"A fruitless effort"

Author' Notes: Cheongdam-dong is a ward in Seoul, South Korea. It is referred to as "Fashion and Art Street" of Gangnam, which house several imported foreign brands and local fashion designers' shops. Cheongdam-dong district boost some of the most expensive and international cuisines in Seoul, in addition to housing the famous "Rodeo Drive" avenue in Seoul. It's also one of the most expensive districts in South Korea.

Song choices: "Don't know why" Kenny G rendition with piano accompanied by David Benoi, "Try a little tenderness" by David Sanborn from "Mirror has two faces" soundtrack and"88 ways to love" by Marcus Johnson

"Damn, these ad-sec proposals look amazing!"

"Thanks Cameron."

"Can I take these with me?"

"Sure…why not."


"No problem Cameron-ssi."

Once he exits my office, I rested my body back against the chair. I took a look at my desk calendar. It was Friday the end of my work week. I couldn't believe that it was Friday already. The past couple of days came and went by quicker than I expected. I tried avoiding Cameron as much as I could; at least I tried too that is. Nonetheless I was really happy that in a few hours I would be getting off from work and heading back into the comforts of my home. I glanced over at the stacks of manila folders next to my computer. They were filled with reviews of some on-going ad-sec proposals from different companies wanting to utilize our services. It was at least twenty manila folders, meaning that there were about thirty proposals needing reviews.

For as much as I would have loved to slack off there was still much work to be done, and if I wanted to avoid taking it home with me I needed to get started on these ad-sec proposals as soon as possible…

"Last one…finally done!"

That was the final ad-sec proposals I had to do today. I glanced over at the time. Damn it was already half past 6 p.m. I hurry shutting down my work computer, along with my work phone. I gathered up the rest of my paperwork setting them next to the fax machine. At least everything I needed to do was done, so that I wouldn't have to take any work home with me this weekend. That for which I was truly grateful for, especially after all the crazy and unexpected turn of events that occurred this week, I was definitely looking forward to spending the weekend away from work. I grabbed my attaché and make my way over to the door shutting and locking it on my way out.

"Hweesung-oppa…you are leaving for the evening?"

"Yes, Sangah…I'm ready to call it a day."

"Take care and have a good weekend," she said with a bow.

"Thank you…have a good weekend," I said making my way out of the office.

I feel my lips perching in a smile as I'm approaching the elevators. I reached over pressing the down button when I hear an all too familiar voice calling my name.

"Cameron-ssi?" I said turning to him.

"Hweesung-ssi, could I have a word with you…in my office?"

"Okay," I replied following him over to his office.

My immediate thought was why was he summoning me to his office?

I was tired and ready to go home. I was not in the mood to do anymore work, so I had made it up in my mind that no matter what he wanted or asked of me, I would put it off till next week. As I made my way inside Cameron's lush office space, the scent of sandalwood instantaneously penetrates my senses as I stepped inside.

He shut the door behind me.

"Hweesung-ssi, first off I wanted to say good work this week," he said placing a firm grip upon my shoulder.

"Thanks," I said feeling the sensation pulse through body.

"I know you're really eager to get out of here…but I would like to ask you something."

Here we go, there was no way that I was going to stay over time and work on anymore proposals tonight.

"What is it?"

"I was wondering if you're free for drinks tonight?"

"Huh?" I said being completed startled by his sudden invitation. This was definitely not what I was expecting to be asked.

"C'mon Hweesung-ssi…it will be my treat," he said stepping into my personal space.

His scent fills my senses. I inhaled his intoxicating aroma. It was such a rich, hypotonic sense.

"Hweesung-ssi? Hweesung-ssi?"


"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine…why would you ask?"

"For a second there you seemed...distracted."

I turn my head to the spectacled marble floor; once again just being in the presence of Cameron's mere scent seemed to cast me into some sort of hypnotic-type state.

"So…are you free tonight?"

"Sure." I said without thinking.

"Great… let's meet at "Vinga" around 9 p.m. tonight…it's located in Cheongdam-dong near the Gorilla in the Kitchen restaurant across the way from Rodeo Drive."

"I've heard of that name before...isn't that a wine bar?"

"Sure is…you know how to get there?"

"I think so…I can always figure it out."

"I can give you ride there if you like?" Cameron said peering directly into my eyes.

"I wouldn't want to trouble you…besides I think I can manage," I said turning away his piercing glare.

"It would be no trouble at all," he said inching closer to me.


"Hweesung-ssi…are you sure I really don't mind." he purred softly.

"No…thanks I can drive myself," I said heeding his statement.

"Okay…see you tonight..."

I bowed as I turned away quickly heading out the door.

What the hell just happened?

How the hell did I just get talked into going out tonight with Cameron?

What happened to my plan of sticking to just going home and not agreeing to any kind of request whatsoever. Then again he didn't ask me to do any extra work, nor stay over longer to finish up some work on our project, so technically meeting him for drinks wasn't ruled out of the requests, it's not work-related at least. After work drinks are quite common-place so it doesn't seem to out of the ordinary for him to ask me out for drinks.

I look up seeing the elevator door had opened. I had been so lost in thought that I hadn't even noticed that it had come.

I mindlessly stepped inside the elevator pressing the button for the garage. As the elevator came to a stop so does my thoughts on tonight's oncoming events. I make way through the humid garage over to my Land Rover cranking it up and quickly heading out of into the streets of Seoul...

"I think I'm just about ready."

I take a glance over at my watch. It was already going on 8:30 p.m.

Damn where did the time?

It seemed like I had barely arrived home from work and now it was time to head back out. I peered into the long mirror at the image before me. There I stood looking over at myself dressed in a pair of dark denim jeans, with tall black engineering boots, with a long white collared shirt and white open blazer. A sudden thought of Cameron popped into my mind as I stood there observing my reflection.

What would Cameron be wearing?

Was I dressed appropriately for going out?

After-all this was one of the higher end wine bars in Seoul. Not too much in one of the posh-areas of all of Korea.

Would he like what I was wearing?


I try and force my mind to cease all these senseless thoughts. I checked my pockets for all my essentials I quickly make my way out the door heading to the elevators to the parking garage.

As I'm making my way over to my Land Rover that was parked in the corner of the parking garage a wave of nausea attacks my belly. I clutch it hoping to quell the sudden pain. It seems like my body was subconsciously reacting to my anxious thoughts. I tried hard to ignore my fretful feelings as began looking up the directions to the wine bar on my phone.

Once my phone's navigation system located the directions to Vinga I crank up the engine quickly heading out of my parking garage...

"Just in time!" I said glancing down at my watch as I quickly climbed out my vehicle.

I made my way through the semi-crowded parking lot, which was located behind Vinga. As I'm making my way towards the entrance a flurry of voices filled my ears. I stopped short of the entrance only to notice that there was a line of people standing outside.

Damn it why hadn't I anticipated something like this?

After-all it was a Friday night many people head out for a night on the town to relieve themselves from work and/or school. I quickly line up behind a group of chatting people taking a place in line...

"Your identification please!"

I quickly pull out my identification from my pocket handing it over to the burly security guard.

"Thank you!" he bellowed handing me my identification.

I quickly make my way inside. The sounds of a piano and trumpet blaring filled my ears as I stepped inside. The interior was much smaller than I thought but nonetheless I found it quite charming. Bright Italian flora paintings lined much of the walls. Rich red tones beamed from the many flowers rooted along the tables and booths throughout the bar. I turn my attention over the stage centered in the middle of the bar the source of the rich tunes that were echoing throughout the wine bar. There stood a tall, Black man with a fedora swaying graceful with his trumpet to the tunes coming from the piano along with another older looking Black gentleman playing a sax. I saw another man swinging his trombone to the tune of the others. The quintet were all immaculate dressed in their white double-breasted blazers with white nautical shirts and matching white ties along with sparking white patent leather dress shoes.

The delicate flow of the music soon began taking its course on me and I soon found myself swaying to the delicate flow of the music.


"Huh?" I cried looking around trying to locate the all-to familiar voice.

"I see that you are already enjoying yourself," Cameron said with laughter.

"Sorry…I was…a bit…distracted…"

"I noticed."

"Sorry, about that…I was heading toward the bar but this music and this atmosphere is really captivating."

"It's quite alright my friend…anyways shall we?" Cameron asked.

"Please lead the way."

Cameron nods and heads towards the L-shaped bar and I quickly follow his lead...

"Please have a seat," Cameron said directing me to one side of the cushy seat of the booth near the front of the bar.

I slid into one side of the booth. The leather seating felt cooling and relaxing against my body. Cameron took a seat directly across from me.

"Is this your first time here?"


"Well, what you do think?"

"It's quite lovely but I feel like I've been here before…" I said glancing around the wine bar.

Then the familiarity of the Vinga suddenly clicks inside my head.

"This place reminds me of the "Once in a Blue Moon" jazz bar."

Cameron chuckles. "They're actually operated by the same owners."

"Right…that would explain it," I said feeling my face grow flush with slight embarrassment.

"Shall we get this evening started?" Cameron asked.

I nodded picking up the small floral-colored menu. I opened up the menu, started scanning the endless selections of wines. All the wines seemed to be sorted by their respective country of origin. I was not a wine-connoisseur by any means and rather than continuing looking over the endless sorts of wines, many of who I couldn't even pronounce I just decided to ask Cameron to suggest something...

"Here you gentleman one bottle of Pinot Noir, Cooraloo, along with a sample platter of appetizers," the waiter said placing our order at our booth.

Cameron reaches for the bottle pulling off the cork and pouring a glassful inside one of the glasses. He slid the glass over my way.


I quickly reciprocated his action by pouring him a glassful of the deep scarlet wine.


"Gan-bae!" I replied as we toasted our glasses together.

I take in a mouthful of the scarlet liquid. The liquid slightly burned as it went down my dry throat. The slight dryness of the wine lingered inside my dry mouth.

Why don't you try some of the gorgonzola…it'll help enrich the taste and the dryness of the wine," he suggested.

I peer at Cameron in awe.

How was he able to figure out what I was thinking?

"Well, go ahead," he said still staring directly at me.

I reached over picking up a small piece of the gorgonzola, taking a small bite. The bitter taste exploded inside my palate. As quite unfamiliar as the taste was, he was right it melted away the dryness that ached my throat from the wine.

"How is it?"

"Not too bad."

Cameron chucked and continues sipping his wine.

The soft subtle sounds of sax tunes filled the air.

I turned my attention over to the stage.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman," called a deep yet relaxing voice.

"I am Phillip Lim, I will be the mc for this evening. Tonight, we have a very special musical guest in the house tonight."

"Here all the way from Harlem, New York are "Freddie Jackie and Soul-fiery!

"Freddie Jackson and Soul-Fiery have been making headlights throughout the world with their soulful renditions and collaborations in the contemporary jazz scene."

The tall African-American man with the fedora immediately stood to his feet taking a quick bow. Three other African-American men preceded his lead standing to their feet and quickly taking bows. The audience erupts into a roar of thunderous applause including myself.

"Good evening everyone, I am Freddie Jackson. We all would like to cordially thank you all for inviting our band out here to Seoul."

"But before we get started I would like to take a moment to introduce our band."

"Our pianist Curtis Jackson," Freddie said gesturing towards an older grey haired gentleman with hazel set eyes.

Curtis Jackson raised a hand in the air.

"Next, on sax is Darryl Williams."

Darryl Williams was also wearing a dark colored fedora; expect his had a white rose sticking out of one side. He glanced up raising his sax.

"And last but certainly not least on trombone Frankie Douglass."

Frankie Douglass looked up, he had on a pair of dark shades, and he too had salt and pepper colored hair as Curtis Jackson. Frankie Douglass raised his trombone to his lips and played a long C-sharp chord. Freddie Jackson turned toward Frankie smiling.

"I will on the trumpet, tonight," said Freddie.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Freddie Jackson and Soul-Fiery!" Phillip Lim said as he stepped back onto the stage. The entire bar erupted into what seemed like thunderous applause.

"We do hope you all will stay and enjoy our show, so without further ado let's get this evening started shall we. This first number we present is called "Romantic Liaisons," said Freddie Jackson.

Freddie picked up his trumpet and soon the rest of the band follows. He started nodding his head, within seconds the sounds of Frankie's trombone filled the bar.

Immediately I found myself swaying to the tunes of the music

"I absolutely love live music!" I said taking another sip of wine.

"Romantic Liaisons," what a title," Cameron remarked sipping his wine.

"Why does it bring back some memories of the sort?" I quipped.

He remained quiet sipping his wine steadily peering at me with his piercing caramel eyes. I turned away, I suppose Cameron wasn't in the mood or didn't find the humor in my statement.

So I turned my attention back to the music.

"Those were certainly some good times."

"What?" I called turning back to him.

"Oh the memories," he continued.

"Cameron-ssi what are you talking about?"

I wondered the hell he was referring to.

He sat down his wine-glass. "I just had brief flashback of the sorts," Cameron crooned as he leaned in closer to me.

For a moment the thought passed through my head to inquire about his flashback, but something told me that from the sound of his tone it was probably a very erotic one of the sorts.

"Cameron…" I said shaking my head as I turned my attention back to the music...

"So…" Cameron started.

"Yes?" I said turning my attention to him.

"Tell me something about yourself?"

"What would you like to know?"

"What do you like to do in your free time? Any particular hobbies?"

"Usually, I just stay home and read, as boring as it sounds I'm a very home-bodied, I enjoy staying home to myself."

"Is that all you do? You don't go out with friends or anything?"

"Occasionally, but not all that often these days."

"Why any particular reason(s)?" he continued.

"Work has been keeping me quite busy these days…well I do some lyrical writing every now and then."

"Lyrical writing?" Cameron said leaning in closer.

"Didn't you write some of the music for some of the recent Hyundai Advertising campaign?" he asked.

"Yes, I did!"

I was quite taken aback that Cameron knew about that. "How do you know that?" I asked with curiosity.

"My dear Hweesung-ssi I am one of the senior official of our company's marketing and media relations department, before everything goes to press it has to go their my department's approval."

"Wait…so if you're the senior official how come I've never meant you before?" I asked trying to gather my thoughts in my head as to why Cameron and I had never prior to this past week.

"I spent the last 3 ½ years traveling back and forth to between our regional offices in Hong Kong, Japan and Italy. I don't think that I ever spent more than two months at a time here in our home office."

"I see."

This answer seemed somewhat plausible to me considering that if he didn't spend that much time here in Korea, and was travelling most of the time then it could be possible that we just simply never had a chance to contact one another.

"Are you planning on traveling to any of the regional office anytime soon?"

"No why do you ask?"

"I just a bit curious…because I was wondering how we were going to work on this next campaign if you were not going to be around."

"Well, as it turns out, my father asked me to come back here to Seoul to manage the central marketing and media department. He and my mother wanted me to come back home to help them out as well…they are getting older and their slowing down a lot these days. And besides it's our duty as sons to carry out that filial piety to our parents' right?"

"Right," I said.

"Now I am back here in Seoul. It seems like I've been gone for a lifetime. But, all in all it's good to be home."

"Where you living prior?"


"Italy…wow I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been living there."

"It was amazing I must say."

"What city were you living in?"

"I was living in Rome. It's quite an amazing city, very rich in culture and diversity and it's full of history."

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Yes, I honestly was not too sure what to expect when I arrived there but to absolute surprise there was a small but growing Korean community near our regional office."

"Seriously? That is quite surprising!"

"Yes, it was…it was great having a little slice of home while living there."

"I can only imagine."

"Perhaps next time we have a campaign shoot out there you can come along."

"Really? That would be amazing. I have always wanted to visit Italy!" I said with excitement.

"Definitely, don't forget I'm the Boss's son, I can make it happen," Cameron said with a wink.

"In that case I am certainly glad to be on your team."

Cameron chuckled as he picked up his wine glass taking a long sip.

"Enough about me…I still want to more about you," he said sitting down his empty glass.

"What else is there that you want to know?" I asked refilling his glass.

"Thanks…are you dating anyone? Have a girlfriend by any chance?" he asked leaning in closer.

I leaned back letting out a small sigh.

How did I know that this question would soon come up?

And why did his inquiry sounds like a "come-on" of the sorts.

At least that what it sounded like to my ears, although I could be wrong, but that's what it sounded like to me.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend… and I am not dating either."

"Really? It should a sin for a nice, handsome guy like you to be single."

"Thanks…I think," I said not being too sure if that was the appropriate response to his statement.

"So, you're saying it should be mandatory to be in some type of relationship?" I said challenging him.

"Oh no…by all means…I was just surprised that you're not seeing anyone…that's all."

"I am not…and that's all there is to it. After my last relationship I'm definitely enjoying being alone," I said peering at Cameron.

"Did something happen? You sound a little bitter…if that's the right way to put it."

I didn't mean to stick my foot in my mouth. That was a slip that I didn't mean to let out. I wasn't trying to come off sounding better either. Nor did I want or intend to go into details about my relationship with my ex-fiancé. So, I definitely wanted to clear the air and quickly change the subject.

"Cameron-ssi at the expensive of sounding rude I really don't want to talk about my ex…I am in a really good mood right now and I don't want to spoil it. I hope you understand," I explained in the hopes he would understand.

"I am sorry for digressing…my mouth tends to run quicker than my brain sometimes," he said.

"No, it's quite alright…we could just save it for another time."

"Another time…so you would like to do something like this again?"

"I can't see why not…I'm having a good time," I said.

It was true I was having a really good time out with Cameron.

Cameron picked up his glass taking a long sip.

"I am not seeing anyone either although I have had my eye on someone for quite some time now," he said sitting down his glass.

"Is that so?" I asked with curiosity.

"Do they even know you exist?" I continued. I was quite intrigued at the fact that Cameron was crushing on someone. I started wondering who the lucky person was that Cameron had his eye on.

"Lucky for me I actually know this person and they do acknowledge my existence."

'Have you ever spoken to his person? Do you think that they have any idea how you feel? Curious minds want to know?"

Cameron chucked. "Yes, I have spoken to this person quite a number of times. But I don't think that I have made it quite clear how I feel about them."

"Well…why not?"

"You're really tall, handsome, and have a good job and lots of money…so I cannot see why this person wouldn't fall for you."

"Oh Hweesung-ssi please stop all the flattery…if only it was that simply my friend."

"How much more simpler could it get? Just let them know how you feel."

"Hweesung-ssi you are a riot you know that!" Cameron said with laughter.

"What I was being serious."

"Yes, I know you are…but for now I think things are fine where I stand with this person right now."

"You cannot say that I didn't try and help…or encourage you," I said feeling a bit slighted.

"Definitely," Cameron said lifting up his wine glass. "A toast to us and being single and enjoying it," he continued.

Honestly I really didn't know what to say so I reluctantly joined in on the toast...

As the evening went on Cameron and I indulged more into each other's company. I managed to let myself relax and thoroughly enjoy his company. I learned more about Cameron's travels abroad, including the time he spent studying English in America and that he was an extreme adrenaline junkie. It did help that the atmosphere was sweet and pleasant which I am almost sure that all the wine and sweet jazz tunes were playing some factor in this vibe...

"Wow I cannot believe that the evening has come and gone so quickly," said Phillip Lim.

"Ladies and gentlemen if anyone would like a copy of Freddie Jackson and Soul-Fiery latest album "Celestial Seasons" please do not hesitate to come by the purchase one after this last piece. Anyone who purchases a copy will get an autograph from the band," announced Phillip Lim…

Almost immediately following the band's last number, Cameron and I quickly made our way over to the front the stage, there was already a small line of people in front waiting to purchase a copy of the band's album...

"This is great I cannot wait to get a copy of their album!" I said peeking ahead of us.

"We're almost there," Cameron replied looking over my shoulder.

"Thank you for your purchase," said a deep husky voice.

"We're next," I replied with glee.

"Good evening gentlemen," said Freddie Jackson.

"Good evening to you all too," I said stepping closer to the small marble table that the band were seated.

"Would any of like to purchase our album?" asked Curtis Jackson.

Before I could say something I heard Cameron say that he would.

I turned in puzzlement to him.

Freddie pulled one of the cd from a small pile next to him.

"What's your name young man?" he asked.

Cameron turned to me; he was peering intensely at me. I for the life of me couldn't figure out why Cameron was looking at me and why he was not telling Freddie his name. I did not think that he actually wanted to get a copy of their album. He didn't seem to express any interest in their album no time prior to this.

"Hey tell them your name," Cameron said poking me with his elbow.

"What…why?" I asked turning to him.

A wave of confusion waved over me. I was not sure what to think at this point.

"The cd is for you," he leaned over whispering in my ear.

"Oh…ok…" I stammered.

"My name is Hweesung."

"How do spell it?"


"Alright," Freddie said as I watched him print a small message with my name on the cover of the glossy album.

"How much for the album?" Cameron asked.

"Their ten-thousand won each," Phillip Lim said.

Cameron reached into his back pocket opening up his wallet, he handed the ten-thousand won bill over to Phillip Lim who was standing next to table with a small metallic coin box.

'Thank you," he said placing the money inside the coin box.

"Would you like the rest of the band to sign this?" Freddie asked.

"Yes please!"

Freddie nodded sliding the cd down to the rest of his band mates.

"Did you young men enjoy the show?" Freddie asked.

"Yes, it was amazing," said Cameron.

"I really enjoyed it, I absolutely love contemporary jazz," I said.

"We always glad to hear when everyone enjoys our shows," Darryl Williams replied as he was penning his signature on the album.

"Is this your first time playing in South Korea?" Cameron asked.

"Yes, in fact this is our first time ever visit South Korea," said Freddie.

"Wow, so far how are you enjoying our country?" I asked.

"It's been great, the food here in amazing, the sights and attractions are amazing, not to mention the people here in South Korea are definitely warm-hearted and very friendly," replied Freddie.

"I am really happy that you are enjoying your time here," I said.

"Certainly, we just may have book another tour out here in the near future," said Freddie.

"We had no idea that the music scene out here in Seoul was so diverse," said Curtis Jackson.

"There is a little something for everyone here that's for sure," I replied.

"Thanks, gentlemen for your support we hope you have a good evening," said Freddie.

"Gentlemen, before we could I possibly hand you one of my business cards?" asked Cameron.

"Sure," replied Freddie.

"My friend and I work for Ennovae' Adverting Firm, here in Seoul. I'm the senior manager of the marketing and media department I would really be interested in possibly working with you seeing as we having been working on opening up an office in the New York City."

"Wow that sounds great! Here let me give you the number to our record's public relations department, this is the number to call if anyone wants to book us," Freddie said leaning over reaching over into his back pocket.

He pulled out his wallet taking out a business card.

"Here you go young man," he said handing the card to Cameron.

"Thanks so much!" he said.

"No problem, please keep us in touch, about your American office," Freddie Jackson.

"Will do," replied Cameron.

"Here you go young man," Freddie said handing me my autographed album.

"Thank you so much."

"Take care and have a good evening young men and thanks for coming out to our show!" called Darryl.

Cameron and I both took wave goodbye as we make out way back to the entrance of Vinga.

"Thank you for coming…please come again!" the young petite hostess said bowing to Cameron and I.

We made our way back out into the streets of Cheongdam, Seoul. The fresh evening air hit my face cooling it from the warmness of the crowded bar.

"Where did you park?" Cameron asked.

"On the east-end of Rodeo Drive parking lot behind Vinga."

Cameron nodded and we slipped through the crowds of people standing, smoking, and chatting around Vinga...

"There's my car," I announced pulling out my car keys.

Cameron and I made our way over to my Land Rover which was parked in between two sedans in the small parking lot near Rodeo Drive.

"Cameron, thanks so much for everything this evening, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

"It's no problem…I'm really happy that you had a good time," he replied.

"Thanks for album; I'm going to pop this in the car right now."

Cameron chucked as he stepped closer to me. His intoxicating scent immediately starts invading my mind. I took in a deep breathe allowing myself to inhale his invigorating aroma.


"Yes?" That same hypnotic feeling was starting to take over me once again.

"How about a night-cap…at my place?" he suggested with what sounded like a slight influx in his tone.

"A night-cap?" I asked not being too sure of what exactly a night-cap entailed.

"I don't live that far from here, we could go back to my place for another round of drinks, shoot some pool…" he started.

I was quite taken aback by Cameron's sudden request. I really didn't know how to response. I wanted to say no, because I was tired, and wanted to get back home, but at the same time he did just treat me to this great evening.

I suppose that another round of drinks wouldn't hurt.

"Well…I suppose another round…"

"What's that?" Cameron asked interrupting me.

"What's what?" I asked feeling a stroke of panic shoot through my body.

What the hell was going on?

Did my car look like someone tried breaking into my car?

Did he see some money lying on the ground or something?

"This," he said as he glided one of his finger down what felt like the center of my lips.

I was so startled that instinct inched closer to my car; so much so that I felt my back pressing against the door handle.

"Did I have something there?" I asked touching the same area of my lips.

Cameron moved in closer gripping my hand causing a warm sensation to erupt through my body.

"Yes…so how about that night-cap?" he whispered staring straight into my eyes.

It was as if all things around me ceased to exist and the only thing I could see were those sensuous eyes of his staring back at me. I tried opening up my mouth but no words seem to want to escape from it. I felt Cameron move in closer to me his lips mere inches away from my own. Seeing his luscious lips up this close they looked so soft and delectable. I started wondering what it would felt like to get a taste of them.

The sounds of my fluttering heart started echoing heavily in the cloud of silence surrounding us as my body was aching with pleasure. I felt the rush of blood flowing down to my jeans. A rush of panic flooded my thoughts as I took a peak down. I was hoping that all this intense pleasure hadn't made my manhood react as well. To my absolute relief it had not. I felt myself let out a small sigh of relief.

What the hell?

Why I was I suddenly thinking such crazy, irrational thoughts?

Then it hit me his drug-like scent, those sensuous eyes were all seemingly overpowering all my sense of rationality. But for some strange reason my body and mind were not in sync with one other. My mind was telling me no you cannot and should not go there…but on the other hand my body seems to be pushing me to act on this unexpected yet extremely enticing carnal desire that lied before it.



"Let's call it a night, shall we?" Cameron said dropping his grip on my hand.

"Oh…ok…" I said feeling somewhat jaded once more.

"You look really tired, sorry no offense."

"I'm not that tired… I…don't mind saying out a little bit longer," I stammered.

"Oh…Hweesung-ssi, we definitely need to do this again sometime soon, ok?"

I shrugged dropping my head to the ground in embarrassment seeing how my plea fell upon deaf ears.

"Take care and have a good night," Cameron said leaning over whispering in my ear.

His wispy response sent a cold tremor down my spine. I continued my focus on the ground; I just couldn't bear to look him in the eye at this point.

After what felt like a lifetime I glanced up and to my surprise Cameron was gone just like that. I scan the small parking lot stepping out from my car. There I see him crossing the street over to the adjacent parking lot. "Cameron!" But it was too late it he disappeared into a large noisy crowd of passerby's walking the same direction through the parking lot. There was no point of trying to chase him down.

I took in a deep breath as I made my way back over to my car.

Damn it, why the hell did I let him get to me like that again?

I open my car door sliding inside. I turned on the engine and immediately fired up the air-conditioner. The rush of cool air felt refreshing against my warm body. I sighed once again and began making my way out of the parking lot and out into the dimly-lit streets of Cheongdam-dong...

"Damn it! What the hell happened back there?" I called out loud.

My voice seemed to echo loudly in my empty apartment.

I threw myself onto my bed.

"What the hell?"

I buried my face into the silk midnight-colored sheets. A low growl escaping from my throat, I felt the vibrations from it pulsate through my bed. I just couldn't understand what the hell happened back there at the bar.

I sat up in my bed.

Why did I feel so warm all of a sudden?

I pulled my shirt away from my body. To my surprise it was semi-soaked. I swiped my hand across my forehead and it too was wet with perspiration. I drove all the way home with the air-conditioner on, so I couldn't understand why the hell I was so perspiring so much. I felt the rush of blood making its way down into the lower half of my body. I quickly pulled off my jeans and tossed aside of my bed. Once again I found myself in a state of arousal. I knew what I had to do to quickly remedy this situation…I stood my feet and quickly making way over to the bathroom...

The cool water splashing against my warm body felt really good. It seemingly quenched my fleeting thoughts as well. The quiet combers of the water were soon drowning out all other sounds including the rambling thoughts that had been constantly churning inside my head. I am not sure how long I stood there under the shower-head letting the water run all over me…but I did not care I needed this distraction to quiet my whirling thoughts and not to mention the arousal between my legs...

After what seemed like a lifetime I stepped out the shower the warm foggy air swathed my face. I picked up my towel and headed back into my bedroom…

I slid my body underneath the silken covers. I laid my head back against one of the satin pillows; I felt my head and mind flowing into the softness of it. That cold shower certainly did remedy my lust-filled aches. The elation I felt quickly faded as my thoughts floated back to the events that proceeded tonight. I couldn't understand how the evening that went on so well turned into this lust-filled I suddenly had the urge to kiss Cameron.

What the hell was going on with me?

How did things go so awry tonight?

I do like Cameron, but not in that kind of way. Not that it was anything wrong with that, but it wasn't like that. At least I didn't think so.

What the hell is this?

I cannot ever recall a moment in my life when I was ever attracted or possibly have ever been attracted to another man. I do love women I was quite sure of that.

What the hell was I thinking?

How was it this man who I just barely meant a week ago could, be causing me to question my sexuality?

Damn, but if I wasn't attracted to him in that way. Then why would I be feeling this way about him?

And why would my body react this way just to his mere presence not to mention his touch?

Then it hits me, this was Cameron's fault. He was the one who instigated all of this bull shit!

The more and more I keep thinking about it. He was the one who started all the incessant flirting. My body started feeling warm again this time it was different; I felt pangs of anger filling my body instead of lustful pleasure. It was his fault, certainly not mines.

I was simply just playing alone with all his trifling fodder for the sake of my job.

Yes, that was it! I was just going alone with his antics just for the sake of being cordial and for my job. This answer seemed like a comfortable answer, so settling on this thought; I leaned over shutting off my night lamp blanketing my bedroom in quiet darkness.

Within moments I found myself settling into a peaceful slumber…still with the thoughts of Cameron on my mind.