I was up on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard. I was in a good section of a camping ground, where everyone was running around in confusion and panic. I shout to everyone to get in their cars and follow me, the girl with a shred of hope left in her being. They do. I lead them to the mouth of the trail and to the major road of the mountain. Most cars are already there, but I throw myself in front of the cars. They stop. I let some of our cars go, then let traffic resume. Then I do it again and again. All the cars have gone

Next are the people who were left behind. I tell them to band together as best they can and get down the mountain. A cyclist rushes ahead of the crowd and I worry about his soon-to-be dangerous decent down the icy-slick roads of the mountain. The group of people trail after the cars that have gone.

I look around to see a small girl, maybe four or five, walking around in circles. I run over to her and ask her what she's doing. "Where's my mommy?" she asks me. I don't know, and I tell her so. She starts crying. I tell her everything is gonna be okay and ask her if she wants to stick with me for awhile. She nods her little head yes. The first thing I do is carry her for awhile. Then, I set her down and look at her face. It is awfully familiar. She looks so scared. I take off my flashdrive and ask her to hold onto it. My flashdrive is something I take everywhere and is very important to me. Then, I tell her to walk around to the back and grab a hold of my neck. If I can piggy-back her to a residence nearby, I can look for her mom.

She comes around and tries with all of her little might to grab a hold. As I notice, her fingers are like little chunks of ice, and then I notice that she has no gloves or mittens on. She has everything on except for a hat and some gloves. I give her mine. Those poor little hands had to have been freezing. The little girl smiles at me. A very worn and scared smile.

Suddenly, a couple of my friends show up. They have hot meals and seem to be very warm. I ask them where they got the food, and they point over to a log cabin I did not see before. I mentally hit myself in the head for not seeing it when I'm looking over a child. I look to her and see that she has fallen in the snow. I get everyone else to back off so I could see her face. As I look at her face, I see a single tear slide off her cheek and onto the snow. That tear is crystallized. I gather the child up out of the snow. She doesn't have a beanie on, and I can tell she's nearly frozen to the core. I hug her, because it's all I can do.

"Excuse me!" a raven-haired lady comes jogging up. She breathes very hard, as if she's been running awhile. She looks up at me, a beam on her face. "Thank you for watching my daughter." At the sound of the lady's voice, the little girl turns, and her face splits open into one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen. "MOMMY!" she shouts, reaching. I can tell it's her mother. I look the child in the eye and smile. Then I take my flashdrive back, but not the gloves. She'll need those.

I look at the lady suspiciously. She laughs. "Is that any way to look at your cousin?" she asks. Now I am lost. She looks similar to my father's cousin, but she has lighter hair. I look down to see why the little girl looks so familiar. It's a younger version of my own little cousin! Daughter of my father's cousin. Only with blonde hair instead of her usual playful brown. I laugh at myself a little. Then we get up and run into my brother. He says that everyone is waiting for us back at the log cabin. The dream is over.