Look at me

What do you see?

A flaw in society

Because who I am

What I do

Is full of your opinions

Some are good and full of praise

Others are pitiful excuses

Built on fears and lies

The stereotypical stories

They founded our way of life

Trick us into fearing the worst

But what if we aren't who they say we are?

Why can't we reach out?

From the neat little boxes people place us in

Pick a smile and shine it

Walk beside a stranger

Hear their tales

Lay down the weapons fuelled by hate

Cast aside our differences

Wrap your arms around bruised eyes

Hear them cry on your shoulder

About the darkest hours

And promise them no more

Help the lost child be found

Don't just stand there!

Go outside and see what's out there…

Because there are other people

In this world

All feel the pain

Of being hit

Of being lied too

Of being hurt

So why do you do it!


Do you even know?

Is it because everyone else does it?

Or the media lies and stereotypes flooding your mind?

Well I missed the old you…