I had this in my head today, as my best nakama starts college this week and imagined this plus I haven't written any Aria stuff on here but hope you enjoy.

Izz's quirky family is changing, and some members need to adjust to these changes but the family will always be together no matter what and hope people like.

It was an normal day in the Robert's house, as Izz was waking up, as he knew it was September, and was feeling worried, knowing his Queen would be going to college but knew that she wouldn't be going but her nakama was going as she was going to do computer stuff along with fitness but knew she'd be miserable, but he saw her asleep but snuck downstairs, seeing Bronx there making breakfast but saw Ashulu was awake but he and Ashulu were going back to Aria but he was staying here, with his Queen but knew a certain dark blue skinned Ogreia Heart Ogreix Warrior was still living here with them.

"You're going to miss me, right Izzard?" Bronx asked.

The silver grey furred Psammead male nodded, as he and Bronx were fraternal twins and very close but he then was helping make pancakes, knowing that there were a lot of things to get used to, like David going to college along with Leah, but would get used to it.

"Yes I will, Bronx." he said softly.

The brown grey furred male Psammead knew that his younger brother was very lonely without his friends.

"You're not going to be lonely, Izzard.

Our family here will be there." he told him.

Izz sighed, drinking coffee, as Leah entered but was dressed, as she was starting college today, but excited, as she was looking forward to it but also had soccer afterwards.

"Morning, Leah.

Somebody seems happy." Bronx said.


I'm worried about my nakama, as she'll probably be sad and bored without me, but maybe you uys can help her out.

Izz nodded, but he saw David join them, as he was eating breakfast, but was sketching ideas for a video game he had but was to do with Aria, but he knew Leah was excited about college.

"What's up with Bronx and Ashulu?" he asked her.

"They're going back to Aria.

But Izz isn't happy." Leah answered.

She then realised it was time to go to college, but she and David were leaving, but Izz sighed, as he knew Bronx and Ashulu were leaving but knew Ashulu's sister would be upset if her big brother left.

He then went to watch anime for a little while.

Ogre Child's dark eyes fluttered open, realising it was late in the morning, as she'd been having dreams about Aria but sensed her Queen was sad about something along with Izz but went to get dressed in a Super dry shirt, with black jeans and biker boots, but wore a leather jacket, as her long tendril like black hair hung around her face messily but she went downstairs to get something to eat, but saw that her Queen was going out for the day, knowing she didn't have college or a job to keep herself busy, but was going to Aria with Izz, as they could open portals back to there from this world, but hoped she'd be okay.

But she heard humming, as she knew it was her Queen as she was listening to music on her earbuds, but had grabbed her New York handbag and long cane, going out making her smile, as she was in her Humanix form.

She then hoped she'd be okay.

Later, Jen laughed as their Queen had returned to Aria for a while but she was having fun, as she was always having fun but Ogre Child smiled, seeing her being happy but knew that she'd have to go back to Earth and to their family, but she then opened a portal back to Earth.

"I'll be back soon, Your Highness.

I know Leah will be happy seeing you." she told her.

Carley then went through it, as the portal closed after she went through, but she knew that things will be okay, as she knew Leah was probably back from college.

Leah was exhausted, after soccer and college, as she entered her room, but was missing Bronx, but understood that he wanted to return to the kingdom but she laid on the bed while listening to Vocaloid music on her earbuds, but she then heard the door open, as Yuri entered.

The light purple furred Psammead female was nine years old, but had been playing in her and David's room with her toys but she didn't go to school but knew normally David played with her during the day, when she was younger, but she was sad that David was too busy to play with her, as he had homework.

"Will you play with me, Leah?" she asked her.

She rubbed sleep from her eyes, but smiled as she knew that the female Psammead was bored.

"Maybe later." she answered.

Yuri then left the room, but was watching TV while sketching, as she was good at Art but hoped things would get better, as her brother hugged her.

"It's okay, Yuri.

Things are changing, but it's gonna be hard to get used to it." Izz said gently.

"I hope so, Izz." she said.