An Angel's Prayer

Dear God above,

Please hear my plea.

I beg for love

From you to me.

Don't get me wrong,

I like it here,

But I don't belong,

I live in fear.

And though I try

I cannot see

Just what my

Lasting fate shall be.

I guess I'm not

Supposed to know.

Don't let me rot,

Just let me go.

Let me leave it,

This place of pain.

Unbearable is it?

Your Godly strain?

Well, let me say,

Almighty one,

Who made the day

Who forged the sun,

For all you know

And kind you seem,

Your heart's of snow,

It's all a dream.

Miserere mei, deus,

Please, just set me free.

Stand aside, Lord Jesus,

For I hold the key.

To me.