I'm so sorry.

A wetness pours from your body and a wetness pours from mine. Yours is thick and interesting, mine is translucent and regretful. Well, almost regretful. Do I regret what I did? Of course, my world is painfully vacant and silent now. Do I regret how it felt? That, I'm not so sure about.

Wake up, already; I need someone to share this shear excitement with. But you can't wake up, you're the only one I can talk to but unfortunately you were the experiment. Now everything is black, and red. So much red. My luminous tears mingle with the vile liquid seeping from your body.

How did any of that bring me joy? I have never felt so alive.

I wish I could say the same thing about you. Wake up. Now I'm all alone. I need a new experiment. You would have loved this. You know, you were my inspiration. To see those phosphorescent eyes choked by some insidious pain. Suddenly, your eyes began to lose their usual glow. I stopped to let you relax, but the damage had been done. You couldn't relax.

Struggling, so much struggling.

But I calmed you down. Then you really relaxed. Too relaxed, now I'm screaming your name but you're just lying there. Like a broken doll, still so beautiful, yet so superficial now.

Please, wake up!

Everything is caving in on me and I can't stop it.

Save me!

You look peaceful. Will I attain that peace? I'm so sorry. Now, I'm aching to acquire that calmness you posses. I'm coming, don't worry, I'll be the new experiment. A new substance flows from me and onto you. Now, I understand why red is my favorite color. Shear excitement courses through my veins and out my body with this sticky new interest. I take a deep breath because I'm ready to feel the same peace you feel.

Again, I'm surrounded by darkness, but it's a new kind of darkness. Now, I understand what the dark is. It is the absence of light. A light comes into view but it's so faint, so weak. There you are. So, this is the peace you feel: safety. The smile etched on your face isn't exactly happy. What is that in your hand? Your eyes are lit again but with a new glow; a deeper and harder glow. I scream again, but only for a moment.

A wetness pours from your body and a wetness pours from mine. Now, I'm the experiment. I'm your experiment. A smile curls across my face. Trust me; you won't regret the way this feels.

In the end, you won't be sorry.