The knife goes down my heart—split.
A clean cut straight down the middle
Until I finally throw up my hands and quit
Resorting to speaking in silly riddles.

Split down the center is my soul
One side demands I stay and the other go
Needing something to make me feel whole
But yet for it I have nothing to show.

Split is what I know you're going to do
Because you do so at every opportunity
I grow ill to my stomach because here I knew
That pretty soon you'd go away from me.

Hell, even my world is suddenly split
Into a world of darkness and light
Where one side is joyously lit
And the other suffers a quiet plight.

I decide to become passive-aggressive
And hide my feelings so you can't tell
That I've become extremely possessive
And I know that will unleash hell…

Split me down the center of my core
Leaving me to fight to make a decision
Trying to decide if this is worth fighting for
Yet soon split with another incision.

I'm full of these cuts, nicks, and splits
They are slowly tearing me to shreds
And if I don't soon get away from it
I may as well lie down and be dead…

Split the ground when you deliver my coffin
Split the crowd into those that did and didn't know
That the pain I suffered often
Drowned me deep within the undertow.

Cover my forever bed with a blanket of dirt
And spread upon my pillow some flowers
Into my slumber I take with me all the hurt
That ultimately took my life's power.

My heart, body, and mind have all been split
And you have managed to do the same
Causing me to have to fight against my twisted wit
All alone in a potentially dangerous game…