Another angsty poem about a guy. Not the same one though! Geeze, I'm just unlucky with romance, eh? Whatever. This one is a bit more obvious about who I'm talking 'bout. So, if you are reading this- who it's about- and you figure out it's you...uh, yeah! Wrote this at like 3 am, sudden idea. I'm pretty proud of it for it to be nighttime ramblings. I'm typing it just on the Edit/Preview document, and I'm too lazy to actually type it on my laptop. So, because whenever I 'enter' it leaves a gap, I'm putting every others stanza in italics, just so it's easier to read.

I drifted off to sleep that dark night

to the sound of a breaking heart

the pieces gotten up and taken flight

from a heart that was never whole to start

love has failed me at every turn

more heartbreak than one can count

the will, my soul, my sanity begins to burn

the pain that no one hears me cry out

then you came into my mind

the lone star against endless black

was this it? the love I was meant to find?

The missing part to those I lack?

For awhile I thought we were meant to be

Two bodies, but just one shared soul

then the illusion cracked and made me see

my heart shattered through that jagged hole

I often ask why fate is so cruel

Why did you have to go?

I look at myself, the ripples cast in the pool

reminiscing how you packed up and left no traces in the snow

I know it wasn't your choice

you left when we were just blooming into more

I wished we'd both been truthful with our voice

but now, thinking of you, my heart is aching and sore

Then I see you there with her

after I think maybe you remember me

it makes my recently mended heart break and spur

the cost to fix once more is no small fee

We could have been great together

the artist and the writer

Our memory could have lived forever

Because just thinking of you makes my world lighter

You say you paint to be known

have a purpose in this ever-chaing life

with other profound words, to assure your not alone

one day or soon, I promise- you'll be awarded for your strife

You and I are not so different, no

I write to be heard as well

One day, all over, both our works will show

a legacy to has hoped to never fell

So much more to say to you

So many things words cannot say

I'm glad you turned to talk to me, that it in class I knew

But you left another notch in my riddled heart today

Hear these words and remember I-

I, quiet girl from Packerland

I pray that finals and December was not good-bye

that our metophorical foot prints will never fade from the sand

I miss you, I do- everything! From your dark eyes

alight with laugher, to that crooked grin

the creative mind of yours- to limits higher than the sky

to that low voice that made my head and heart spin

You're all to much creative, better than anyone else I know

One day you'll be famous, and I'll be able

to gloat that I knew you and even though our time was not slow

even then, I felt our feelings were stable

The void that stands between us

and if there's one thing I regret, to keep my feelings hid

it's when you left school, and I got on my bus

I didn't hug you like everyone else did

I felt so brave to talk to you again

knowing how painful it was to watch you leave

even though you didn't see it, the feelings I kept in my heart and brain

I wish you would talk to me like before, so I don't have to grieve

If our paths once again meet

I'll thank the stars, all of them as far as I can see

that my narrow path may lead my feet

to the crossroads where you and I are meant to be

Hope you liked it. Sorry it was long. I tend to do that with personal poems...