It's been five days...

So the song goes.

Five days...

since I last talked to you.

Since I decided...

to put an end to the struggle in my soul.

An end...

to the guilt,

the fear,

the anxiety,

that has been eating at me for months.

Eating at me...

even though you make me happy,



feel good about myself,

share my interests.

Because I made my decision years ago...

And now I need to abide by it,

Even though now I've met you.

No more wrestling

Old Man against Spirit

Five days since submitting

But not five days of peace

Spirit tries to sooth my soul

But heartache still burns through

Now I struggle

Against the Old Man,

And the illusion of happiness.

And you've been silent through all,

And I wonder why?

But it's better this way.