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Rainbow Ducks

By: Kumquat 8)

Bobito Larson was driving in his brand new 1980's pickup truck. It was the magical color of his grandmother Rosemary's puke. Why did Bobito know what his grandma's puke looked like. Oh for obvious reasons you will soon find out.

Bobito was jamming out to the radio. When all of a sudden his favorite song started to play. When he heard the first few seconds he clapped his stubby sausage fingers and smiled his amazing smile. If ya think black and gold teeth are hot that is. He sang his song and noticed the passerby staring him down. They were totally jealous of his long stringy white locks that glittered in the sun. he was a highly unattractive fat version of Dumbledore I guess.

When his song had finished he looked out of his shattered window and smiled at the hot chick talking on her cellphone. She sped away, intimidated about his devilishly hot looks he thought to himself.

All of a sudden a GIANT RAINBOW DUCK fell from the sky. How freakin awesome, am I right? But alas this story is from Bobito's point of view not mine, otherwise I would have had Queen Latifah being chased by a chicken. Oh wait I am creating this so why not have Queen Latifah be chased by a chicken *slaps forehead*

Ok enough with the blah blah blah.

Bobito nearly had a massive seizure, trust me it would not have been pretty. The duck flew through his window.

"Hello I am Raphael the magical rainbow duck! I eat you now!" The duck said. Bobito started flipping out. He screamed for his stuffed taco all alone on his bed withouy him. He's never see his stuffed taco again… but at least he had his pocket sized stuffed taco with him!

"Why scared Mr. Fat Dumbledore?" Raphael quacked.

"Cause you- you." Bobito was lost for words. (not exactly surprising since his stuffed taco was smarter then him)

"Poor Mr. Fat Dumbledore… He needs hospital." The duck said. Bobito though there was a small tear gliding down his feathers. The demented rainbow duck had feelings! That was a good sign. Bobito almost forgot that this demonic duck was a bout to eat him!

"Razmatazz!" Raphael yelled and opened his beak to swallow Bobito whole.

"Wait! I shall give you a gift instead."

Raphael thought about it for a moment. A gift? He never received gifts… maybe it would help him on his way to world domination?

Raphael accepted the strange peculiar object that looked slightly like a deformed Obama. But otherwise it could be useful.

Bobito on the other hand decided to flee to Mexico.

How was chapter 1? There will be more my friends… there will be more

Me: Hello Bobito how nice of you to show up. Would you like a some sour cream and chedder baked ruffles?

Bobito: *grabs the bag*

Me: that answers that…

Bobito: woah I just got attacked by some MAJOR giant rabbits! But I moved to Mexico!

Me: umm wasn't it just rainbow ducks… oh whatever.


Thankyou people of the nation who somehow came across this story