Poetic Afflatus

Oft on nights when I do sit,

In solitude and my memories visit,

My thoughts like damsels begin to dance,

Throwing upon me a beautiful trance.

Tis not a trance a pen can inscribe,

Nor one which the tongue can describe,

For can the turbulence of a disturbed mind,

Be explained by mortal humankind?

Oh! I do feel as though cut off from the world,

As free and unrestrained as a bird!

As I disconnect myself from reality,

I do observe the wondrous world in its entirety.

My damsel thoughts do begin to sing,

And fill my mind with many an astounding thing.

My body and mind alike are in bliss,

Surely there is no feeling to compare with this.

Unbeknownst to me my hands do move,

To grab a pen and from my mind remove,

A fraction of a fraction of my unrestrained emotion,

Although a paper ghost is hardly a solution!

Even my sober heart is not left unaffected,

And ups the tempo of his drums connected,

To my deepest thoughts and complex soul,

Joyous at the glance of the damsels bold.

Even as my entranced mind wants to dance forever,

Throughout my body passes a shiver.

Although disconnected from the magical dance,

It begins to react at a single glance!

The dance does go on, mysterious and baffling,

A mixture of the bright glimmering and dazzling,

As well as the darker and more barbaric sides,

That reside in man-good besides.

I see the beauty of life laid bare,

And all of a sudden I am made aware,

How terrible and powerful is the force,

Behind life, the world and all it controls!

The insignificance of my puny mind,

Weighs on me as I look behind,

In front, to the sides and all around,

To see the source of the powerful sound!

The unknown stretches around me, dark and dire,

And my mind is but a firefly before the fire.

The dance does slowly turn to flight,

In confusion, awe and full-fledged fright!

The dancers fly and the drummer slows,

And my fire dies and like an ember glows.

Tightened are the chains of mortal limitation,

And thus is ended my divine visitation.

For a moment I feel as a bird entrapped,

Unable to fly, to my body strapped.

Dazed, confused and altogether lost,

When I see in my hand the paper ghost.

As I read through it I see some trace,

Of the wonderful, beautiful, surreal phase;

Although after my blissful sojourn it seems quite laughable,

By mortal standards it's really quite passable!

Although the divine cannot have a mortal name,

I must give it a name, all the same.

A name which tries and miserably fails to capture,

The essence of the trance which did me enrapture.

A weak hint at the joyous wonder,

Which nearly my soul did tear asunder.

To my fellow mortals; If they can,

To pore over, think and perhaps understand!

If fortunate they themselves will chance,

To experience this most extraordinary trance,

By varied reasons that do cajole,

The deepest and complex workings of their soul!