I know some of this is a little choppy, but that's what reviews are for.

Time is measured in painful breaths.

The air is heavy with the feel of violence

And terrified sobs sound in the next room.

My sire sleeps heavily down the hall,

His slumber aided by alcohol.

Across the room lies my mother

Hand shaped bruises around her throat.

How long can we survive like this?

How long will we live?

Time is felt in stabbing pains.

She says she stays for us.

He says it won't happen again.

They lie.

Lies and fear bind us here.

My grandparents know and yet they don't know.

Still they offer hope and a chance to escape.

But I am too young and my mother too weak.

And so the cycle continues.

Time is tasted in the blood on my tongue.

I am old before my childhood has ended

Trying to endure life's harsh game.

Time is both friend and enemy,

And I measure it in various ways.

My worst fear is that I will run out

Leaving my siblings my cruel fate.