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A Time to Love

"You can have the shower first." He let me in and followed, locking the door behind us. The apartment had a soft yellow glow to it as we made our way into the lounge area.

"Thank you. I don't suppose you would have a spare shirt I could sleep in?" I placed my heels next to the sofa I assumed I was sleeping on. It was a light cream colour with a yellow tinge to it from the light.

"Yeah, I'll get you a towel as well." He smiled and turned, disappearing into his bedroom. I sat down on the sofa, my purse and phone next to me, and scanned the room. He had a relatively large plasma screen hanging off the wall, which was accompanied by an XBOX 360 gaming console and a DVD player. I never picked him as the 'gaming' type.

To the right, a window the size of the wall opened up to overlook the city. The bright lights of the city flickered in the darkness of the night.

"Here you go." Tony walked up behind me and placed the towel and T-shirt on my head.

"Gee, thanks." I grabbed my purse, stood up with my new headwear and tried to navigate my way to the bathroom.

"Looking good!"

"It may look good, but it is surprisingly challenging." I held my arms out in front of me so I could feel where I was going. I managed to find a wall, so I followed that until I found a door way.

"Unless you shower in a toilet, I wouldn't go in there." I heard Tony behind me, and I felt his hands find my waist. I inhaled sharply at the sudden contact as he pushed me gently and led me to the bathroom a few metres further down the hall.

"Thank you, I would prefer to use a shower over a toilet." He chuckled as I stepped into the bathroom, undoing my stylish headwear. "I'll see you on the other side."

"Ozzy Osbourne?"

"Yes indeed." We both chuckled as I closed the door. His unbelievably white bathroom had a slab of cool, grey marble that was the floor.

I placed the towel and shirt next to the shower and got undressed. Relief flooded over me as I unzipped my dress, my chest finally being able to expand fully. I took a deep breath in and stepped up in to the shower. I turned the taps and let the warm water slide over my shoulders and down my back.

I couldn't believe it. I was at my teacher's house, in his shower. I wasn't nervous just because he was my teacher. The fact that I had an extremely big crush on him played a pretty big part in it.

Anyway, I finished up in the shower and shut the water off, stepping out into the steamy air of the bathroom. After I had dried myself off, I reattached the dark purple straps to my bra and slipped it on along with my matching lacy underwear. Not that I was planning on letting anyone see them tonight, I just felt better wearing underwear that looked good; don't all of us? I immediately recognised his smell as his oversized shirt slid over my head to fall just above my knees. The light hint of cologne mixed with his manly scent was enough to intoxicate me.

I steadied myself with a deep breath, trying not to think about how much of my fantasies were coming true. Searching for a distraction, I busied myself with the task of drying my hair. It worked for a moment, until I remembered that I was using one of his towels.

Cursing silently at myself, I picked up my dress and headed out to the lounge room where I placed it on the back of the sofa.

All the lights had been turned off, so only the flickering of the T.V. illuminated the room. I saw the silhouette of his strong figure through the window on his balcony, so I decided to join him.

I stood in the doorway leading from his bedroom to the balcony, quietly admiring him. His shirt was partially untucked, and his jacket slung over the rail beside him. He was leaning forwards with his forearms on the railing and his ankles crossed. I stayed for one more moment before stepping out into the sharp, cool winter breeze. As a reflex, I crossed my arms over my chest, hugging myself.

"Hey, the shower's free." My voice came out softer than I expected.

He looked over his shoulder and turned to me, smiling.

"Maybe for you, but I had to pay for it." He leant with his back against the balcony, his tie flowing with the small gushes of wind that passed us. I narrowed my eyes and joined him on the balcony.

"You make really lame jokes sometimes."

"They always make you smile, though." He leaned into me, giving me a slight nudge. I smiled back at him and looked over to the city. The sky was a clear black, the stars sparkled bright, and the lights of the sky-scrapers shone over the rest of the city. It really was a beautiful view.

"God it's cold out here! Let's go inside before you… I don't know, die." He stood and grabbed his jacket before leading us back through the large glass doors. I closed the doors behind us as he threw his jacket onto his bed. He kicked off his shoes and started fiddling with his tie, obviously not succeeding in removing it.

"Do you want some help?" I began towards him, watching as his large hands fumbled with the knot in his tie.

"That would be a God-send, thank you." I grabbed his hands and pulled them gently from his tie down to his sides. I undid the top button of his white shirt and tried to keep myself from staring at the skin that I had exposed. I never thought a task so simple could become this complicated. I didn't want to stop at that first button, and if I had no self control, Tony would be shirtless right now. I distracted myself by looking up, only to see his stubble covered jaw less than an inch from me.

I took a breath.

I took another.

Finally I got that damned thing loose. I lifted his collar up and pulled the black silk over his head, placing it on the foot of his bed.

"There." I turned his collar back down and patted his chest before I stepped back.

"Thanks." His voice was low, and he was looking down at me with an almost lustrous expression. I felt an inherent urge to step closer to him again, which took all my strength to deny.

"I'm going to shower, so why don't you set up a movie and I'll join you in a few minutes?" He began to unbutton the rest of his shirt, more and more of his lightly haired chest exposing itself to my gaze. I had to get out of there before I did something that I would most certainly regret later.

"Sure, what movie?" I tried to hold my eyes to his, but I failed miserably.

"I don't mind, just not any of the Harry Potter movies… I've seen them too many times." He smiled and fully untucked his shirt, leaving it open at the front as he undid his belt buckle.

"I don't like Harry Potter anyway… What genre? I know you have an enormous selection of movies, so we need to narrow it down a little."

"I'm in the mood for a horror or a thriller. Anything to liven me up from that terribly boring conversation I had with the other teachers." He smirked at me, sliding his belt from its loops and putting it on his bed next to his tie. My eyes betrayed me and I found myself looking at the light trail of hairs leading from his abdomen to the waist of his pants.

"Sure thing." My voice came out a little quieter than I had expected.

He smiled once again, and I took that as my cue to leave his room. As soon as I stepped out into the lounge I shut his door and leant against it, taking in a few deep breaths. I tried to clear my thoughts but all I could think about was him standing on the other side of the door undressing. His broad shoulders, his strong chest, the stubble that covered his jaw.

No. No. Stop. Movie! That's what I was going to do; find a movie for us to watch. I stood and made my way towards the shelf that held all of his 78 movies. This was going to take a while; sifting through all of these films to find at least a few interesting ones.

A scanned through the shelves quickly, hoping that something would jump out at me. Ahuh! 'Demonic Plague', that sounded pretty horrific. I grabbed the DVD case and opened it, placing the disc in the DVD player. I searched on the table and couch for the remote, but I had no luck. Great, he had lost his DVD remote!

I sat and waited for the movie previews to finish, then tried to read all of the 'warnings' that came up on the screen that were included in almost every DVD ever sold. Ten minutes had passed as the main menu screen finally appeared on his plasma T.V.

Whilst waiting for Tony to finish his shower, I dawdled over to the kitchen to poor myself a glass of water. I couldn't find the light switch, so it looked like I had to test my night vision. I found the fridge and opened it, the blue light illuminating the almost pitch black kitchen. The eerie tunes from the title menu of the DVD were playing, so I poured my drink as quickly as I could so I could get back to the sofa. I always felt safer sitting down, I have no idea why.

I put my glass on the bench and grabbed the bottle, opening the fridge to return it to its draw. I closed the door and was just about to turn to get my glass when I heard something move in the kitchen.

"ROOOOOAAAAR!" I felt a pair of hands on my waist and a loud 'roar' from behind me, so I did what any sane person would. I screamed like a little girl.

"Oh my God Tony!" My whole body was tense as my breathing and heart rate went through the roof. I could hear him chuckling as he stood behind me, his hands still on my waist.

After I got over the initial shock I began to laugh… Well it was more of a giggle, but either way it made him laugh even more. I turned in his arms and held on to the thin shirt he was wearing. He smelled of his shampoo mixed with the remnants of his cologne from this evening. I was surprised when I saw the shade of stubble still evident on his jaw; he usually shaved it off after showering. Well, from what I had experienced he had.

"I'm going to kill you!" I thumped him in the chest jokingly and tried to run off. That attempt was shot down when he managed to catch me by my hips and pull me back to him.

"Not until after the movie. I haven't seen this one before!" He spun me in his arms so I was facing him, then lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. He had one hand on my back and the other wrapped around my legs and carried me over to the sofa. He put one knee on it to steady himself as he laid me down lengthways, my head at the furthest armrest from him. His hand remained on my back to steady me as he laid me down, which meant he had to lean forward with me. He put his other hand next to my head to keep him from falling on me.

My heart rate began to increase again. He was lying above me with his knee between my legs. He pulled the hand that he had on my back from under me and rested it on my waist. I felt shivers rush up my spine as his breath caressed my lips. His piercing gaze flickered from my eyes to my lips, as did mine. I lifted my hand to touch his chest lightly and he leaned into my touch. He began to move in slowly, his lips inching closer to mine. The wait was almost unbearable.

Gently he brushed his mouth over mine. Our lips hardly touched, but it was enough to make my breath hitch. He closed the gap between us again, his stubble grazing against my face softly as his timid kisses sent waves of shivers and excitement along my spine. I leaned up into him, craving the feeling of his body against mine.

He lowered himself on to me making sure he put most of his weight on his arms. I wrapped one hand around his neck and the other I left to roam his chest. Finally I felt his tongue trace the line of my lips, so I opened my mouth allowing him to explore me. He tasted sweet and a little minty as his silk tongue slid along mine and around my mouth. His body was right up against mine, and I could feel him hardening against me.

"Bedroom?" His low voice rumbled against my mouth, and all I could manage in reply was 'Mhm'.

We stood, still exploring each other as we stumbled awkwardly from the couch to his bedroom door. We knocked over a lamp and a few chairs on our way to his room, but neither of us cared. Tony and I were about to have sex.

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