I watch as she is finally spent. Her back arches in orgasmic pleasure, and then she slackens, panting as her exhaustion pulls her into a deep sleep, sweaty and sexually satisfied. My master dresses himself and the girl, smiling down at his latest victim.

"She was good." he says as his fingers stroke her closet doors, turning them black and making the white paint curdle and strip off. The doorknobs turn to hanging black knockers, and he pulls the doors open. Inside is nothing but a black abyss, blood red stairs leading to the incubus's lair. I take a candle and light it with my magic, leading my master to his home. The darkness seems to go on forever as we travel from the human world in silence, until finally we reach the mansion. The wrought iron is a dark red-violet black, the color of dried blood.

"Welcome back, Master." the twins say in unison. The male keeps his eyes to the ground, but his sister looks up at him like she has always been told to do. Lord Astaroth smiles at Nina and ruffles her hair; her brother's eyes flicker upward with rage, but he looks down quickly as his lord passes. They close the gate behind us. As I turn to look at them, Nina runs to her brother's arms as he holds her, stroking her back lovingly.

"I wonder what goes through their minds." my Lord says to himself as we enter the house, bypassing Ruth in the library, who stops dusting a bookshelf to bow to her master. "Being sibling lovers, it must be an interesting life."

"Indeed, sir." I reply as I must. Lord Astaroth looks at me over his broad shoulder and grins, his sharp incisor dimpling his full pink bottom lip.

"You don't sound like you agree with me, Zita." He laughs to himself before turning away. "Please fetch me the books I have on this list, and bring them to my study." With a snap of his gloved fingers, a piece of parchment materializes before my eyes. It unrolls, presenting seven titles for me to search for. I take the list and bow to him.

"Yes, My Lord." I recite before turning away and retreating back to the library. My heart is beating loud in my ears and my breathing is shallow. Ruth pretends not to notice, but she smiles to herself and polishes the wooden legs of a plush velvet reading chair, her short, inky black curls bouncing with every movement she makes.

"Not relieving yourself is bad for you health." she tells me. I glare hard at her, but she only laughs. "I understand your arousal. Lord Astaroth is handsome, indeed. I can only imagine what he looks like in bed."

"He isn't why I'm hard." I argue, trying to hide my erection as I walk to the bookshelf. "He chose a really good looking girl this time."

"Please, Zita." Ruth looks at me. "Everyone here knows you're gay. You make it too obvious."

"This is what our Lord has told me to wear." I gesture to my clothes. Maybe it is because of my slim figure that he makes me dress like I am a Las Vegas stripper. I'd always been teased because of the way I look; I'd even tried to kill myself because of how I'd been bullied. Lord Astaroth is the only person who makes me feel physically appealing to other people. Maybe that is why I didn't mind so much when he asked me to dress in small shorts and stockings.

"Of course, of course." She cracks her knuckles and massages her neck. "Will you need any help with Junior?"

"Not at all, thank you." I turn my back to her to hide my red cheeks. "But if you would not mind helping me find some of these books, I would greatly appreciate your assistance."

"Jeez, Mr. Rogers, no need to speak so formally. I'm not your grandmother, you know." She takes the paper from me and looks at it. "Yes, I know exactly where these are. Just wait a minute for me." She turns and disappears around the shelves of books. I sit in the recently cleaned chair, still smelling of that artificial, chemically lemon. In just a few minutes Ruth comes back carrying seven thick, heavy volumes.

"Thank you, Ruth."

"Anytime, babe. And if your bed every gets lonely, you know where to find me." She winks as I leave her behind. I walk up the stairs, my boots clacking loudly against the shiny white and black marble beneath my feet when I walk between the Oriental style rugs laid out. I walk past black doors and doorways, sounds hollowed out from behind the doors. When I reach my Lord's office, I use one leg to prop up the books, and I knock on his door.

"Come in, Zita." he orders. I open the door and readjust the books in my arms. Lord Astaroth is sitting behind his desk, a rosewood masterpiece carved in the early nineteenth and dyed red. A white vase of black roses decorates the corner, their petals spread wide in full bloom. My Master's desk is cluttered with papers.

"My Lord, here are the books you asked for." I say. He looks up from a handwritten letter and smiles.

"Thank you. Put them on the floor next to me."

"Yes, sir." I kneel next to him and place the books onto the stiff carpeting.

"Hmm. Zita?" he says suddenly, making me look up at him. He's handsome, of course, being an incubus; his eyes are red-violet, the whites of his eyes having a slight bluish tint. Today he's decided on wearing a burgundy frock coat stitched with crimson thread and lined in white silk. Underneath it a soft beige vest is pulled tight against his chest. His long, inky black hair is pulled loosely back with a ribbon matching the color of his coat.

"Yes, my Lord?"

"I want you to do something else for me." He leans closer, making me extremely nervous. "Look at the list I gave you."

"Yes, my Lord." I pick it up from the stop of the stack.

"Now, I want you to look for the title Seven Easy Steps to Becoming a Wiccan Master." He smiles at me and crosses his arms and legs. I look away from him and quickly skim the list. It only takes me seconds to realize that Ruth has done me in.

"I, ah…"

"You got someone else to do the task I assigned you?" I look up to see he is no longer smiling, but instead his face is neutral. It's never a good thing when my Master is expressionless.

"Ah, no, my Lord!" I quickly bow, my forehead hitting the floor almost painfully. "Ruth, she offered to get the books for me. She said she knew where they were and did not want me to keep you waiting for too long."

"And so you allowed her to do your work for you? I'm afraid I do not approve of that." He put his heavy, steel-toed boot on my head. "And you did not even do such a good job of slacking from your work. You could have at least made the effort of checking to make sure she brought you the correct titles."

"Forgive me, Master!"

"Hmm. I may. You are my favorite servant. Tell me, why was Ruth so kind to help you?"

"Um, she—"

"Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you're acting like you're not aroused at all." He laughs a little and removes his foot. "Tell me, how long have you been hard? Look at me, boy."

I swallow and look up at him, his lips pulled up by a playful smirk. "I don't know what you're talking about, my Lord."

"Oh, so you're lying to me now? And with the evidence right in front of me." He toes between my legs, and I have to bite my tongue to remain silent. A small grunt resonates in the back of my mouth. "You've offended me twice, Zita. I'll have to punish you now, my boy."

"My Lord, please spare me." I beg, kissing the leather of his ankle.

"Oh, no. I can't just let you get off for this." Without removing his foot from my crotch he leans over and examines the books I've brought him. He stops at a thick green book with a velvet belt around it. He examines the title and laughs. "You're just in luck. It seems Ruth was planning for this." He snaps his fingers, and suddenly the floor beneath me turns dark. I fall through the portal before I can breathe a word.

The room I end up in is completely unfamiliar to me. Shelves reach from the floor to the ceiling, full of atlases and other books with titles in old Latin and other languages I neither recognize nor read. I'm on a large bed, the sheets still warm from their recent cleaning and smelling strongly of lavender. A hearth sits across from the bed, a large green fire roaring. Dark blue smoke snakes up the chimney.

"My room." Lord Astaroth explains, making me jump. He holds the book on his shoulder, grinning. "A fitting stage for you punishment, I believe." He tucks the book underneath his arm and removes his gloves one at a time and simply drops them on the floor. "Don't move, or I'll kill you. I'd hate to make Marcos clean my sheets again." He walks to his window, where the blood red moon shines through the glass. On the sill is a small silver box gilded around the lock. My Master removes a key from one of his coat pockets and unlocks it.

Out from the darkened innards of the case crawls a small, peach-colored blob. Its shapeless form rests in Lord Astaroth's palm, sagging between his fingers. "Do you know what this creature is?" he asks me. I shake my head, my hands beginning to tremble. I clench them into fists. My nails are too short to cut into my skin from my bad habit of biting my nails. "Well, this will be an interesting discovery."

He turns to face me and holds his hand out at arm length. He chants something to it in a tongue I do not understand. The creature lunges from his palm, growing larger and bigger until it lands on the mattress, towering over me the size of an elephant. A tentacle reaches out and grabs my ankle, hoisting me upside down. That is when I realize what's about to happen to me.

"My Lord, please!" I beg as more limbs separate from the main body and grab me until I'm in a more comfortable, back-down position. But Lord Astaroth simply smiles and pulls up a chair. He sits backwards in it, resting his chin on his arms on the back of it.

"Now now, you don't want to startle it." he warns me, putting a finger to his lips. "It's a lovely pet of mine, but I have to keep it locked up in the dark to keep it moist. I call him Ileana."

"That's a woman's name!" I protest, the tentacles tightening their grips on me as they feel me move.

"What does it matter? It suits him, no?" My Lord tilts his head and laughs. The grin on his face is pure enjoyment, something I more would have expected to see on a child's face. "Now, Ileana. Undress him. But do it slowly, from the bottom to the top."

His pet immediately obeys him. Slippery limbs tug at my shoes and stockings. Their sticky slime moistens my skin until it gleams in the firelight. They wrap around the belt loops around my hips and slowly pull my shorts down to my ankles and over my feet. My black underwear is straining to keep my erection in.

"So you were lying to me." Lord Astaroth laughs as his creature finishes the job, leaving me completely bare. The cold makes me shiver, and my warm, throbbing shackles tighten. "You're beautiful, Zita. Did you know that? Toy with him a little, Ileana."

Several of the feelers release their grips, splitting off into several more moving heads. The monster seems to hesitate, until one slippery tentacle darts forward. Several of the small feelers tease my nipple, whish rises to its touch. I shudder at the sudden assault, biting my cheeks to keep from crying out, but my heavy breathing is audible. I hear my Lord laugh to himself as more of them stroke my skin, some of the heads sucking on my skin. They pinch, its way of leaving kiss marks. One of the sucking heads tends to the other sensitive bud, making my toes curl and my legs kick.

"So sensitive. Almost makes me want to touch you myself." he murmurs in his voice as velvety and smooth as his frock. "I'll make you a deal, Zita. If you can seduce me while just being touched by Ileana, I'll stop your punishment and tend to you myself. Go on, Ileana, don't go easy on him."

The monster picks up velocity. It tweaks and sucks on my nipples until I unclench my teeth and gasp in surprise. The monster takes advantage of my open mouth by shoving a tentacle between my teeth. It tastes salty and warm, sliding against my tongue and teeth. I moan past it as the feelers outside my body travel lower to my abdomen, rubbing the sensitive skin where my legs are connected to my hips, closer to the inside of my thighs. I writhe, trying to get out of its grip, which only tightens until my fingers begin to buzz with the loss of feeling.

"You're very sexy, Zita. But I'm not feeling it. Not yet. Continue."

The tentacle in my mouth slides out slowly, wiping itself across my already slick chest, down my navel, and it wraps around my hardened anatomy tightly, almost enough to hurt. I gasp as it slithers down slowly to cradle my testicles. It massages me slowly, making me cry out louder. My Lord only watches, smirking at me when I meet his eyes before I clench them shut at a particularly tight pull as Ileana strokes my genitalia, swirling hot and slick around them.

"Please!" I gasp. "Please, stop! Don't let it tease me any more."

"Already? Come now, Zita, I was hoping you could entertain me for a little while longer. Hurry up, Ileana, and finish what you've started."

Another tentacle pulls away from the main body, larger than the rest. It joins the one between my legs, stroking me from tip to base to loins, until it reaches my entrance and massages slowly. I gasp, almost scream, as it presses slowly between my buttocks. I feel that I am wet down there, and I stop fighting the thing. It's in my best interest to let the rape happen and finish my punishment. I force myself to loosen up and prepare my body as the large feeler pulls back and rams inside. As soon as it enters me it finds my sweet spot and I scream from the surprise, my body going slack for a single instant. My fingers spread wide and my toes curl inward to the point that my skin and joints ache. It flicks back and forth across my prostate before pulling back out and slamming itself back inside. I allow my voice to carry across the room as Ileana finds its rhythm, slow at first until it begins to speed up, hitting me over and over, constantly wriggling as I move my hips with it.

"Release him, Ileana." My Lord surprises me, and the beast lowers me, wet and aroused and still unsatisfied, to the bed. I watch as Ileana returns to its former size and Lord Astaroth returns him to his box, the clicking as it locks shut echoing in the room. He turns to face me.

"You have won my interest, Zita." He smiles at me and removes his coat. "May I ask you something?"

I sit up slowly. After such an embarrassing display, I think it silly to even try to hide myself. I nod slowly.

"Have I been imaging that you watch me with lust as I feed?"

I shake my head no.

"Speak to me, Zita. Is it true that you watch me, not my victims, with longing in your eyes?" He removes his vest and leans over to remove his boots, never taking his eyes from me.

"No, My Lord." I lower my head in shame, sweat-darkened blond hair falling to hide him from me.

"Do not look away from me." His voice is closer, and I look up to see he is just over me. "Do you love me, Zita? Be honest with me."

I bite my tongue. "Yes."

"Say it. Tell me you love me." His voice is urgent, almost desperate.

"I…" My heart tightens in my chest as I see that he is aroused from my performance earlier, and somehow that knowledge gives me the courage to look my Lord in his deep, blood-colored eyes. "I love you, Lord Astaroth."

He sighs, reaching up a hand to stroke my lips with his thumb. "Say my name again. Just my name; at this point I'd like you to drop the 'Lord.'"

I lean into his palm. "Astaroth." His name tastes bittersweet on my tongue. Astaroth smiles then, and leans down to kiss me. His tongue slides between my lips, rubbing against mine.

"I'll hope that you'll forgive me for that." he says in a low, husky voice when he breaks the kiss so that I can breathe.

"Yes." I say, nodding. My Lord smiles and kisses me again, pushing me slowly, gently, back onto the bed. I reach up with my shaking hands and begin to undo the buttons on his shirt. He allows me to undress him, letting go of me only so I can slide his shirt off of his arms and drop it on the edge of the bed. It falls off and hits the floor silently.

I move my hands to his trousers, my fingers hitting too low and brushing against his straining crotch. As he continues to kiss me hungrily he reaches one hand and undoes his buttons. I aid him in pulling off his clothes until he, too, is naked. Our bodies pressed together painfully; I wrap my legs around his hips as he positions me to finish what his monster has started. He only has to enter me, as I have already been prepared by his little pet.

"Please forgive me if I am clumsy." he whispers, his breath hot in my ear. "You're the first man I've held in centuries."

And he plunges headfirst deep into me. Like Ileana, his aim is dead on. I tighten myself around him, afraid of letting go. I let my voice free from my throat as my Lord finds a quick tempo and keeps to its beat. I dig my hands into his shoulder and back as we rock back and forth together, the bed creaking slightly with our movements, until we release almost simultaneously.

Astaroth collapses on top off me, breathing heavily. As I exhale he inhales until we breathe normally. Astaroth pulls out of me slowly, making me start in surprise, and he wriggles to relocate the blankets over us. It's a very normal thing, very human, and it surprises me. Lying on my back I watch him as he lays the thick, softened wool over me and himself. As he lies back down I cuddle up to him, my wet hair sticking to his chest. I feel his large body shake in laughter and he puts his arms around me.

"Next time," I say, and pause in case he corrects me, "you won't use Ileana, will you?"

"No, I will not." he agrees, stroking my shoulder blade with his thumb. "I won't allow him to touch you again after tonight."

I smile against his skin and close my eyes, lulled into sleep by the deep beat of his devilish, black heart.