Five Months Later

Ivan checks his watch on the time. He frowns and begins to impatiently tap his foot. An hour, how long does it take for Jagger to get ready for their graduation? His hair is ten times longer than Jagger's so what could be taking so long? ! Ivan sighs and begins to massage his temples. From the side of him he hears his mother chuckle under her breathe. He looks to her with a slight glare.

"What is it?"

She smiles at her son. "Nothing, just never thought you would be so impatient for graduation."

"Only took us three extra damn years." He then fully turns to her with a sort of worry on his face. "You don't have to come."

"But I want to. Only took you two 'three extra damn years'."

Ivan was going to open his mouth and retort to his mother. But from the stairs finally came Jagger stomping down. Ivan glares at his brother for his late timing.

"What took you so long?"

Jagger snarls at his brother and turns his head to the side. "Shut up. This fuckin' tie thing is the hardest shit to do."

Their mom frowns at Jagger's foul mouth. She walks up to her son and flicks him on the head, making the male let out a small grunt.

"Watch your mouth." She then sighs and undid the tie Jagger failed at making. A smile comes back on her face though. "Even after all these years I still have to do this for you."

Ivan merely rolls his eyes at the two. "Does it matter how we're dressed, we're going to wear robes anyway."

Jagger shrugs and begins to look around himself. "Where's the brat?"

"She's at the school helping out with the graduation, along with some other club members."

He raises an eyebrow at this. "Why the fuck would she want to help?"

"Why else did she decide to join our school."

All of them immediately thought of Sony in their heads. Jagger stands where he was still even though his mother finished with his tie. How long has it been since she told them to wait for her decision? To be honest, he was getting impatient. Also the thought of her not choosing him made his blood boil. Jagger wasn't only the one thinking this, so was Ivan. They have never had to fight for a girl, women would usually just melt in their hands. But, they realize now if they want something special it is going to be hard to get.

Their mom looks at them both, studying their faces. A smile then comes on her face as she realizes who must be in both their minds.

"She's a sweet girl isn't she?"

Both of their heads snap up, Ivan puts on a frown while Jagger begins to stutter a bit. She only laughs at their reactions and covers her mouth with one of her hands.

"So, which one of you does she love most."

"Me." Both said at the same time, making each-other glare at one another. Jagger growls at his brother.

"I liked her first 'Pretty Boy'!"

Ivan rolls his eyes at Jagger's comeback. "Liking first has nothing to do with it."

Jagger then smirked at his brother. "I was the first she smiled at."

Ivan merely walks past her brother. "Yes, isn't her smile cute. Almost as cute as her pink, cherry panties."

There was a silent pause, as the information sunk into Jagger's mind. His face then turned to a dark red, he didn't know if it was from anger or his thoughts.



Vincent lays on his bed while staring up the ceiling, maybe once in a while checking his watch. He woke up too early and now he can't go to sleep. It's a routine that happened almost every day now. He would get too excited to see Sony and end up not being able to go to sleep once he woke up. Today 'Friendship Club' is supposed to help with decoration for the graduation. With the seniors graduation it also means the end of school. Now, if this was a year ago Vincent would be relieved to get school out of the way because it was such a pain. But now, he does not want it to end. If there's no school that means he won't see Sony as much every day. He lets out a smile and rubs where his heart is. So many things have changed for him since he met her that one day. He is glad he did not punch her face out the first day, and he's glad Sony gave him a chance to hang around her. Curiosity bloomed to love. He did not understand why his parents did not want him to know this kind of feeling. It was wonderful. Vincent then frowns and checks his watch again. It's still early, but he bets if he gets up and goes to Sony's house her parents wouldn't mind him.

Vincent gets up from bed and goes to exit his room. But right when he opened the door his mother was standing there with her usual monotone face, one Vincent usually had on every day. The woman looks him up and down before looking back up at his face.

"You've been eager to get to school lately."


Silence again. His mother was getting annoyed of it. Vincent has been going to school early and coming late. Also her son hasn't been getting into any fights lately. Usually she wouldn't care either way, but she feels it has to do with something at school. Or more like someone.

"Stay home today, your father will be coming back later at five."


He then begins to walk past her. Vincent mom stood there, with a look of disbelief. No? Someone said 'no' to her? Furry breaks inside of her, the woman turns and grabs Vincent by his collar and slams him into one of the walls. Vincent didn't have time to dodge of his mom raises a fist and hits him across the jaw. The woman was heaving now with anger.

"Excuse me, you don't say no to your mother!"

She raises another fist ready to hit again, but this time Vincent catches it before she could hit him. His mother's eyes wide at the action as he raises his head up. There was a small trail of blood coming from his jaw and a glare was on his face.

"I say no to whoever I want." He finally pushes the woman back and stomps away from her. She stood there still in shock at what happened. Her teeth begin to grin against each-other.

"Vincent! I'm telling your father about this! Don't think you can turn your back on us!"

He shuts the door; Vincent's getting sick of following every one of her words.


"W-What happened to your face? !"

Sony opens the door this morning only to see Vincent there, but this time which a cut on his jaw. He blinks and rubs his jaw, looking at the dried blood on his hand he curses to himself. He totally forgot to wash it off when he left the house. Sony takes his hand and pulls him into the home. She takes Vincent to the bathroom and takes out the first aid kit.

"Sit down here it won't take long."

That is fine with him.

Sony first gets some rubbing alcohol and rubs it into the wound on his face. At first Vincent flinches but then leans into her hand. He closes his eyes enjoying the moment. Soon she gets a Band-Aid and puts it over his wound. Vincent sighs and takes Sony's hand and places it over his cheek, her face blushes at his action as he sighs dreamily. He then opens his eyes slightly to look up at Sony to give her those loving eyes.

"I love these moments."

Sony blushes at him, still not used to how alluring his voice gets when he says these things. Gradually a smile comes on her face as she puts her other hand on his face and begins to lean in.

"Me too."

She then connects lips with him. Smiling as they both lean into each-other. Vincent glad Sony isn't so shy any more about kisses. But, apart of him gets worried as he thinks that might mean she also isn't shy about kissing the other guys. Vincent pushes the thought to another side of his head. He'll just pretend now that she's all his. Because that's what keeps him from not falling to his original self.



Sony turns around and this time is able to return 'Bomb Loans's hug as he comes jumping to her. The freshman leans up and pecks Sony on the face and then buries his head into her neck.

"I don't want school to end." Sony smiles at him and rubs the top of his head.

"Same here."

'Bomb Loan' continued to nuzzle himself into her neck. He didn't care if he's supposed to work on the graduation right now. He wanted to spend his time with Sony, that's the only reason why he agreed to help today. One thing 'Bomb Loans's happy about is that he's no Sony's height and doesn't have to go on his tipy toes to get a kiss. Sometimes Sony jokes with him saying she misses tiny 'Bomb Loan', which makes the boy panic and say that he could change if she wanted. He also doesn't live with Vincent anymore and now has his own place.

"Sony! Sony! You want to come over to my apartment again today?"

She smiles and rubs the top of his head, a habit even though he's grown now.

"'Bomb Loan', remember we're all going out to eat and celebrate Ivan and Jagger's graduation."

He pouts at this and wraps his arms around Sony again.

"Aw! I wanted to be alone with Sony!"

She laughs and returns the hug. "That would be a good idea."

He still has the pout on his face and puts his head into her neck again, brushing his lips against it every now and then. 'Bomb Loan' leans back and puts his face against Sony's with a smile.

"You see me as someone more mature, right?"

Sony had to admit. He has matured, not only has his height changed but his voice changed and got a little deeper. "You have a lot."

'Bomb Loan' smiles brightly and leans in for a kiss again, but as he got close the boy was pulled back by Matty. The man smiles at him with a sort of evil aura coming out.

"Shouldn't you be on the other side of the school helping?"

"Let me go, old man!"

But, one thing that'll never change is 'Bomb Loan's' immaturity.

The dark smile on Matty's face only grows. "Oh, you do know I have the authority to kick you out right? And you don't want me to report any troubles to Mrs. Gates."

The boy's face pales at the thought and struggles out of his grip and points a finger at him. "You get off this time!"

He turns to run, but stops himself. 'Bomb Loan' turns and pecks a kiss on Sony's cheek before leaving. She blinks and raises a hand up to wear her lips where. But, while lost in thought, she doesn't notice as Matty picks her up into his arms. She yelps as he leans very close to her face.

"Looks like I'll need to disinfect."


He then cuts her off as Matty opens his mouth and uses his tongue to lick where 'Bomb Loan' kissed Sony. A bright blush comes on her face at his action.

"Matty! We're in public!"

He merely chuckles again, this time leaning down to her neck and licking where 'Bomb Loan' also laid his own lips.

"I'm merely cleaning up. Tell me Sony, where else did those guys touch you?"


Whenever she was alone with him, he would always turn like this. She dubbed it as 'Dark Matty'. He always seemed to switch between the two personalities. Sony knew both were the same person, but it would shock her sometimes at how close and teasing Matty could be.

This time he takes one of her hands and licks the tip of her fingers, laughing even more as Sony closes her eyes tight at his action. He enjoyed it, he loved to make her blush and frustrated. He also loves it when he does this in front of the other love rivals. It's so easy to rile them up. But, that would always get Sony mad at him so he would try to restrain himself from doing it too much. He would only show this side to her, because he knew that she would still accept him. Now that he thinks back to it, even Riley would probably immediately drop her act if he acted like this around his old crush.

The college student finally lets Sony down and watches with amusement as she straightens out her uniform.


The girl turns and smiles as she sees Joon and Bridgett. Bridgett was running up to her while her hand was clasped around Joon's.

"Hey Bridgett, where you two always here?"

A smirk comes onto Matty's face. "Oh, don't tell me you two were busy."

Bridgett's face immediately reddens at his implication, while Joon just stood there with an annoyed look on his face. Sony laughs at the two. After the whole kidnapping incident the two started to date, it was cute on how Bridgett was so fidgety but Joon was so impassive about everything.


All of their faces pale, except for Matty who laughed. Knowing who was coming out next. Angelica ran up to the group and grabs Bridgett, pulling her away from Joon.

"I can't accept a person like you is touching my Bridgett!"

"Oh, but you're fine with six guys touching all over Sony."


He merely switches his weight from one foot to another before looking at Sony with no expression. "Sorry."

Her eye twitches a bit. "You don't look sorry."

It was then that Andy joined in and pulled Angelica into a hug from behind. The huge teen smiles down at the girl, while Angelica held an annoyed face.

"I finished everything~."

Angelica frowns and turns around to face him with arms crossed. "Really? Then go and finish my work."

The smile immediately comes off of his face at Angelica's comment as his puppy dog eyes came out. "B-But, I was hoping that maybe we could go up to the loft and-."

"You better go and finish my work or you're not getting anything this week!"

His eyes widen in panic as Andy speeds off in a different direction towards where Angelica had to set up some things for the graduation. She flips her hair to the side and turns to all of the other. Everyone was giving her a look of disappointment. She raises an eyebrow at them.


All of them thought the same thing in their heads.


Poor Andy . . .

Bridgett then jumps and turns to Sony, remembering why she had first ran to the girl.


She looks at Bridgett with eyes blinking. "What?"

"Paul is here a-at the entrance!"

Her eyes widen immediately. Without saying another word Sony races to the entrance of the school. Angelica pouts at her reaction.

"She always runs when she hears his name."

A pout also comes on Matty's face. "Not fair."

Joon looks to where Sony ran off to. "I think it was a mistake for Paul leaving." Everyone then looks to him in confusion. He merely keeps on looking ahead. "Since she can't see him as much she misses him more."


Paul covers his face in shame as Celestina next to him continues to flirt with random guys in the school by winking to them while driving by.

"Please, stop it. I'm ashamed to be related to you."

"Oh, shut up. They're hot."

"Yeah, let's see how much they like you when they find out you tried to blow up the school."

At this comment Celestina rams Paul's head into the car windshield. He lets out a grunt and glares at her, but drops the subject wanting to be in a good mood when he sees Sony. Ever since that day a few months ago he transferred back to Saint Leonard. It was true that Celestina was going to get expelled. But, with Paul getting back in the school the administration happily welcomed him back and let his sister continue school. He sighs and rubs his face, he has been able to meet up with Sony. Sometimes though it would be a problem since some other guys would pop up and ruin their alone time. Wasn't it enough since they went to school with her and had 'Friendship Club'!

"Celestina, hurry up and find parking."

"What the hell else am I doing? !"

"Looking at the guys."

The two of them were able to park the car. Paul steps out and immediately starts to walk to the entrance of the school. A smile was on his face, knowing he was able to see Sony again.

Sony was racing out of the school. A smile was on her face the whole way, knowing she would be able to see him again. Sony looks all across the parking lot, hoping to see the blue, Saint Leonard uniform. Her eyes then widen as she sees a familiar face, but this time with red hair. Sony runs even faster and tackles Paul in an embrace. At first Paul's eyes widened, but once he recognized the person a laugh came from his mouth as his arms came around her. Sony looks up to him but tilts her head, she raises a hand up to his now ginger hair.

"It's your natural color. But, when I saw you two weeks ago it was blond?"

He smiles and also takes a lock in his hand. "I was getting sick of having to re-dye it every time my red roots came out." He looks back at her face with a bit of worry. "You don't mind it, right?"

Sony also returns the smile and tightens her grip around him. "I wouldn't care either way. I bet Celestina was upset you rejected her style for you."

He rolled his eyes. "She'll have to realize sooner or later the world doesn't revolve around her."

"Hey! I heard that!"

They both turn around to see Celestina with a frown and hands on hips. She comes up to the two and puts her arms around them. She then pinches both of their cheeks making both of them flinch.

"Aw, aren't you two cute. Acting as if you haven't seen each-other for a whole year." Celestina then turns to Sony and smirks at the girl, making her feel a little uneasy. "You know Sony, I really like you now. No homo, but I think I'll name my future child after you."

At this the two of them looked at her as if she was crazy, well, the girl is already crazy but this made her even more whacked in the head.

Paul narrowed his eyes at her. "Why?"

Celestina shrugs. "People with unique names have unique lives. I mean seriously, Sony? What kind of name is that. So, I believe that if I give my daughter or son the name Sony he/she will maybe also have an unique life."

They continued to stare at her. Celestina pouted and began to walk to the entrance of the school.

"Never mind! You two wouldn't get it, let's head to the ceremony."

Sony laughed at how embarrassed Celestina was. She looks to Paul and smiles at the now ginger. "Let's head in too, we'll be late."


Sony turns around. Paul slides his hand behind her head and brings his face forward to his for a kiss. Sony smiles and gradually put her arms around his neck, moving her mouth against his. Paul was the first to pull away and smile at her. He hated moving schools, what he would never admit is that besides Sony he misses Riverbank. Even though Saint Leonard was a good school, he didn't feel at home. He grips her hand and pulls her alongside of him.

"We better get to the ceremony."


Sony sat in the rows of chairs, next to her was Paul along with Vincent beside her. One thing that also changed in the five months was how the two interacted. There was less glares and swearing, now the two were able to have conversations together. Sony did love the caresses and kisses, but being able to sit together and have a normal conversation also made her feel loved. 'Bomb Loan' was also with them, and even though he matured he still liked to sit on Sony's lap. Joon, Andy, and Bridgett was also sitting next to them beside Paul. Angelica was up near the front with her mother, waiting to catch a glimpse of her brother.

"There they are." Paul says.

Sony's head looks up to see Jagger and Ivan walking up next to each-other. She couldn't help it, but she immediately started to laugh. The brothers wearing a cap and gown was something that looked so unnatural to her. As she watched all the seniors walk up Sony thinks to how her year went.

For most of her high school years she went by as a loner. But now she's surrounded by people who care about her. It all started with Paul, even though she did not recognize him and he was cold as ice, he started the motion of all of this. Vincent, first she was deathly scared of him, but soon that fear went away and before she knew it Vincent was the one that needed her the most. 'Bomb Loan' was in dire need of love, he saw Sony at first as someone that could take care of him, soon though he wanted something else than a mother. Matty, he was a roller-coaster. He's shown so many diffrent colors, but soon he was able to finally just act the way he wanted to. Jagger was a big case too. At first he was trying to kill her, and the next he was using her as a new way of entertainment, same with Ivan. Then, both proclaimed they loved her.

She smiles to herself, how could she have ever thought they were a problem. Sony can't see her life any more without them.

"Miss Parker."

She looks behind her. There standing was Mrs. Gates and Edison. She blinks at the two teachers.

"What is it?"

"We would like to speak to you right now."

Sony nods and gets 'Bomb Loan' off her lap, saying that she'll be back to her friends. She follows the two teachers until they exited the gym into the halls. Mrs. Gates turns to Sony and lets out a cough. The woman seemed a little uncomfortable.

"Well-, um. Sony-." She huffs and turns to Edison. "You take over!"

He laughs at Mrs. Gates nervousness. "Well, aren't you the shy woman."

Her tone immediately turned to a deep low voice. "What did you say?"

"Nothing! Nothing!" Edison turns back to Sony and adjusts his glasses. "Well, since it's graduation you can stop this whole 'I don't know which of you I love' act with the boys. And tell me when you do because I have my office ready for all the broken hearts!"

Both woman stare at him, thinking he's acting too happy to face heart-broken teens. Mrs. Gates shook her head and turns back to Sony.

"We're sorry for pressing this on you months ago. But, you can do anything you want now. This may not be my business, but I would like to know which one you like the most."

She was silent. Her head was kept down as Sony bit her lip. Chose one of them, she knew the day would have to come. But, she's been ignoring it, pretending it would never come.


She turns around to see her group of friends and the six boys. Vincent, Paul, 'Bomb Loan', Ivan, Matty, Jagger. Sony smiles and turns back to the two teachers.

"Me too, I would like to know which one I love the most. But, for right now I love them all equally."


. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . . .


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