The Ending's Beginning

So insistent that for yourself you make a name
That you stepped on my heart along the way
Made me feel that love was just a game
That I lost each and every day.

My patience began to wither and fade
My resolve to stay true begins to crumble
And from my eyes the tears began to cascade
As through daily life I continued to stumble

Saying "I love you" turned into an automatic thing
Said because it was instinct in my brain
Hearing "I love you" caused my heart to sting
But from telling you "no" I couldn't refrain…

You were happy—it was written on your face
Keeping me at bay at arm's longest length
Meanwhile I'm putting up with the daily disgrace
Of knowing that I've lost my strength

To stand up to you and say that it's wrong
To dangle a string in my face with a treat
That's just out of reach for far so long
That in my mouth all I taste is defeat

Somewhere I lost the willingness to be tough
I'm the stoic constant you've come to know
Who will always swallow more than enough
Of the "love" that you continuously show…

But I have always wanted more than this
I need you in my life but you're never there
With you I no longer live but simply exist
And frankly it's more than I can bear…

My love for you has suffered a horrid taint
As a result of all your abandonment and sinning
The words that pour from me begin to paint
A picture of a world's ending beginning…

So away with you since all you do is disappear
Because the world you have to save
Turning my importance from massive to mere
And sending our love into the grave.

The love we shared used to flourish beautifully
But now it's been withered and turned rotten
Because I can't make myself have any sympathy
Towards you when you've always forgotten

To put my needs ahead of your own desires
When that's all I ever did for you
Some of my dreams long since expired
So my love for you could remain true…

And instead of returning the favor to me
You take everything I give and then some more
Until I've opened my eyes and begun to see
That you're no longer the one I used to adore

You've turned into a monster full of greed
And I've become a demon full of spite
The ending's beginning has started, indeed,
And only grows closer with every lonely night

I'm forced to suffer at your selfish hand
While you're off having the time of your life
Filling me with emotions that I don't understand
Such as resentment, hatred, and strife

And when you come home my anguish you dismiss
With some kind of excuse to try and make me glad
And I guess this is because ignorance is bliss
But it only makes me mad.

And if you cannot or refuse to believe
That one of these days I'll have more than my fill
You'll be in for a shock the day that I leave
When the ending's beginning causes me to kill

Everything of ours that you hold near and dear
When I split us up from two into one
The ending's beginning will be suddenly clear
The day when I'm finally done…

And what'll you do when you're the one in anguish—
When you're the one who's dealt the pain?
What'll you do when for my return you start to wish
But coming back is something from which I refrain?

The ending's beginning is upon us, my love
It's growing closer every single day
And pretty soon away from you I'll shove
Because with you I'll never be okay.

So I hope you enjoy yourself while it lasts
Because it's going to come to a rapid end
And I'll become just a memory of your past
While a future without me will slowly begin.