Full Summary: A Wallflower. That's what Sony Parker was at Riverbank High, and she was content with it. Until one day when she gets in a fight with a new student because he took her 'corner'. Now she and the new kid, Paul, have been forced to join 'Friendship Club!'. Don't let the name deceive you, the club is actually for the school's gang members, delinquents, and homicidal students. The club is notorious for students 'vanishing' if they aren't able to protect themselves. Sony is able to survive the club and it's psycho members. But then things start to get weird as one by one the delinquents of the club start to want Sony's comfort in their everyday life problems.

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Her eye-twitched, so did her finger tips. This is not happening, didn't everyone know that was her corner!

Sony huffed and gripped the strap of her backpack. It's not like she was a delinquent or psychopath that had a claim to the corner, which was now invaded by an unknown boy. Sony is what you would call a Wallflower.

Wallflower's were unsociable, and no one wanted to socialize with them. Heck, even fellow Wallflowers didn't want to touch each-other. Which would conveniently mean that every Wallflower would have a little spot to themselves where no one would want to trespass on in fear of also gaining the dreadful title. Sony was however content with the name, having friends was just too troublesome. Ever since her first year of middle-school to now junior year she never really had any friends.

Back on subject though, she continued to send dagger glares to the boy in her corner. The brunette started to ponder with herself weather or not to confront the person. Maybe he would move later on, but what if he's a new Wallflower that has claimed this spot for himself! Sony dreaded that fact, the only other spot she had was the janitor's closet on the second floor, and she heard some other person has staked that place. Finally summoning up the courage Sony walks up to the boy, getting up to a closer look at him she noticed he had blue eyes and wavy blond hair.

She cleared her throat to get his attention.

" . . ." He continually tapped his feet with his back to her. Sony furrowed her eyebrows and cleared her throat a few more times. The boy continued to ignore her presence. Okay, now he's getting annoying.

"Excuse me."

" . . ."

"Excuse me!" The boy's body stopped it's movement before turning around to her with an eyebrow raised and a earplug in his hand.

Oh, well didn't she feel stupid. Sony shuffled and straightened her uniform under his glaring gaze. She cleared her throat one more time before pointing to the seat he was in.

"This is my corner."

" . . ." His stare continued.

"Um, I've sat here since freshman year. So I would really appreciate it if you would move because finding another spot would be really hard-."
"Fuck off and stop flirting with me." A sneer was last on his face before turning his back towards her and replacing the ear-phone back in.

No, no he didn't. This is my spot! Sony thought in desperation in her head. There is no way she is letting this blond nobody taking it!

And that is how she landed herself and the boy in detention for issuing a fight during lunch.


She could hear the conversation that was going on in the principle's office. Right now the blond boy, who she now found out was named Paul, and her principle were having a discussion on what happened in the cafeteria. A few words of 'crazy', 'physco', and 'insane bitch' was thrown around and the blond boy stepped out of the office. He stopped beside Sony and sent her a glare before walking down the halls scrunched over and grumbling to himself 'insane bitch'.

The brunette groaned to herself and put her head in her hands. Great, with that new kid going in first she probably sounded like a mental person that had an obsession with corners and found friends in the red-bricked walls of the school.

"Sony Parker, please step into my office." The girl picked up her backpack and slowly walked into the office setting herself in a chair. The principle in front of the girl, Mrs. Gates, had her head in her hands while the other was tapping on the desk.

"So, Miss Parker. What impulse in your head made you think it was right for assaulting Paul."

Geez, the woman made it sound like she tried to kill him or something. Sony scratched the back of her head and looked around the office. Seconds ticked by before the woman sighed and leaned back in her chair.

"Sony, I have heard a lot from you in halls." Oh great, the principle already knew she was a mental person.

"And I feel that you really don't seem to reach out to other people."

"It's not only me." Sony whispered. The principle sighed and hung her head.

"Yes, I know there are other," she rolled her eyes, "Wallflowers, but attacking the new student obviously means you have a more serious case than the other students. So I have found an appropriate punishment for you."

Great here it comes. What's she going to give her, work crew, detention, lunch duty?

"You are going to join Friendship Club." Sony automatically shot out of her seat and slammed her hands on the principle's desk.

"What!" The principle sighed at the girl's reaction.

"It's the perfect place where you will learn how to socialize with other students. I have also signed up Paul because besides the fight with you today he has been causing trouble."

"But I'm not a homicidal maniac!"

Yes, you heard her right. Sony was starting to sweat and her heart was racing fast. The Friendship Club was not what it sounded like. What Sony's high school, Riverbank High, is famous for was it's notorious gang members and sociopaths. One day the school finally got feud up with these students and made this 'club' where they forced the delinquents to participate in a 'friendly' environment where they can learn the warmth of having a BFF. Expulsion was a consequence for not participating if a teacher wanted a student to be in the club. Since no other schools would accept the delinquents they would obediently come. It was suicidal if you try to get near this 'club'. Well, that was a rumor but Sony isn't going to take her chances.

Mrs. Gates frowned at Sony's exclamation.

"Parker! That is not a good thing to say about the students in the club!"

"But it's true! Any one that can't protect themselves that join that club drop off the face of the Earth!" The principle rolled her eyes.

"That is just a rumor."

"Than who is Jones River!"
". . . Who?"

"Exactly! Never heard of again!" The woman finally got fed-up with the girl's talking and slammed her hands on the table.

"You are entering that club and that is final!" Sony's bottom lip quivered while she walked out of the principle's office and down the hall. She whipped her eyes as small tears began to form at the corner of them.

Well, might as well start writing her will.