Undisclosed Desire Pt. II Love & War

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes

I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now its left me blind

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

You left me in the dark

No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight

In the shadow of your heart

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat

I tired to find the sound

But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness

So darkness became me

I took the stars from your eyes and made a map

And knew that somehow I could find my way back

Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too.

So I stayed in the darkness with you

~ Florence and the Machines

"Cosmic Love"


"I'm concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet."

~ Joan Jett

The first rays of the morning sunlight slipped through the windows like miniature chariots, traveling across the room towards an exotic woman sleeping soundly in her bed. She lay there with in all her glory, the laughing sunrays danced upon her lovely caramel skin complexion; as they moved further across her face kissing her with their warm kisses and encircling the beautiful silver mane of hair into a halo.

Pandia feeling the warmth of the sun upon her skin and the sweet beautiful noise of nature in her ears, could never feel more content as she felt right now as she did in her bed.

Eyes still shut she ran her left hand across her neck as her right arm moved up in the air yearning softly, the sound of the rustling of her blankets could be heard she looked down to see that Airlia still sleeping soundly next to her.

Pandia smiled as she looked at her beloved daughter; this was a sight that she could look forward too every single day, running a hand through her soft thick ebony mane she placed a kissed on top of her head.

Moving from under the covers she slipped her feet upon the ground, grabbing her robe she slipped it on and headed towards her personal bathing chambers where her trusted ladies in waiting were getting her bath together.

Taking her early bath Pandia felt refreshed in everyway imaginable; quickly dressing and placing her beautiful hair in one large braid she walked out to find Airlia awaken.

"Good morning mama," said her daughter as she ran towards her.

"Good morning dearest did you sleep well," she said as she picked her daughter up in her arms with a smile that shine so brightly than the morning sun.

"Yes mama and you?" she said smiling, she smiled at her daughter as she thought how happy she made her feel every single day.

"I slept wonderful as well dearest, now lets get you ready and have breakfast out in the garden," she said as she walked back to the bathing chambers with Airlia.

Walking to the marble tub that was specially design for Airlia she watched as her ladies make her bathwater while Pandia undressed Airlia, when the water was finished Pandia tested it making sure it was set at a decent temperature for her.

Satisfy with the water, Pandia dismissed her ladies as they went to get everything set up for their mistress, setting Airlia in the water she begin to wash her as Airlia talked her head off about things that children randomly talk about.


"Yes dearest?" as she scrubbed Airlia's back.

"When is papa coming back?" Pandia sigh that was the last person Pandia wanted to think about especially this early in the morning.

"Dearest…I don't know," she said truthfully.

"Is it because papa did something bad?" she said Pandia looked at her daughter, the more she looked it became clear that Airlia was bright for her age and as she grew she was going to learn pieces of her fathers indiscretions. But she didn't want her to hear from anybody else she wants her and Ares to be the one to talk to her about it. As she looked at those wide catlike jaded eyes she couldn't find herself to lie to her or tell her something otherwise when her daughter was asking for a answer as to why her father absents.

"Yes dearest…your papa did something to cause a serious embarrassment on his name and he left so everything would calm down and be forgotten," she said

"But is papa coming back?" she could see the teary eyes. The very same look she would have; every time her father Mahtab would leave on business and be gone so long that she would think he'll never come back.

"Dearest your papa is coming back home, do not worry about that he loves you too much to leave for so long," she said smiling.

"Don't forget mama, papa loves you as well," she said Pandia looked down at her daughter with a small smile on her lips…Ares loves me, I find that very hard to believe.

"Come now dearest you've sparkling clean and its time to dress you so we can eat," she said totally not answering the question before her.

After getting Airlia dressed they walked out into the garden where their breakfast was lay out for them as the mother and daughter ate their meal…

Somewhere six thousand miles away in the city-state of Thebes were the palace of the War God settled on the Mount Chalkis. But the domestic of the whole palace had a very interesting way of awakening up and getting to their duties then that of Pandia's household.

The sound of sensual noise erupted the Masters room, as the groans of a man that was on the high of sexual conquest and the loud lusty whimpers of a satisfy woman. Servants that should have been doing their work were only interested in the noise that surrounded the whole palace for nearly eight hours.

As other shook their heads at the disgraceful fools who had not learn from their lesson, for what they were doing now was the cause for their running away from the humiliation that they place their selves in.

The sounds of they're coming down from their ecstasy high; sweat cling to their bodies like rain falls to the earth as the sweet and sinful smell of sin was in the air as the couple caught their breath.

"This was a wonderful idea of yours," said Venus as she placed a kissed across her lovers face.

"It was only motivated by you my love," he said placing a kiss upon her she smiled at him.

"We should be getting dress," she said but Ares kept his hold on her.

"I thought we were going to be staying here all day," he smiled at her as she did to him.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea but we need to bath and dress to have breakfast to build up our energy for another round," she said

"Then what is taking us long," he smirked as he picked her up bridal style and carried the giggling goddess to his personal bathing chambers, some odd minutes after their bathing and getting dress the couple walked to the garden to eat.

In the middle of their meal Ares received a message from Pandia, he all ready knew how her letters would go she would write about that she was doing fine and the rest of the letter was about Airlia. Anything that said that she missed him and that she wished that he'll come home quick was nonexistent all except for his Airlia, he couldn't get mad at her after all Pandia was bright she knew the truth of his real leaving.

It was always the end of her letters that always made him feel a tugged in the depths of him, she would always end the letters that she hoped he was safe and that he was happy. But most of all how she ended it: "with love…Pandia," he felt even more troubled with his conscience then ever before at such an innocent request.

As he started reading the letter he couldn't help but to smile, the letter was scented with her favorite perform that he loved so much he chuckled at the part of Airlia chasing some swans and then getting chased by them.

Venus had long stopped reading her letter a long time ago, her attention had all gone towards Ares as he reread the letter she knew exactly who wrote that letter and she couldn't stomach to even speak the wrench name at this moment.

"Ares," she said

"Yes Venus," his eyes never leaving the letter, which only made the goddess, annoyed.

"Ares why don't we finished what we started," she said using her most seductive voice his eyes rose from the letter that made a smirk play at her lips.

"After you my love," he said as he rose and placed the letter to his personal servant so he could put the letter with the rest as the couple went off to participate in another one of their wild escapes.

The whole day Pandia had played with Airlia, when noon arrived Airlia had all ready passed out in sleep after her many activities tucking her in her room Pandia went back outside to enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Seating down on one of the outside couches she looked at her very own paradise, everything was so peaceful and she never felt more content as she felt right now with the cool breeze hitting her face she closed her eyes and simply enjoyed the noise of nature.

"Well don't you look peaceful," ringed a very familiar voice.

"I swear Bellona when I think that I gotten away from all you immortals here comes you," she said as she smiled at her beloved friend.

"You can never get away from me if you try after all I will simply follow you," she said as she seat down next to her friend and hugged her.

"And I miss you…its so boring on Olympus and there's no war to provoked," she whine making Pandia giggled as she looked at her friend.

"It can't be that boring not after Ares and Venus gotten caught, from what I hear that is the biggest scandal in ages," Pandia laughed along with her friend.

"That's all they've been speaking about up there… by the gods I thought I wanted to pull my hair out," she sighs out dramatically, Pandia smacked her friends arm lightly as she giggled.

"I feel sorry for Hephaestus though his been taken more of the heat then Ares and Venus," she said with all seriousness it Pandia's turn to sigh as she thought about Hephaestus.

"Pandia if your blaming yourself about not telling him I'll smack you myself," warn Bellona, "after all Ares was not the only one that she cheated on him with during their marriage nor was those the first children that wasn't his."

"I know Bellona, it's terrible that he went through all that in exposing them when they are still messing around with each other…"


"Shah…did you honestly think that Ares and Venus was going to stop sleeping with each other after that? Come on Bellona you of all people should know him more," said Pandia as she shook her head at her friend.

"Will…I thought that they would stop not continue it like simple fools would,"

"Will they are fools and selfish ones at that and I wash my hands of it,"

"You are to good Panda…your nothing like us sweet and caring…you make us look sinful," Bellona said as she laid her head on Pandia's shoulder.

"And to whom do you mean "us" Bellona," she asked

"All the immortals that live above Mount Olympus, were vanity, vindictiveness, lustful, and blood shedding gods and goddesses lives,"

"You speak so cruel," she laughs.

"Will it's the truth that most is afraid to speak so loudly about…anyway where is my precious Airlia?"

"Thankfully sleeping she worn herself out running around and other stuff," Pandia smiled as she thought about her daughter.

"How is she holding up with Ares gone?"

"She's been asking questions like early as I was giving her a bath she asked when was he coming home and when she said "Is it because papa did something bad." You must have known how shock and dumbfounded I was I couldn't even think about anything, but to say yes he did something bad."

"Pandia you can't protect her from everything and she is going to learn about Ares misdeeds when she grows up."

"I know that I just want to protect her from her fathers misdeeds towards me after all you should know Bellona,"

"Oh believe me I know perfectly well, the difference your protecting your child while mother would make sure that we knew that father was once again bringing another child into the world or mess around with "one of them."

"What is "one of them"?"

"One of them is a term that the older and married goddesses would say in refereeing about a mortal woman that is there husbands concubine,"

"And what about if a goddesses takes a mortal man as her lover?"

"Traitor…I know its ridiculous but all men think alike whether immortal or mortal," she shrugged her shoulders.

"Have you ever been with a mortal man before?" Pandia teased

"Yes I have," she smiled

"Tell me when?"

"You promise not to tell anyone or so help me Pandia I will never talk to you again,"

"I promise now tell me,"

"It happen a few years back when Ares and I was still…messing around with each other and we went to war, Ares and I had an argument about you when were intimate he had called your name out."

"WHAT! You cannot be serious Ares would never do such a thing," now all her attention was now in Bellona's narrative.

"Will I am serious just think how shock I was when he did such a thing to me. Now as I was saying we hadn't spoken for nearly a month, during that time I met this solider in his army and well you know what happens next."

"Oh my…how is sleeping with a mortal?"


"What? I've only slept with one man and I want to know,"

"So naïve…will its like sleeping with a immortal… but different, mortal man actually take there time enjoying the thought of being considered a favorite by a goddess."

Pandia thought over at what her friend said…so she wasn't the only one that was humiliated when she and Ares were intimate…but what caught her attention was what Bellona said about mortal man. Pandia had never thought about doing such even in her village when the mortal boys and man from afar would look at her, she never thought about being with a mortal before until now. Then she thought about what the Fates foretold to her a few years ago when a smile light up on her face catching the attention of the ebony goddess.

"Pandia what are you thinking about?" Bellona eyeing the silver headed goddess seeing the look that she was having on her face.

"Bellona are you going to be staying or going back to Olympus?" she asked

"Will since you asked I'm staying down here with you, the children has decided to go with their father and train in Thebes and I'm alone," she said

"Good, because I need someone to talk too instead of Airlia…also are you up to something tomorrow,"

"Count me in if its something to cause trouble,"

"I knew you would say that," as both goddess laughed and spent the rest of the day in close confidence both never knowing of the change that was going to be coming their way.

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