A/N: "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?" by Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?

Am I making believe I see in you a girl too lovely to be really true?

Do I want you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?

Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream or are you really as beautiful as you seem?

Am I making believe I see in you a man too perfect to be really true?

Do I want you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?

Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream or are you really as wonderful as you seem?

~ "Cinderella"

Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?

Three days passed and Hector went back to the village to check on the men that accompany him and to see if any news came from his father.

Pandia decided to return back on Mount Olympus and pay her visit to her mother and siblings and but most importantly to check on Airlia and see how she was behaving with them.

She still had four weeks till Ares arrive back home and until then she was going to spend as much time with Hector as much as possible knowing that the time they had with each other would be less.

As she walked the halls of her mother's house memories of the past rushed through her; she had only been a mere girl of sixteen who once walked these halls lightly without any care except wondering when her dearest boys would arrive and what sort of entertainment they we're to partake in that particular day.

It had only been six years ago yet it felt like a century…now she walked these halls like a woman finally growing within and ready to be release. And the feeling was so thrilling in everyway imaginable.

Coming to her mother's personal chambers the guards before her bowed respectively and pushed the doors open for their ladies youngest child.

Walking in, Pandia spotted her mother looking through scrolls paying little to no attention that she was not alone in the room.

Pandia couldn't stop the smile from forming as she looked at her mother work away.

She cleared her throat as her mother finally looked up from the scroll she was currently been reading.

"Pandia," a smile came to Selene lips as she stood up from her desk and walked to her daughter.

"I'm sorry that I interrupted you but I wanted to pay a visit and to check on Airlia," she said as she was wrapped in her mother's arms.

"Interrupt me, I'm thankfully that you did I fear that at any minute I was going to scream," Selene said pulling away as she looked over her daughter.

The glows that seem to encircle her daughter seem to shine like a beckon making her beauty more ethereal then ever before. But it was the look within those gray irises that pulled her…something that she knew so well.


Her suspicions from a month past seem to creep up on her…she knew but never did she wanted to admit it out loud.

Her daughter was in love and it was not her husband that she was in love with.

And her daughter was playing with fire if her suspicions were right.

"Mama why are you looking at me in such away?" came the laughing voice of her dear sweet Pandia.

Selene slowly smiled at her daughter…it had been so long since she heard any laughter in her baby's voice.

That she didn't have the heart to voice out any questions or her suspicion.

She would only watch from a distance but when the time was right she well have to speck to Pandia on it.

Now was not the right time.

"I'm looking at you in such away for it has been long since I've seen my daughter. After all you should visit you mother more?" she said playfully

"Mama, I've seen three days ago when I drop Airlia off you cannot miss me that bad."

"And yet you are here because you wanted to see your baby?" she arched an eyebrow knowing the answer when Pandia blushed.

"Exactly so you know how I feel," as the two woman laughed.

Where is my baby anyway?"

"With your sisters in the garden," she said

"Shall we join them?"

"In a while, let us spend time together before we join them," Selene said as she walked them to one of the couches.

Pandia seat before her mother with such ease and grace that not even that not even her own mother thought that she possessed.

"How have you been dearest?"

"I've been feeling wonderful and very content," the words flew from her lips with such ease clarity that even shock herself.

She would have thought that she'd be nervous while under the glaze of her mother's watchful eye-but that was not to be.

"How are the preparations coming along for Ares arrival?"

"Everything is going along smoothly, his quarters of the house are in order for him when he return."

"How do you feel about his arrival?" it was a question that Selene really wanted the answer for. Her daughter's actions now were suspicious but she could overlook them but that of her emotional state was something that she will not overlook.

If her mother had asked her month's pass her answer would definitely been one fueled with anger and hurt. Now her answer is very shaky.

"I don't know what to feel mother…a part of me is simply tired of all his little boy antics and wish he stay away forever…yet…"


"There is apart of me happy that he is coming back home," she love Hector with everything within her except for one spot that will never yield to him but only to Ares.

She couldn't understand it but she wasn't naïve that it didn't exist.

"And anyway Airlia will be happy to her father after all it has been nine months since his departure."

Hector walked into the boarding houses that his men took there lodging. He walked the stairs that lead to the second floor where his most trusted advisor and father figure Leo resided.

As he walked down the hall he was greeted by one of his men who held the expression of relief at the sight of the prince.

"Your majesty," the younger man said as he bowed discreetly making sure not to blow their cover.

"Yes," he said his tone was low for only the man before him to hear.

"General Andres ask for your presence on account of important urgency,"

"Did he tell you any of these urgency?"

"No majesty only to find you and bring you to him," Hector nodded his head as they begin to walk.

All of his men knew that their prince had token a fancy to one of the wealthiest widows whose beauty was said to outmatched that of their very own goddess of love and beauty.

None of the men had ever saw the suppose woman whom enchanted their prince with her beauty. Many of the men saw this as away for their prince to relieve himself before marrying and didn't say much as they too enjoyed theirselves with the local beauties.

But there was only one man out of all of them that expected there were something more than that.

General Andres was not known as one of Troy's greatest strategist for nothing…his greatest asset in life was his keen observation that had not only bought him fame but also saved his life on many occasion.

He was not pleasing to eyes for he had years and years of battle wounds so hideous that even the strongest of men had to look away. But his charm and wit was that of a man who was handsome and held a fury that sent fear into the heart of snakes when he was push. And when it came to Hector he held the pride and love of a father that could never be outmatched by those of blood related.

So of course when he notices the man that was his prince and whom he saw as his son spent more days gone and coming back two days prior it caught his attention.

But the glow in those pierce blue iris something that he never once saw in him since he was child made him watch close.

What caught his attention more were the rumors that spread around the men that the prince had taken one of the most beautiful women in the village as his mistress.

He assumed that it came from the happiness from the men that their prince was as much human as them instead of the god-like stature he was know for.

But he knew better for he knew the sight of a men filled with lust and desire-and it most definitely was not his prince.

No, Prince Hector was that of a man that truly fount his soul mate…Hector did not know he knew for whatever secret that Hectors had it was his secret to keep as well.

And when King Priam asked for an update for his son he took it upon himself to make up stories about the prince actually stay instead of telling him the full truth.

The king expected a weekly update on the prince actions and to correspond the messages back to the prince.

It was this week that he expected the message from the king and the invariable questions into which he gave the same answer too.

But Fate was not in their favor this time as he read the letter that was quit simply and frank. That he sent one of the men to go find the prince with urgency.

He didn't even know that within the few minutes that his man had ran into the prince and brought him to his quarters.

Hector walked up to the man that he consider a father and a man above men. This was particle the man that taught him everything he knows how to be the man that he was today.

"Andres, what is this important urgency that you needed to see me," his voice was filled with humor as he stopped in front of Andres.

"I have word from your father, his majesty, he has asked for your return immediately then what have been plan," he said.

"My father asked?" Hector said rising a questioning eyebrow.

"Commanded," said Andres

"Now that sounds more like my father-when do he wishes for us to leave?" he asked hoping that his father would want their return next week if anything.


"Tomorrow!" that was not what he was expecting if anything that didn't give him the time that he needed to be with Pandia.

The four weeks was plenty of time…hell even next week but tomorrow?

They had finally and fully together for three days!

"Your father wish to speed up your wedding to use the resources of the Thebans for his is having trouble with the barbarians in the north."

Hector was not simple minded with ever decision he made there was always a valid reason behind it.

He was not a man of war if their was anyway that he could stop a war from taking place he would jump on the prospect of doing so but if war was the only answer then duty called first.

"If it is my fathers well so be it we must leave the next morning," he said, "tell the men to start packing and buy supplies for our tip back."

"Yes your majesty," Andres bowed as Hector nodded his head and left his quarters.

She could hear the sound of Alcaeus thunders hooves knowing all too well whom the impressive rider of that very much impressive stead.

She had spent plenty of time talking to her mother and sisters; enjoying the time that she had with her baby as she talked about all the exciting activities she had with her aunties.

But now it seem that her nights were going to be enjoyable much like this morning.

He stopped in front of her pulling on the reigns Pandia placed it upon her to pat Alcaeus who welcome her with nuzzling his head against her hand.

"I'm happy to see you as well Alcaeus," she said laughingly then she looked at her lover.

"I hope that you are happy to see me as well my pride would be hurt of you prefer the attention to Alcaeus more then me?" she laughed.

"Who wouldn't be happy to see such an impressive being?"

Hector slid off his horse smiling as he walked towards Pandia.

"Alcaeus most definitely have ways to impress me," her smile brightens as Hector smile faded only to be replacing with something else.

She moves away from the stallion towards Hector as she looked over him questioningly.

"What is it my love?" as she placed her hand over his head as she got a better look into his eyes.

Those beautiful piercing crystal blue iris that could never lie to her nor hurt her.

He moved his head as he kissed her palm softly as he took in her beautiful scent.

"I must leave the next morning, my father commands it, he wants to have the marriage ceremony commence quickly so we will have allies to settle the uprising in the north."

She looked at him as she took in what he said…she knew that in four weeks that he was to marry she would have time with him and understand it but this was too quick…they had finally been together for only three days.

"Dia, you must understand that I must do the well of my father even if in this moment I want to rebel against it," he said holding her closer to him.

"I understand that Hector…I wouldn't want you to compromise yourself but you must understand how I feel right now."

He pull her into his embrace holding her closer to his body as if in fear someone would snatch her out of his arms at any moment. Inhaling the scent that he loved so much.

He thought that this was just one of the many tests that they were going to face in their relationship.

"I understand my love for I feel the same," he said they stay like that for sometime until Pandia pull a little from him to stare at him.

"We have faced a test before and I feel that the Fates will put us in many more…but I have faith that we well succeed each test that they place us in."

He looked at the woman before him and if he thought that he admire her strength before but now he admire her with a zest that consume him. If only they had meet in a different lifetime when they both was not committed to anyone else.

But he will be thankful to the gods that he had her now in this lifetime.

"You my love…is the embodiment of perfection…I could have never dream of such a lover as you before," he said as he rested his forehead on hers.

The sweet smell of honey and the fresh smell that only the Eastern wind could blow was all that invaded Pandia as she held her lover.

"As I feel the same…that sometimes I fear that it's not truly real that I find myself in a dream that I can awaken to at any moment.

"Then allow me to prove that it is not a dream," as his lips rested against hers for it might be sometime when the lovers meet again.

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