You fall on your knees, because it all hurts too much. You can't breathe, because your heart is being ripped out of your chest. The tears can't fall anymore, because you've cried them all - but they still come. You've reached the end of your rope and you've fought and you've tried again and again and again but you've gotten knocked down every time, but you've still tried, because you've been strong.

But you're not strong anymore - no matter what they say, you feel yourself breaking apart. So you're giving up. That's it that's all it's over. You've got nothing left. So you finally just let your self fall, let yourself cry, let your heart pour itself out as you try to hold yourself together on the floor. You can't believe how much it hurts - how much a breaking heart hurts.

Betrayal and lies and rejection and everything you've counted on, falling to pieces - oh, it hurts. You can't stand it, the constriction. You sob and feel so empty and hope that God sees you and hope that he makes it stop. And your phone goes off, or your music changes - your wracking sobs recede to shuddering breaths, and you pick yourself up a little. You read that text, you listen to those familiar lyrics.

And someone pops into your head. Someone reminds you that they'll always be there. That song makes you think of that one person that could stop this pain. And your lips quirk into a watery little smile. You believe it - you believe that person. It doesn't hurt as much. You're just a little bit okay again. And you get up of the floor - you look at that wreck in the mirror, those red eyes and that blotchy skin, that pale face that looks a little too scared and a little too lost with a little bit too-smeared makeup.

And you remember that one person always thinks you're beautiful, no matter what you see. You remember that one person is in this with you no matter what. And suddenly, standing isn't so hard. There's a little bit of spark in those wounded eyes staring back at you. The tears are done, done for now.

And you start to believe.