Achilles' Rappa Lyrics

A rap written by B. J. Williams

(The Ambush Beat fits this rap)

Yeah. I'll tell you what happened, back in 1500 BC.

Yo, my name is Achilles the best warrior Greek.

I'm one of the best Greek people that'll ever be.

I've lived through the Trojan War far before these people.

Now, it's time for me to tell my story.

You know, I don't know why. I tried to avoid Troy. I can't deny.

If I'd stay in Troy any longer, no matter what I do I'm gonna die.

It's my destiny that I can't choose, there are two things that it can be.

Live a long life without any action, or die young with everlasting glory.

The former is I want, not the latter.

But do the gods think of me, I don't matter.

*2 measures of rest*

I got pissed off at Agamemnon, when he swiped and took my girl.

I couldn't do anything but beg for her, and couldn't do anything to make him hurl.

But he always sits in the background of the war, enjoyin' all the women and all the wine.

While I and the soldiers are out fighting the Trojans, he just sits on his ass thinkin' everything is fine.

I always try to fight my best for the Greeks, but Agamemnon always treats me like shit.

He's acting like a prick. I decided to go out just for a little bit.

But then my mama came down from the heavens, she's a goddess who asked me 'bout my crying.

Why am I weeping and mourning, then I told he about my whining.

It all had started ten years ago having an issue dealing with a mess.

The Trojan prince named Paris had to give a single apple to one goddess.

He gave it to Aphrodite; then, she gave in Helen of Sparta.

And the king of Sparta summoned all the Greek fleets to get her back. Halla.

*Break it down*

After a time, Agamemnon said please, that I would come back to the army.

He offered money, and woman, and wine, and power to me.

But I was suspicious about the offer, that very bargain.

So, I turned it down, hoping I would go home again.

My cousin volunteered to fight the Trojans.

I allowed him in armor right up to the center.

But due to his aggression and passing the line,

He was brought down by the motha fucka Hector.

I couldn't do anything without my gear.

I asked my mama if she can help out here.

She called the blacksmith about my honor,

He made myself some pimped out armor.

So, I head into battle to face Hector, he was full of fear, I don't know.

He kept running away, hoping that the soldiers on the wall,

would shoot and strike me down with their bow.

I stuck my spear into his neck.

Then, he came crashing down look like a wreck.

I messed around with the body a bit, and

gave it back to the Trojans to go bury it.

Yeah, that's my story. The story of Achilles' rage. My rage.

Now, that my rage is quenched. It can calm down.

I'll just let Mr. Homer take it home.