Chapter One

"And this next song is from Simple Plan" The DJ in the radio said before a guitar started playing in the background

"We are almost there Sir" the driver told me while I sat at the back seat watching the other students walking back to school

What time is it where you are…?

I reached in my pocket and took out the picture we had during summer and a smile curved on my face on seeing the picture

"To think you are now in your second year of high school son" My mom said happily while fussing over my clothes like what she usual does when she's excited

"You seem excited this year" My dad noted but I rolled my eyes

"Just excited that's all" I told them honestly and they both looked at me with a smile on their face and I instantly blushed

"She's not the only reason I'm excited" I pointed out but they both laughed

"No need to be so defensive about it Nate" dad told me but I moaned in annoyance

You say good morning when it's midnight…

"You kept calling her over the summer Nate I'm sure she's as excited about this school year as you are" My mom reinsured me but I looked surprised and looked at them sure that my face was red

"How you guys would know-"

"We aren't that dumb sport. I done that too when I was your age" My dad told me before I could finished my sentence

When the car finally slowed down to a stop I was about to go out the car when Dad pulled the back of my collar

"Hold your horses sport. I just got word from your grandpa and I have to check this out since it's about school matter" He told me but I still opened the door

"Just tell me later dad, right now I have school to go to" I told him in a rushed that the moment I stepped out the car and grabbed my bags from the driver was when the girls noticed my presence and looked at me

"It's Nate!" one of the girls shouted.

They must be the freshmen since all of them are lined up might be getting ready to tour the school but of course our car happens to be parked in front of the school's main building. The song in the car already ended but I quickly grabbed my bag and sprinted for my life before the girls caught up with me.

"Have fun Nate!" My mom shouted from the car but all I could say back was


Inside the Limo

(Rico's POV)

"To think he's the same boy who wouldn't want to go to school since middle school" Natalie told me while I talked with my dad slightly worried by what he said

"Are you sure? Did you already talk to the parents?" I asked him which caught Natalie's attention.

I had a long serious talked with my dad until I sighed heavily and just told him to check again before I hung up and slumping back in my seat.

"What's wrong?" Natalie asked me before sitting beside me to hold my hand which helped me relaxed at little

"Just a little issue on a certain student of school" I told her but looked out the window staring at the direction Nate ran

"Don't get your hopes up too high Nate" I muttered to myself before the car finally left school grounds

West side of Alton Academy's Main Building

(Curtis' POV)

"Where is he?" a girl's voice shouted which irritated me.

I yawned before looking down from the tree branch I was sleeping on when I noticed Nate running in my direction. I smirked slightly and hooked my legs on the branch before hanging upside down

"Yo, climb up bro!" I shouted which caught his attention

He looked surprised at first but at the same time glad to see me before sprinting towards me and grabbed hold of my arms and hoisted himself and me back up the tree branch just in time before the girls ran our way.

"He's gone" one of the girls moaned and the group left disappointedly

Nate on the other hand let out a sigh of relief but I just laughed before looking at him

"You haven't changed at all this summer Nate" I told him and he laughed with me before we climbed down the tree

"Neither did you Curtis" He said back while brushing the dirt off his jacket

Nate and I walked towards the Dorms avoiding the freshmen girls as possible but greeted some familiar faces as we went. At the door of the Stag dorm stood Hayley and Clair who looked at us happily and greet us as soon as we got close

"Looks like everyone's here except the two childhood friends and Nate's crazy cousin" Hayley noted but immediately Nate blushed which was normal but I also noticed Clair was blushing with him

"They'll get here" Nate muttered while looking expectantly at the main building

"You're not very patient aren't you" I noted and he simply nodded and all of us laughed

"Well let's head to your dorm Nate maybe Lucas is already there" Hayley suggested but before any of us could say anything she already pulled me along a head of the two

"What's up with Clair?" Hayley whispered to me while we walked a good distance from them

I looked back at Clair and thought about last summer and sighed heavily

"She's been like that since the winter holidays but recently it got more strange" I told her and a smirk appeared on her face

"Do you think?" she asked me before even completing her question but I understood immediately who she was referring to

"Who knows but them right" I told her trying not to expect too much like before but she simply pouted which made me laugh

In Nate's View

Once we got to the Hawk Dorm Clair's eyes lit up when she saw Lucas who stood in front of the dorm with a serious look on his face talking very low and quickly on his phone. I didn't knew why but something was wrong alright

"Hey Lucas!" Curtis called out and Lucas looked surprised as he turned to us

He forced himself to smile and wave at us but quickly went back to his phone conversation first before hanging up to greet us

"Hey guys" He said almost halfheartedly while fidgeting with his phone

"Okay what's going on Lucas and what's with the weird look on your face?" I asked and Lucas sighed heavily

"Lily called" He told us in a slightly tired tone but that didn't seem disturbing but when I think about it why didn't she called me too

"Is she running late?" Hayley asked while we noticed Travis running towards us from behind but Lucas simply shook his head

"She's not coming" He told us but I still found it hard to understand and so did everyone else

"She's not coming on the first day of school?" Clair asked this time and Lucas shook again and that when I felt heart slowly sinking

"She's still at LA, she's not coming to Alton Academy this year" Lucas told us but the words struck me like lighting

"Lily's not going to Alton Academy this year" I muttered which sounded more painful when I said it.