Chapter 1

"Once, there was a story about a red string. A string that connects a bond. A string that follows fate"

"HANA, COME OUT OF THAT ROOM THIS INSTANT!", yelled Mrs. Tanaka. She banged the door.

Inside, Tanaka Hana sat on the floor with her legs curled and arms covering her ears. It was almost unbearable to withstand the screeching of her mother's yells. But Hana didn't care.

Recently, she was dumped by her boyfriend. He had told her in a mocking tone that no one would ever like a girl such as her. This straightforward confession had pierced a hole in Hana's heart. All her boyfriend wanted was money. That was why he had started dating her. Having to be the daughter of a overseas company manager and a fashion designer, it was hard for Hana to tell whether someone was being honest or not.

"After all, no one cares about me. I'm always trying to be strong and stand up for myself but no one seems to notice me," Hana thought. "If I lock myself here then I wouldn't be much of a bother to everyone else".

As she wrapped her hands around her legs, her mother continued yelling. The maids and butlers tried to calm the mistress down.

"CAN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH WOMAN?" yelled Mr. Tanaka. He had been preparing for an appointment when he had heard Mrs. Tanaka yelling. Clearing his throat, he walked towards his wife. The butlers and maids stepped aside. In a calmer voice he continued.

" If you keep this up, she'll never come out of there"


"No buts!", he interrupted. "This is pointless. You'll just make it worst. The Yamamoto family will arrive in an hour. You're killing time here!"

"The Yamamoto family? You mean the Yamamotos' who own that large silk fabric company?" replied Mrs. Tanaka.

"Yes. The Yamamoto family! They'll be arriving soon to visit!"

"Can't you reschedule the appointment?"

"I can't. I've already rescheduled it over 3 times."

Mrs. Tanaka cursed. Turning back to the door that lead to the room where Hana was, Mrs. Tanaka took a deep breath.

"Hana," Mrs. Tanaka began," Listen to me. Please. I'm begging you. We're about to have a couple visitors coming over. In order to do our best and show some good manners we need you to come out and greet the visitors like a member of the loving family that we are. Understand?"

Inside the room, Hana shivered as she heard what her mother said. A loving family? That was definitely a lie. "For all the years I've lived, they've never once showed any affection towards me." Hana thought. "Even when they heard about me being dumped". There was a long silence after Hana's mother "begged" her to come out.

"Maybe...I should just come out." pondered Hana. "Maybe. Just this once. It'll just be like how it is normally. Visitors would come over, I greet them with a 'Welcome' and a smile and then mother and father would go talk with them in the living room and I'll go back to my room again. Its simple."

Standing up, she took a deep breath and exhaled. She slowly walked towards the door.

"Hana? Are you there?" her mother asked.

Reaching the doorknob, Hana opened the door. Standing before her were her mother and father and the servants that worked at her mansion.

"Oh Hana, thank god you've come out" Mrs. Tanaka said with a sigh of relief. "The visitors will come soon. Come with me. I'll pick something out for you to wear."

Hana nodded in reply and followed her mother. Mr. Tanaka went back to getting the preparations done. The servants went back to their usual work.

One hour later, the Yamamoto family arrived. The Tanaka family greeted them and went to the living room. As Hana left, the others began their talking.

"I assume that girl was your daughter, am I correct?" asked a tall man sitting opposite from the Tanakas'. He was Mr. Yamamoto.

"Yes. Thats our daughter, Hana. She'll turn 19 in two weeks" answered Mrs. Tanaka.

With a smile, Mr. Yamamoto said,"Well she certainly reminds me of my daughter back home. I'm sorry she can't come along. She's been quite busy lately."

"Oh, why thank you" said Mrs. Tanaka.

"But, judging by the way your daughter is acting, I can tell that she's depressed"

"Excuse me?"

"What I mean is that even if your daughter is trying act like nothing's wrong, I can still tell that theres some emotional problems going on. I can tell because I'm a parent myself"

"Well, Hana is an adult now. She can take care of her problems can't she?"

"True. But, that doesn't mean she can fix all of her problems. Such sadness needs support sometimes."

"But she's always been a well-behaved girl. She knows that sadness can pass by as time flies."

"The sadness I'm referring to isn't that of losing a game or injuring yourself. I'm referring to a emotional problem. Something personal and important. As an old friend of your husband here, I suggest both of you go look for a psychiatrist to help your daughter. Do something good for her"

"Uhh...thank you"

"I've heard of a psychiatrist that may be able to help. I've been told that he's quite young but he's quite successful." Mr. Yamamoto handed Mrs. Tanaka a card.

"Thats his business card. A friend of mine gave it to me. I don't need it so I'll give it to you."

"Thank you"

For rest of the day, after the Yamamotos' left, the Tanakas' began to decide whether to call the psychiatrist or not.

The next day, Hana was woken up by one of the maids.

"Mistress, your parents wish to see you downstairs in the living room." she said

After putting on some clean clothes, brushing her teeth and washing her face, Hana went to meet her parents. They were sitting in the black leathered sofa.

"W-what is it?" said Hana in a soft voice. She could feel that that something was going on.

"Hana, we've been thinking,"said Mrs. Tanaka. "That due to your depression that I assume you have, me and your dad have decided to get a psyciatrist to see if you can get better"

"A psyciatrist? B-but-"

" Its too late to say no," interrupted Mr. Tanaka," He's on his way here now."


The doorbell rang.

"That must be him right now." said Mrs. Tanaka."Maid, go open the door"

As the maid opened the front entrance, a dark figure stepped in.

"A pleasure to meet you all. My name is Mori Akira."