So, after a lot of debate, I finally decided I'd actually write out this story and post it up on FictionPress. Two things to note first:

1. This story will by updated weekly, so long as I don't run into any problems along the line.

2. A change in scene and/or perspective will be shown by the first word in the first sentence of the change being bolded.

Ok, so read on, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter One: Prologue

The dusty sky was red.

Perhaps it was simply a coincidence. After all, the sunset was often red in color. But most of the creatures who looked at it saw it more as a reflection of the blood that was being spilt on the earth beneath it; the blood of both the guilty and the innocent.

One creature in particular took the sky's warning to heart.

The dragon's eyes flickered with unease as she looked at the blood-stained sky. They'll be coming soon. She looked behind her. "Come on," she called softly.

"Do we really have to walk?" The voice belonged to a young dark gray dragon, and, more importantly, her son.

"We're too easily seen in the sky," she replied, shifting her gaze back to the path ahead of them.

Her son snorted. "I don't see why we have to run," he growled. "We could take them down."

"Hush!" she warned. "The Dragon Slayers aren't the type of creatures we can pick fights with. Not and survive, in any case." The dragonling behind her didn't seem happy with her answer, but didn't complain too much as they continued forward on foot.

The older dragon's heart hardened with anger as they walked. At one time, humans and dragons had been able to live in harmony. However, that ended when some dragons or some humans - she was never sure which side started the fight - attacked. From there, the two species continued to fight, the hostility growing more and more until the humans had formed an elite group of killers, called Dragon Slayers. These…monsters knew how to kill a dragon with ease. It was why she and her son were running now; she had to find a place of safety for them.

She heard the sound of something whistling through the air. She whipped around, teeth bared, just in time to see an arrow pierce her son's wing and to hear his roar of pain. Her eyes blazing with fury, she arched her neck and drew in a long breath. Opening her fire pocket, she exhaled, and a gout of flame exploded behind her son and in the faces of the Dragon Slayers. "Now we fly!" she called, jumping into the air and beating her wings furiously. Her son tried to follow behind, but the arrow had struck in the tendon of his wing-arm, making it difficult. She quickly grabbed him in her claws, ignoring his cries of protest, and flew as fast as she could away from the scene.

Her eyes scanned the horizon for some sign of shelter; some place where she could hide her son. There! She folded her wings and dived down towards what looked like a building. She flared her wings as she neared the ground, slowing her descent. She back winged to steady herself before she landed, dropping her son unceremoniously on the ground as she did.

As she lifted her head, she noticed in dismay that humans were swarming out of the building. She opened her jaws in a screech before lunging over her child and shoving her snout in their faces. Her jaws curled into a furious snarl, and a growl rippled from her throat.

The people before her seemed…different somehow. They didn't look afraid by her obvious threat, but they didn't look like warriors. Instead, they were clothed in loose fabric, and had an almost peaceful look to them. The one who stood directly before her lifted his hand. "Peace, dragon. We have no interest in harming you."

Smoke swirled from her nostrils. "Really?" she asked skeptically.

"You don't trust us. That's understandable."

Her eyes blazed with fury. "I don't have time for this," she growled, turning her head away. She wondered how close the Dragon Slayers were now. It'd be different if her son's wing wasn't injured. But…with her having to carry the extra weight, neither of them would get away. And she couldn't abandon her child.

"You want to protect your child," the human commented.

She snorted, her eyes narrowing as she swiveled her head around to glare at the man. "You really are a dumb species, aren't you?"

If he took offense at the comment, he didn't show it. "We can protect him from the Dragon Slayers."

Her eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed in suspicion. "And why should I trust you, human?" she snarled.

"Can you really afford not to?"

By now, she could hear the sound of horses galloping towards them, and the shouts of their riders. She closed her eyes tightly. He was right; by now, she didn't have much choice. Snapping her eyes open, she lowered her head so that she was eye-level with the human once more. "Listen very carefully," she hissed. "If you don't save my son, then what I do to you will cause me to be damned to forever burn in hell."

The man's face paled considerably at her words.

She didn't wait to hear his response; instead, she spread her wings and pushed off into the sky. It was time…to lead the monsters away.

The dragonling watched his mother fly off into the bloodied sky. "Wait, where's she going?" he yelped. He swiveled around and spread his wings, trying to launch himself after her. "That's where the Dragon Slayers were! Mother, come back!" His injured wing collapsed and he skidded across the ground.

"What are we going to do with him?" one of the humans asked.

The dragonling turned his head to look back at the men. The one his mother had spoken to laughed humorlessly. "We save him," he replied, "by any means necessary."

"But…you aren't suggesting…?"

"Yes, I am."

"Suggesting what?" the dragonling growled, stalking towards the men.

The humans turned and began heading back towards the building. "Come, young one," one said. "We're going to protect you from the Dragon Slayers…whether we like it or not."

The young dragon snorted a plume of smoke. Should he trust them? He glanced at his injured wing, and supposed he didn't have much choice. Slowly he headed into the building after them.

The first room they came to on the inside was large, with ornate tapestries covering the walls. "Get him into the middle," one of the men ordered, "and remove that arrow from his wing!"

He hissed as the arrow was jerked painfully from his wing arm, but obeyed the human's orders to move to the center. "What are you going to do?" he growled. He opened and closed his fire pocket slowly. Flight or no flight, he was still a dragon; he could burn the place down if they threatened him.

"Turn you into a human," one replied.

He balked at this. "What?" he screeched.

"Not your first choice, I'm sure," the man conceded, "but it'll throw the Dragon Slayers off your trail. After all, they'd never expect a dragon masquerading as a human." He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "But it will require the use of arts forbidden to us."

All heads jerked up at the sounds of someone approaching. The man's eyes widened. "Hurry! There's not much time!" The men around the circle quickly began chanting in low voices. The dragonling cocked his head, not sure what they were saying or what they were doing. All he knew…was that he wanted out.

He hesitated when he saw a pale blue wall shimmer into existence before him. He narrowed his eyes and growled, swiveling his head around to examine the rest of the area. All around him was the same substance. He flapped his wings awkwardly, the injured one causing some strain. He could see thin tendrils unraveling from the 'walls', stretching towards him and wrapping around him. He roared as they touched him, trying to tug away with no success.

The sounds of people were growing closer, ignored by the men who were focused on weaving their spell. "There it is!" a voice shouted. In the entry way appeared several men, adorned in fearsome looking armor and wielding deadly swords. Dragon Slayers. The dragonling backed away as far as the tendrils would let him, his teeth curling into a snarl. He opened his fire pocket in preparation to attack.

The leading Dragon Slayer pushed past the closest man, trying to move to the dragonling. He was stopped by the blue barrier. The young dragon relaxed slightly, his fire pocket closing. The Dragon Slayer looked at the wall with curious disdain. "What is this?" he snarled. He grabbed the chanting human closest to him, jerking him away. "What have you done?"

The man stopped chanting and smiled. "We've saved him," he responded. "You can kill us all, but nothing can stop this now that the barrier's up."

"Really?" The Dragon Slayer threw the man backwards. "Then I'll just have to break it."

He lifted his sword. The man he'd tossed aside scrambled towards him, screeching out a plaintive, "No!" But the Dragon Slayer's sword had already descended.

The weapon cut into the blue wall. Light flashed from the wound, slowly spilling out into the building. The walls fell down, and the fractured blue tendrils that remained coiled around the dragonling. He screeched as they seared his body, even through his scales. Heat and even more light burst forth, sending the world shaking and the dragonling falling into unconsciousness.

Get up. The dragonling's eyes flickered partially open. Come on, get up. He slowly obeyed his own silent command, struggling to his feet. He gasped as pain lanced through him, and fell back to the ground.

He lifted his head slowly, glancing around the building…or, at least, what was left of it. It had been blown to pieces, scattered all across the ground. Human bodies - both Dragon Slayers and the chanting men - were scattered around the area.

"No," a voice whispered hoarsely. The dragonling slowly turned his head to look at the source of the voice. A Dragon Slayer lay on the ground, looking at him with undisguised horror. "Damn. It's still alive."

The dragonling snarled. He reached out a claw, wincing at the pain that erupted at that simple movement. He may not be able to do much, but…he'd destroy this Dragon Slayer before he destroyed him.

He'd just touched the tip of one of his claws to the injured man when he felt something odd come over him. The Dragon Slayer suddenly convulsed, his jaws gaping open in a soundless scream. Then from his body and into the dragonling's streamed energy. As the young dragon felt the energy flow into him, revitalizing him and wiping away his pain, the man began to wither and age. He grew old at a rapid rate, his eyes growing cloudy. Then his skin, muscles, and organs began to disappear, as well, whatever energy that was left in them flowing into the dragon's body. When the energy finally stopped, all that was left of the Dragon Slayer was armor and a pile of bones.

The dragonling looked at his claw in equal measures of horror and wonder, a world of possibilities suddenly opening up before him.

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