Hi there! This story is kinda like a spin off to the original series that I'm trying to get pulblished right now. It's like a next generation story, basically...if my story DOES get published, I'll be taking this down. But, for now you can read it. Obviously I'm not going to try and give away too much of what happened previous, because I'm paranoid like that. But you don't really need to know it anyway...unless I tell you!

There will be a oneshot for each child...at my last count, I made 264 OC, but there is only like 180 something that are imporant. All the others are background and stuff. But yes, this will be long...and updated sparely. Whenever, really.

So this is like a preface, because all the oneshots are set at this boarding school. This is how the boarding school came to be. I've switched around names of characters, just cause I can... :)

It began with a letter from Alec Render. His last written words, to be more precise. His heart poured out into a eight page-double sided letter. And one would think, that this would be held most valuable than anything else in the world. And so it was.

Yet, Alexandra Arachne could not bring herself to read it for nearly a year.

So it sat; upon her bedside table unmoving, unopened. Of course, every month or so Lexie would pick it up and brush it off gingerly. Tracing the places where his fingers had crumpled it, the dark spots where his salty tears had dropped, and the scrawl of his perfect cursive hand writing. And she would almost open it.

But then, the thick and dark betrayal would once again bubble up inside of her, and she would cry. She would cry for everything that was left in the shambeles of the world. How she'd lost her best friend, and she was too much of a coward to see what he had to say. Cry because she was so confused about where she stood right now, and how unfair life really was because she was much to young. Lexie was only seventeen when the war ended.

This war, was everything. It was who she was today, and why she even existed. A war that had bubbled under the surface of humanity for years and years, much longer than any other dated war. At first, a simple feud between families for power that changed into the biggest battle the world has ever seen. Lexie was one of fourteen born, specially breed and trained, to be the saviors.

They had won; but even that was a loose term. They'd lost so many friends in the war, so much carnage and destruction that the world was now facing, that it almost seemed like the Watson's had conquered. Almost. There was hope, though, in herself and her friends as they rose to rebuild a better life. Start from scratch.

She wished so much that her friend Alec was still alive though- a victim of what some may call suicide, she knew was an act of matyerdom that had brought them one step closer to winning. He was the one that she trusted whole-heartedly with her secrets. He had been her rock; her sturdy ground, and place of solace. To just hear his voice, once more...if only.

It wasn't until what would have been his eighteenth birthday, (one month and a day after her own) that she drew up the courage to open it.

Her fingers felt numb as she opened the letter. Instantly, a smell wafted through her mind. It was him. It was that beautiful smell that lingered on his clothing as she held onto his limp body, and she could still smell in all his things for months after. It made her wait a second, just bask in the smell.

Then, she read.

The whole letter was heart-wrenching. It made her break down every few sentences. Now, she truly understood why he had to do what he did. Why he had to die. Why he had to leave her. And it made her feel guilty, that she even doubted him and his motives for a second. Alec Render was true up until his demise.

What was in this letter, or most of it, is not important to this particular moment. Although, Lexie would argue, his words meant the world to her and everyone else. What really struck her interest, though, was what he wished all his money to go toward.

Gem Cavern has been a home for me, a place that offered it's welcoming embrace when my world was at it's darkest. A place that showed me I wasn't alone in what I was feeling, about who I was. That I was no different than anyone else there. I often find myself thinking, that it's a shame that it's not a real school. We have enough people, plently. Who knows when you read this, but we were sheltering nearly two hundred orphaned and willing children when I wrote this. If that's not a school, then what is?

Obviously, this place was never built to be such a place. It was a training facility, for us that were slated as saviors before our parents even met. It has the bones of a place that could be amazing though.

That is why I have decided that all my money- everything, from what I had, to what I got when Raif died, to what I gained from my parents, all goes to the building of a school. A boarding school, a real one. Lexie- I know you're capable of teaching. I loved that stern look on your face you'd often get, and the caring nature of your soul would make you perfect. Maybe have houses...I was always a fan of Harry Potter...but, don't name them after the four elements. That would be unoriginal. Make it something fresh, something new...name it after something beautiful.

I always found that the names of the Caribbean Winds were inspiring. The names are haunting, nearly. And you know my only wish I had in life was to be free, to where the winds wanted to lead me...something...I never could do. If I could live life over; I'd wish to be an air element. So that I wouldn't have to wait to have my wings take flight. But maybe my soul will be able to after tonight.

It was those few paragraphs that birthed this idea. Lexie called the remaining heros together, and told them this idea.

"Of course!" Eric Black had clapped his hands, "Old Alec- I figured he'd do something like this."

"Is that a bad thing?" Lexie challenged.

"Of course not! I fully indorse it! I'll pay for whatever Alec's money dosen't. That way naming the 'houses' after winds would be fitting, you see." He said.

"Well, I want to pitch in!" Tansy Shepard interjected, "I have ample money as well."

"And don't leave me out of this project either," Effie Morgan added, "I may not be rich, but I want part."

"I think we all agree that we're building this together." Jasper Enoch pointed out, "It was destroyed in a battle, anyway. We've been neglecting it, if you ask me. Now, at least, we can build it however we want."

"I'll start making the architect plans!" Dominic Bass offered up, "And I'm sure that Ken will help?" He gave a sidelong glance to one of the Creed twins, the male one. Ken nodded in affirmation.

"Yes. Lex, you start telling us what you want, and we'll make it happen."

"Me?" Lexie sounded baffled.

"You're the leader of this project, as you brought it up and Alec asked you to make it happen." Valaria Stone pointed out, "I know that you'll make it wonderful!"

"Well, I can still take you guy's ideas...I mean, I want this to to be...perfect." She let out a long breath.

"It will be. Anything that you do is." Kyle Dreyfus said softly, looking at her face. She wanted to hug him; to hold him; to kiss him, but she kept herself in check. She was still mourning the loss of the boy she thought she was going to marry. Not Alec (who had been akin to a brother the whoel time she knew him), but another boy that had meant a great deal to her in the war. It seemed death followed her wherever she put her heart. Because of this, she was hesitant to open her heart to anyone for a while.

There was a cat-call from Rowan Charles. Sapphire glared at him with all the anger she could muster, and Valaria jabbed a finger.

"See! Perfect! You could be the headmistress. Oh, you'd have children shaking in their boots!" She said, and this eased the tension as laughter filled the room.

"And you always said you wanted to be a teacher." Meorah Creed poked Sapphire, her blind eye sparkling.

"Well...I don't know...I mean..." Lexie blubbered, overcome with emotions to form a sentance.

"Just say 'yes'. You know you want to." Monica Enoch smiled softly.

"Okay...I'll be headmistress." Lexie finally gave in.

"Great. Now- plans?" Effie promted, pulling a piece of paper from her bag, and a pen.

"Well, obviously the four houses. The winds..." Eric frowned, "You said that Alec wanted it to kinda be like Hogwarts or something?"

"Yes! I was a big fan too! Actually this is like a dream come true!" Lexie began smiling and bouncing a bit, "It's going to be exactly like hogwarts- except for supernatural children- with a few changes, 'course."

"Awesome!" Dominic said, and began jotting notes down on his planner, "The GC already had a floorplan of a castle, so it shouldn't be hard to rebuild it as such. Do you want it to look like Hogwarts?"

"No...to obvious. But, it should have nearly the same rooms and such...but we'll put it in more as supernatural things...hmm..." Lexie's mind was already buzzing with ideas.

"I say we split into groups of elements and discuss ideas. We'll rejoin in a couple hours and all talk." Lexie finally decided, "Colette- you go with the airs, Jezabelle with the waters, and Holt with the earths."

"What, no extra member for us fire peoples?" Jasper teased.

"I think you four will be perfectly fine together...you don't need another person." She said, chuckling, "Okay, waters over here!"

Lexie grinned broadly as she closed her eyes. Finally, something was going right. Something was making her happy. Something was worth doing.

As she opened her eyes, and began throwing her ideas on the table, she could have sworn she saw the faint glimmer of a boy wearing a oversized hoodie, smiling and nodding in approval.

Alec was there; beside. Just like he'd promised.