When times are hard sometimes dreams are what keep you alive. Unforgettably that is not the case in this poem. it's written out as a story prompt! very spur the moment. I don't actually believe that all dreams fail. just trying to keep up with modern times and modern dreams. This is about an old musician who gave up everything and didn't make it in the music world.Thank you for at least glancing! Here comes the poetry/story! It might be confusing...fingers crossed it's not

That's pretty much how its supposed to go
Day by day
Hand's strumming thin old strings
Playing off a song sworn to memory
on a beat up guitar
Out of tune with the air

Burning cords by the second
He lived day by day
With barely enough money to spare
Banished to the cold streets
He strummed his guitar
His heart beating North
In the cold morning dew
As day by day
This life became hell

And his dreams that used to mean everything
they couldn't compete
Not with each new day
But still he lived
Day by Day
Because he couldn't live
Without the music

Slowly he would play
Taunt each chord out
No matter how much they seemed over played
A melody would always come lose
The reminisce of broken emptiness dragging along
His melody bittersweet coming undone
As day by day
He came to realize

There was only so far
You could chase those dreams
Unless you liked it
Struggling not living
Unless you were rough
Like those worn out black streets

And how he wished he could cope
But that was far from the case
Not anymore
His hands worn down
His bones so old they jiggled
As day by day
He realized
It wasn't worth it to live this life

But it was more than that
Years of elements had done
They had ripped his heart out
Given a man
With only one dream
A body with a skeleton soul
And a heart that beat on
Through all the pain
Pumping glassy shaky thumps
Day by day