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The Two Ladies of the House of Troy Part. I

"There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye, keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."

~ Homer

The Two Ladies of the House of Troy

The city of Troy was the center of excitement with the arrival of their adored crown prince. All stores were closed for the day in celebration. The streets were decorated with laurel and oak leaves. The city inhibitions dressed in their finery all wearing the royal family color of indigo as they gather in large crowds in anticipation of Hectors arrival.

The palace was also filled with the excitement and anticipation of the prince, servants dashed about the palace setting up for the festival in honor of the arrival and the upcoming engagement of the prince and the beautiful Princess Andromache of Thebes.

The Queen and her daughters was gather in the Temple of Zeus as they pray for Hectors return to them without harm and to blessed him in his favor. The Queen was adamant with her prayers for she knew that Hectors stay wasn't for long for in two weeks time he would be going off to war.

This was the only reason her husband had rushed for his return and the hastening of the wedding for the alliance of the Thebans.

There were only two times that she had seen her sons go to war and each time they went she felt the fear of their return. Never knowing whether alive or died.

Her prayers were filled with all the anxiety of a mother and yet she looked every inch of a Queen that she was never portraying her fears to those around her.

King Priam on the other hand was with council as they were in discussion about the upcoming events that were to take place.

Priam was a man of many measures, yes, he had his flaws just like many man but his seamless qualities outshine those flaws. Slow in actions and angry; he was calm in his speech, with one of the most brilliant minds of diplomacy of his time.

When he felt there was no need for war he used his art of diplomacy to suit both cause…but when many seek out war he was not afraid to do such.

Him being in his war room was a clear example that he would take any measures to uphold peace in his kingdom. There discussion was light until Hector arrives then they would lie out the plans of the war campaign that was to come.

Far within the palace, hidden away from all the excitement and the only one that saw the prince's arrival, as the means of her end of her life as she know it, was the Theban princess Andromache. Ever since her father announced that she was to married the crown prince of Troy she had felt that her life was no longer hers.

For being married meant her life belong to her husband and not hers. Her fears became worst when she thought about marring the wrong man, what if he was abusive, dishonorable, and horrid? How was she going to live a life with such a man? She couldn't, she would surely commit suicide then live an unhappy life with such a man.

But those fears was put to rest when her old nurse spoke about the crown prince of Troy with such respect and honor that it was as if she spoke of an immortal.

And it was not only by her nursemaid words but also of many people spoke of Prince Hector with the upmost respect of his commendable character and handsome features.

Still that didn't mean she was going to fall helplessly in love with him…Andromache prided herself on her common sense then above anything.

Their first meeting Hector had lived up to his reputation he was personable to her and he held something otherworldly that no other could ever achieve. He was intimidating to say the least. But what was clear about their first meeting she felt no sense of attachment to him nor did she speculated he felt for her.

It was during their second meeting that everything was made clear to each other that love was never going to be an option for them. And it made her happy to feel that she wasn't the only one who thought such. And even more so that Hector would respect her despite not loving her she couldn't ask for more or less.

Still she did not want to marry him, yet she never voiced such to her parents whom say this match like gold and rubies. When he had left for the pass nine months that the prince was away she had hoped and prayed that his return wouldn't come so swift.

In those nine months that he was gone Andromache felt her fears quieted…and during that time she was taught of the ways of a Trojan Lady and the ways of the Trojan courts. Even if she didn't look forward to the marriage of Hector it was her duty to know such since she would one day be queen and the mother of the next heir. As the months passed she felt a new emotional growth within that caused even more fear for Hector's return.

Now as she dressed she felt as if they were preparing her to her to the sacrificial pyre. Her expression was neutral holding all her emotions within. When she was finished dressing her and her ladies in waiting (that were appointed to her) walked to the main halls of the palace to join the royal family as they waited for the prince arrival.

Standing beside the queen Andromache looked striking as many of the nobles stared upon the princess with admiration. She was everything that a future queen should be and the perfect mate for their beloved prince was the thoughts that ran in each of their heads imagining the future princes and princesses that would be in both Hector and hers image.

The sound of horns and the loud eruption of cheers notify the royal family that the prince had just arrived yet she could only feel it a coming to an end of herself.

Seating on top of Alcaeus in his finest armor…Hector was a sight that was imposing and regal there ever was. The thunders cheers ringed throughout the city as petals of flowers fell from the sky at the sight of Hector.

There was never a time that he didn't feel the pride and love for his people tenfold whenever he was within the city walls or returning to his home. He greeted his people with the respect and dignity that was bestowed upon them. For they were more his family then his blood related.

Even thought this moment seemed perfect, the loved and greeting of his people Hector was grateful for such a welcoming he still felt that there was something missing or more like someone was missing to make this moment even greater.

His mind went to Pandia…she would've made this moment simply perfect. He could imagine him and her together entering the gates of his beloved city to his beloved.

Instead of them on Alcaeus, he drew them in a chariot as the sound of his people greeted them. He could feel her warmth beside him and the beautiful scent of hers that he loved. But what would catch his eyes was how beautiful she would look as she smiled and greeted his people with the utmost respect and love.

Showing them that she was capable of being their queen and the mother of their future king. He would feel the absolute pride of walking hand in hand with her of the palace stairs as he introduces her to his family.

And yet he knew that he imagine was simply that. He couldn't do such for fate had given them other plans.

He looked down at his hand there on his left hand ring finger was a ring that was not made from this world. It was simple yet magnificent all together and he couldn't help but to wonder the night of their departure.

Tonight the sky was clear and Selene allowed those to see her embark on her nightly duty the stars seemed to sing out their joy to their goddess as she made way for her and her beloved moon. As its rays shined upon the garden of her daughter lighting the way for the lovers to say their farewells until they met again.

Pandia had worn a crimson lehenga the patterns of her skirt were stitched in the zari style of gold tread as well as her choli and sari. Her sari was draped over her shoulder showing little of her midriffs and chest. Her hair was down the only set of jewelry that she wore was that in her hair, which was a beautiful gold tikka designed of stars with the crescent moon set in the middle.

Hector stood before her in only in his best bronze armor the deep indigo cape rested on his shoulders as he lead its way to the ground.

There in the peace of the garden the couple had made their vows to each other despite that they were destined for another's. In this moment they knew that they were man and wife and nothing not even Zeus himself could stop them.

"How well I be able to call you when I wish to see you?" it was a question that had been plaguing his mind for sometime. With his duties at home and hers there was never really going to be anytime for them to spend.

Pandia gave him a reassuring smile as she revealed the ring placing it on his finger Hector looked at her questioningly.

"With this ring it holds some of my essence with the connection that we share whenever that you need me or call I will feel it. As you will feel it whenever I am near."

Hector broke their gaze as he stared down at the ring that seems so ethereal and yet it was. Glancing back to her he felt selfish for he should have given her something. Pandia smile became a frown as she felt her lover's disappointment and self-reproached.

"What is the matter Hector?" her voice was filled with concern as he looked at her.

"If I would have known that we were exchanging gifts I would have brought you something. It is not right for me to receive and you nothing."

Pandia smiled at him, it would be just like him to never thin of himself it made her love for him to sore to even more new heights.

"Please love…you have given me more and beyond then anything it is I who wanted to show you my appreciation."

He looked at her and couldn't stop himself for wrapping his arms around her bring her closer to his person.

"My beautiful…beautiful Dia...my beautiful wife" he whispered in her ears he could feel her arms wrapped tightly around him. Looking down he could see those beautifully enchanting gray iris staring at him and couldn't help but to place his lips softly against hers as she did the same.

There in the peace of the garden and the soft lunar lights the lovers kissed for what would seem their last until once they meet again.

Hector quickly came back to his senses yet the warm smile still grace his countenanceas he felt the warmth of the ring embraced him telling him that he was not alone.

On Olympus, in the house of Ares, Pandia watched Airlia and her ladies play in the great room. Three days on Olympus felt like an eternity for her there was simply nothing too do…Hermes and Hebe was always busy, Dionysus was at one of his many festivals, and Apollo was at Delos for his yearly festivals.

The one person that she truly without a doubt missed was her Bellona who was with Ares and Venus. And Hector…he was probably at this moment with his betroths a thought that with everything in her she tried to avoid. She took the time of writing to her mother and family back in India hopping that they were in better spirits then she was at this moment.

The festival was everything grand from the richness of the wine to the upbeat of the music. He nodded his head as each noble passed him and greeted him with welcoming and praised for the upcoming wedding. Glancing at his betroths who was seated to his right; she looked everything of dignity and bounty.

She greeted nobles with ease that held a subtle authority everything that was expected of a queen. When they had greeted the last of those who approached them and when he felt no one was paying them any attention Hector felt he should speak to her.

Andromache had been silent since his arrival; he could tell that she was uncomfortable and he didn't want her to feel such with him. Even if they didn't love each other it would be best that they were comfortable with each other.

"I hope the wine is to your liking," he said trying to make small talk.

"Thank you your majesty, it is," she said Hector frown he didn't want her to use any title with him.

"Please call me Hector and I will call you Andromache…there shouldn't be any titles when we talk," he said taking a sip of his wine.

"I remember you saying that only when we are in private we would use each other first name," she counter he couldn't help but to smile.

"Yes…but I'm breaking that rule," his voice was filled with humor.

Andromache heard it and looked at him…this was not the prince that she meets those passed nine months.

"I see…" as she took a bite of her fruit.

"Andromache I know you do not wish for this match nor do I but we cannot always have this uncomfortable tension between us."

"I do not understand what you mean, your majesty," she said Hector was about to say something when they were interrupted by another noble.

Later on that night, Hector walked back to his quarters the guards that guarded his chambers saluted the prince as they open the chamber doors. Within his quarters was General Andres standing in the center of the room in deep thought.

"Andres," Hector said as his mentor and father figure turned and looked at him.

"Hector," he said bowing his head to the prince.

"I'm glad you're here I must speak with you in confidence," he said

"What is it that you wish," he said as he eyed the young man before him. There was something on the prince mind throughout the day.

During their trip he would notice the prince stayed up longer in the nights watching the night sky intently with a smile on his face. There were often times that the prince would be lost in a daze as if he was somewhere else. Sometimes he would see the prince look down at his finger staring intently at the ring that was placed on his left ring finger. Even today, as they rode through the city he noticed how the prince was lost in a daze as he glance every now and again at the ring.

Andres knew the caused for his prince to be in such a mood and the reason why he was here in his chambers.

"Does this have to do with the young woman in the village?" he said getting to the point.

Hector wasn't surprise by the comment that came from Andres…he knew sooner or later that his mentor would figure it out…well half of it.

"Yes, and that is why we are only speaking in confidence no one is to know and nothing is to leave this room."

Andres nodded his head.

"I need you to go to one of the best artisan in the city and have them craft a ring for me. Let it be known to him that his work has to be confidential no one is to know about this ring no one Andres."

"Yes your majesty," he nodded his head, "And after the ring is made do you wish for me to send it to the young lady?"

"No I will personally see to it,"

Now this time caused Andres to be surprise as he looked at the prince then he looked down at his finger where the ring was placed. He might not know anything about jewelry or gems of such but he knew that the ring that his prince wore was not from a mortal.

Hector noticed his mentor looking at his hand and he let out a sigh.

"In given time Andres," he said looking him in the eyes.

Andres simply nodded his head giving the prince a bow he left Hectors in his chambers. Hector let out a sigh there was no need for him to worry about Andres; he knew that he could be trusted.

Taking off his armor and placing it on its stand he removed his outer cloths and walked to his bathing chambers. Washing away the stress of the day and the worries that clanged to him Hector mind went only to his beloved. Wondering what she was doing at this moment, did she miss him like he did her?

He looked down at his finger as the ring stood out…he could always call her only for a minute he could see her. His right hand turned the ring back counter clockwise like she directed him.

He waited hoping that she would appear to him any second…she didn't he let out a disappointed sigh as he stepped out of the bath and grabbed his robe. Stepping into his chambers frustrated he grabbed he night pants as he threw the robe dejectedly across the room…when…he heard a laugh…a soft laugh that he knew all so well.

Exhaling he turned around and there on the bed was his beautiful Dia. She was laid across the bed in her own nightwear with a smile on her perfect face.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting," she said with a mischievous smile on her lips. The excitement of her being there and seeing her made him rushed towards his bed. Moving himself on top of her he placed a soft and pleasurable kissed which she accepted.

"I've miss you," he said as his hand ran softly through her hair.

"As I've missed you," then a soft giggles started to come to her lips as Hector tickled her.

"This is for having me wait," he said laughing along with her as she took it upon herself to do the same to him.

When the excitement boiled down the couple was in each other arms. Hectors arm wrapped around her securely as her head rested on his chest. They were content in each other's arms.

The silence between spoke all the words for them and much more yet there was something that was troubling him. Pandia could feel it and she made it known.

"What is troubling you love?"

"When you fount out about your arrange marriage how did you feel?" Pandia looked at him.

"At first I was mad, my parents never warn me that I was to be married or for that matter to someone not of me chosen. I was heartbroken at the fact that I might not get the chance of finding someone that truly loved me for me. But I couldn't linger on such thoughts anymore…my fate was to be married to Ares and I was going to make the best of it."

"What made you come to that point?" he said looking down at her.

"I thought about my mortal parents, they were arranged yet they loved each other as if they had chosen each other instead of being forced to wed. I thought when time passed me and Ares would get to that point but we never did. Why do you ask?"

"Its about Andromache…I know that I can never love her but I do want us to at least be comfortable with each other."

Pandia couldn't help but to think of how honorable he was…and it made her love for him seem to over-flow.

"I've been in her shoes, she feels her life is not her own that it belongs to you now and she resents it. You must make it known to her that it is not so, that she has her freedom and independence in this relationship. Make her feel that she does have much right of say then you do."

"I've told her she has freedom to do whatever,"

"She doesn't believe you and she has right not too…you must show her."

"What else must I do?"

"Show her the respect as well as being honest with her…then you will gain hers even if you do not see each other like a lover these are the most important elements in your arrangement."

He looked at her and he could hear the underlay meaning to her words. He knew all to well that Ares must have never done such to her.

"We must make sure that we are discreet…for no wife wants to know that there is always someone else above them."

Hector held her close to him as he listen to her words of wisdom.

"Do you know that I love you Dia,"

"Yes… I know,"

"Well I'm saying it again I love you," he said as held her close to his person and fall asleep with his lover in his arms.

"I love you too," as she closed her eyes enjoying the peace of being with her lover.

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