PART 2- Emilio Papaya

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Emilio Papaya sat down eating his apple pie gum without a single idea that the world might be soon taken over by Rainbow Ducks. He sat, he chewed, he blew. A typical 10 minutes of boredom in his life, he wondered about whether anyone can poop candy canes etc.

All of a sudden a magical sparkly fuzzy rainbow duck fell straight from the sky. He screamed. And screamed. Silence fell and the duck showed his ferocious fangs (do ducks have teeth?) The duck started coughing. Emilio's first thought was the duck was having a heart attack so he ran over to help it with his girly booty shaking behind him (he ought to have sugury). Emilio was wrong (as usual) and the duck sat up but coughed up a $50 gift certificate to Kohl's which Emilio snatched up. Emilio really needed the extra cash as a Wal-Mart greeter wasn't exactly a high pay job.

"Sorry I'm just magical like that." The duck said, "Well anywho… I EAT YOU NOW!" The duck screamed.

Emilio's hand immediately moved to his pocket where his pepper spray was supposed to be. CRAPERDOODLEDOO! Where isPenelope my pepper spray! He thought. Ok goodbye Emilio Jose Juan Guadeloupe George Alejandro Papaya, say goodbye to your life of sitting on the couch. He's miss his couch…

"Wait!" Emilio yelled to the duck. The duck stopped what he was doing.

"Do you want a gift card before you die?" The duck said turning his head slightly to the left.

"No, I'm going to make a bargain with you." Emilio said to the duck.

The duck thought he paced and stomped at random moments. Clearly that was how he ran the ship. Unlike Emilio, the duck had a lot in his brain..

"I'll trade you this pink smiley face bouncy ball for my life." Emilio said as the ball was all he had in his pocket.

In one look the duck said yes. He was ecstatic about receiving the ball. And Emilio Papaya had no idea that what he had just done would completely change the world as we know it…

Sorry for the extremely short and not so random chapter, but I just had to point out that Emilio gives the ball to Raphael. Because the taco and the ball are amazing weapons…

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