He couldn't get rid of the eyeless boy, no matter how hard he tried. It scared him, made the mouth open wide and snarl as if it was just as angry about the situation as he was. Riley looked over his shoulder, yup, still following him.

He walked faster, and so did the nameless monster that followed him. He walked faster and faster until he was no longer walking, he was running and so was the other boy.

His breathing got frantic, bursts of pants and tears were rolling down his face. The mouth had spilt his face in two, now growling louder, the teeth gnashing at nothing. It was a horrifying awful feeling.

That's when he tripped, stumbling and falling into a crumpled heap. He skinned his knees and his palms, twisting unpleasantly so that he didn't damage his face. He turned, seeing that the other boy was still behind him, his smile growing even larger.

Riley flinched, trying to get up, but his ankle hurt. Fuck, he thought, must have sprained it.

The other boy crawled over him, his smile widening even further. Riley squirmed, shoving Dill has hard as he could. Dill grabbed his wrists, slamming them down against the ground, paying no attention the mouth on Riley's head that was attempting to grab him.

Riley's breaths increased even more, shaking at the feeling of the other boy's hands, and then his tongue as it slid down his cheek the licked at his snarling mouth.

"Stop.. Please.." Riley whimpered, crying even harder now as he felt blood from the other's face dripping down onto him.

"I won't hurt you." It was a lie, obviously.

Dill giggled as his tongue was sliced open by the mouth, spilling even more blood all over him. He tried to pull away, but Dill held him there, letting his blood drip on him just like Chinese water torture.

"Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just leave me alone."

Dill's grin darkened, and a nauseous feeling crept up inside him.