Just a quickie for ya', enjoy. Yaoi warning.

"Ahhh! Damn, you're killin' me here, Nel!"

"Oh, shut up, you get the easy part, just sit there and wait for it to happen-"

"You think this is easy? Fuck you! It hurts!"

"Well babe, that's exactly why I won't do bottom." He said with a vicious smile and a deep slam forward.

"Mmn! God!"

"It's Nel, not God…though I appreciate the compliment."

"Unh..! Please shut up and just do it! Fuck me!" The blonde whined desperately.

Nel gave another short laugh but it cut off into a moan as he shoved his cock into Sam's tight ass for the third time, going slow but hard. A torture technique for sure-but it wasn't his fault, it was the position they were in: under some god-forsaken desk in the big guy's office. It was lunch time, so nobody was around, but it was better to be safe than sorry-for the poor kid that walked in to file a report and ended up filing a charge. Sam had his hands on Nel's head to keep him from getting a concussion each time he brutally thrust in and up, but he was quickly loosing patience as one thump to the prostate every four minuets or so wasn't enough to get either of them off. He forced himself to pull off the man and made Nel sit against the backing of the desk so he could straddle the his lover's hips and use the ledge of the surface as a pull-up bar, efficiently allowing him to ride the cock that had been harassing him all day long.

"Yea-s, ah, now… who's doing-gha… all the work... Nel?"

With a growl the kid on bottom decided to shut his lover up via a hard, demanding kiss and well placed pinches to all the pleasure zones. But as the blonde slammed himself onto the rock-solid executive he began to feel that electric buzz of orgasm threaten the ride and, as he pulled away from those harsh lips to scream out a particularly loud moan, Nel grabbed his hips and began rhythmically pulling him down. It was about this time that the two "9 to 5 Joe's" realized their fatal error: While Sam was gloriously nude and in a state of pure, unstoppable ecstasy, Nel was still fully dressed for the work day and was about to be sprayed, head to toe, with cum.

"The Do's and Don'ts of Office Fucking. Number one: don't use the report that took me two weeks to finish as a cum shield, you douche!" Yelled Sam as a very satiated and satisfied Nel left the office at 7:00p.m. while his friend was left retyping the report.