2nd Sept 2011



Behold! Cold blue glow of dawn

Touches on a human form

And a misty veil of light

Illuminates his fragile plight

Yet golden hope shines from a lamp

And his face bears hopeful stamp-

For his eyes gaze down and look

Upon the pages of a Book!


A Book which lightens dull sad eyes

And teaches Truth which he applies

Until his soul feels it anew

-Grace fresh upon him like a dew

His Confidant! He has no fear

For the Holy Ghost is near.

Friend of Friends, He whispers low

Within his ear, "I know. I know."


"I know your pain. I know your fear

Of losing all you hold most dear.

Cast all upon me! I, Your Friend,

Will carry you! You may depend.

No shoulder stronger, nothing more sure

Then that I will bless thee more and more.

Tidings of woe need not dismay

When I can take your cares away."


And so he trusts Him, through and through

And every night, still fresh, anew

His faith is strong, though body weak

Because he knows just where to seek.

Because he trusts in God's own Word

Until doubt itself become absurd!


I see him, tired, shadowed, old

He feels the heat and feels the cold

I see his body shake with pain

I see him fighting without gain

And yet while standing by his side

I know for sure- what 'ere betide

God will keep him safe in soul

Each day renewed: God maketh whole.