looked like she was the same age as me, maybe a bit older and she worked out. A lot. Her muscles showed every time she moved her arm in some way. Well, she was a mechanic. A low-pay mechanic who works below cars and will always stay below. And me, a high-salary encounter specialist who loved his job and was always on the run.

Life can be unfair to so many people. Not me.

I revved up the engine once more and the security guards looked at me with widening eyes. I just smirked and slammed the accelerator. It looked like I was going to smash into the garage, but then I took an immediate left and then an immediate right and went inside the garage right next to the other car. I simply opened my car door and stepped out smiling. Britney, Mike, Rob, and the security guards looked at me gaping and I shrugged.

"I used to race."

"Oh my! That was AMAZING!" Britney exclaimed shaking my hand a lot. I wanted to pull away, but I just shrugged it off.

And then a fat man who looked to be around his fifties came out and started yelling at us. He looked young in an old sort of way, get what I'm saying? He had an almost-ripped tank top on with some blue shorts. His weight was okay for his height which was below me at 5'8. A lot of people yelled at me that day. I did not know why at all, I was a likeable guy. Somewhat.

"Hey you! Who do you think you doing all these neat tricks in MY garage?" He yelled at me and I could smell a tint of bad breath as he yelled.

"Don't scream at him! It was a cool trick!" Britney smiled winking at the man.

Yeah, listen to the blondie….

The old man backed off still looking mad, but he did back off. Britney smiled at me with almost a blinding smile and Mike looked like he was going to sag to his knees if she showed another beam of light coming from her teeth. I rolled my eyes.

So much for being a strong policeman.

Rob just looked bored and wanted to get to the point but I nodded my head to signal to be patient.

"THAT WAS AMAZING, MR…..?" Britney said obviously wanting my name. I sighed.

If I have to come to this crime scene often, then I have to bear this woman for a LOT of time. Good God.

"Devin. Devin Kahn. And can you fix my car?" I said taking out my sunglasses and popping them on.

"Of course we can! It'll cost a lot for all the damage you'v— I mean, for all on what happened to your car, but yes! And wow, you used to race?" Britney gasped her eyes filled with wonder. I decided this girl was a bit too bubbly for me.

I think more than a bit though.

"That was just sliding. You need to see the real tricks, Brit. That was just a cheap trick." A feminine (Since when did all mechanics were female?) voice said sounding a bit…alright, I'll use a high school term, but it sounded a bit snotty.

Rob called out, "Who said that?"

And then a loud rupture was heard and black smoke covered the entire garage. Only one of the garage doors were open and so it trapped the smoke inside making all of us coughed. Surprisingly, Britney ad the old man didn't seem to care.

Maybe they are accustomed to this.

After all, Britney's clothes were a short-sleeved white shirt with blue jean overalls which were covered in black soot and who-knows-what-else. Her face was oily and with some sticky reside on her cheeks, but she didn't really care. That drove me nuts, I hate it when something is not clean. Britney's blonde hair was tied up in a side ponytail and had dirt in it too, but I bet if she washed herself once in a while, she'll look a bit decent.

"Nikki!" Britney yelled.

"I'm fine, chill, chill. It was just a slip of the hand." The feminine voice, I'm assuming her name was Nikki, said again.

"Honey, you could have gotten yourself hurt pretty badly." The old man said sounding worried.

"No, I'm fine." The feminine voice said sounding a lot less snotty and to tell the truth a bit…sophisticated.

What the hell am I thinking? She's a low-pay mechanic so how the hell is she gonna sound sophisticated?

"Hey sir! Open the windows!" Rob yelled out.

"Yo, Marty, do what the guy says!" Britney yelled out.

The old man, Marty, pulled open the windows and some fresh air came in.

"Can you work on my car now? Are you people usually like this to customers? I sometimes wonder how mechanics get their salaries." I scoffed impatiently tapping my foot.

"You…." I heard the feminine voice snarl and some of the smoke cleared up.

I pushed my glasses down to see the snotty woman. My mouth slowly opened when the smoke cleared away revealing her face as she slid away from the bottom of the smoking car. Her face was oily beyond words, but her features were almost perfect if she didn't have a small scar right above her eye. Her lips weren't glossed or lipstick-ed at all, but they were actually good-looking. Her mascara was dripping off making it look like she had eyeliner instead of mascara, but oh wow. Her hands were rough-looking and covered in black soot, but her fingers looked really delicate. Her orangey-brown wavy hair was dirty and looked very unclean (Gross!), but had some sort of dull shine to it. And wow, she had muscles. This girl had hidden muscles and looked like a delinquent instead of a mechanic. She looked at me with a glare and Britney helped her up. When she stood up, she was 5'10 and looked around 120-130 pounds. She scowled at me and I snapped out of…whatever I was in. She wore a black tank top exposing her lean midriff and ripped light blue jeans.

"Woah." Was all Mike, Rob, and I said looking at her.

Britney smirked or smiled, I couldn't tell.

"Can't you flippin' wait? It's not like we're dancing." The girl scowled rubbing some soot on her hand to her face and I winced in disgust.

Mechanics were mechanics.

I looked at her straight in the eyes and she looked right back. With her surprisingly striking honey-brown eyes. By then, I never met a woman daring to look at me straight in the eye, it was quite interesting.

"And what the hell are you ranting about 'we don't customers right' crap?" She glared at me.

"I said nothing'" Rob murmured and the girl, Nikki, glanced at him giving him a look.

He winced despite he was a DAMN policeman and I felt my temper rising.

Who does this girl think she is? She's just a low-pay mechanic with a pretty face. A dirty one, may I add?

"Do you know who I am?" I yelled right back at her.

"You know what? I really couldn't care less. And listen, if there were no mechanics, who the hell is going to fix your dang car?" Nikki said glaring at the three of us.

Why is she such a brat?

"What the girl said is true. And do you know who the—" The old man said.


"Sorry." He said looking away.

"She's just a mechanic on PMS." I said rolling my eyes.

The look on Nikki's was beyond deadly. She narrowed her eyes at me and I almost expected to feel holes in my body with her glare. If she were Medusa, she wouldn't hesitate to stone me in a second. But what did I care? After all, she was a low-pay mechanic who was on PMS and I was a very highly qualified, high-salary encounter specialist.

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