Once upon a summer night

Our souls flew out

And the storms were bright

You looked into my eyes

Full of gleaming sins

"The good guy always dies."

I asked you what the night had planned

So you took my ear in hand and whispered,

"Something grand."

Faces painted with dripping scarlet

It was nothing we'd soon regret

We knew they'd never catch the culprit

We'll erase our tracks

And turn our backs

It shan't be easy to relax

We'll leave this town

But we won't back down

Not until we've taken the crown

This poem is about two cursed men that have very distinct sides of good and evil. Good comes out in the daytime, but at night they turn evil. The curse has a warning to it, if the two men kill anyone, their evil side will come out and the good will never come back. I appreciate all comments! :D