Chapter 1

Once I had a dream about chickens taking over the world. I'm not joking. There were thousands of chickens outside my house and all I could hear was the sound of their clucking. They were coming to get revenge on me for killing thier brothers. My obsession with eating chicken had angered them and now they were going to kill me and eat me. Wait... I think chickens are vegetarian. So not the eating part but you get the picture. It was only when the chickens had me surrounded, was when I woke up. When I told my two friends about the dream they thought it was hilarious.

I did not find it funny. To this day, I still thought that eventually the chickens will get revenge on me. That didn't however stop me from eating chicken.

Moving on.

My name is Cody McGuire and I am sixteen years old. First of all I have to tell you, I love food. I couldn't ever live without it; I can eat a whole burger in ten seconds. I'm not joking. You probably gathered from I odd dream, that i'm rather strange(or retareded as my friends like to call me). I personally prefer to use the word "unique."

I had two of the awesomest friends ever, Xavier and Ken. I've known the two since I was born. Xavier and I are the same age but Ken is a year older. I should warn you, we're all black belts in karate so you wouldn't want to get on our band side. Ken's Japanese and his dad's our sensei. Sadly, being friends with his son didn't help, in fact he was always extra hard on us, it kind of sucked but at least I have my black belt now.

I have been in god knows how many fist fights… what it's not my fault some people are asses. There was this one dude who had the biggest muscles ever and I still whipped his ass.

I was currently lying at the skate park making pictures with the clouds when Xavier came and jumped on top of me, I yelped and shoved him off.


"Cody… chill out." he laughed.

What it wasn't my fault I was on my period.

There you have it, I'm a girl. You probably suspected it when I started talking about clouds right. I'm a complete tomboy who used to roll around in mud all day when I was younger. I even wear guys' clothes; what? They're more comfy. The reason me being a tomboy was probably the fact that I spent my whole life with Xavier and Ken. I don't care though because I love who I am and don't give a crap that most people think i'm a freak or a lesbian (which i'm not).

I wasn't ugly or anything, but I just didn't try to look good for anything. I have layered long black hair and no, I did not dye it, it's my natural hair colour. I also have big, bright green eyes so Ken calls me 'C-cat.'

I fell back to the floor again and continued my cloud watching. I felt Xavier lie down next to me and then poke my stomach so I poked him back and this continued for three or four minutes until Ken joined us.

"Hey kids, what are you doing?" he said kicking me lightly with his foot.

Ken is definitely a looker. He has messy black hair with red streaks and dark Japanese eyes. He is also the most mature one out of all of us which makes sense considering he's the oldest.

Xavier on the other hand is a lot like me, only less random and retarded. Xavier has long, shaggy brown hair and he's usually always wearing his black beanie. He has icy blue eyes; have I told you how much I love his eyes? Anyways… moving on, believe it or not, Xavier is only four days older than me but sadly he never lets me forget that.

"Okay I for one am beat from skating," I declared, curling up into a ball and turning to face Xavier.

"Okay lazy chicken, lets get going then," Xavier said but we all just stayed where we were.

"Err… guys, are we leaving?" Ken asked. Yep, we have this habit of saying we're leaving but then not moving.

"Right… I'm going off home to play Halo 3," Ken said and at that moment me and Xavier shot up and ran after Ken.

"So Ken, can I have some of that really nice sushi your momma makes?" I asked licking my lips. Seriously, his mom makes the best sushi in the whole entire universe.

"Dude, all you think about is food," Xavier stated.

"You can talk, I saw you stuff ten of those sushis in your mouth last time," I claimed. Xavier glared at me and stuck his tongue out.

"Hold up guys, did I say you can come, let alone eat my sushi?" Ken cut in.

"Do we ever ask, besides its Halo dude, that's like the best game ever," I declared. Xavier agreed with me and high fived me.

After four hours of intense playing of Halo 3, and gobbling down fifty sushi's between the three of us, we decided call it a night. It was already midnight and Ken's dad had already gone up to bed.

We were lying on the sofa resting our fingers when I felt someone pull my hair. I screamed for dear life and jumped onto Xavier.

"Dude!" he complained. I turned around to face a certain little black haired girl.


I heard loud laughter come from Ken and then Xavier joined in. I whacked Xavier over the head and went back to where I was sitting and faced Emiko. Miki, which is short for Emiko, is Ken's five year old sister.

I admit it; I do have some girly feelings like how I think Miki is the cutest little girl I have ever seen. Miki had silky black hair which she always wore in two high pigtails. The thing you can't forget about Miki is that although she may look cute and harmless on the outside, she's can get violent and vicious when she wants to. That only makes me love her even more.

"Hey Mik, what's up?" I asked her.

"Cody, I'm scared, could you sleep in my bed with me?" she asked. I smiled at her, this was regularly happened. Miki had a phobia of the dark, poor kid… Okay, okay, I admit it; I may be teeny tiny bit scared of the dark. I patted Miki on the head.

"Sure, Miki, come on Xave, we're spending the night," I instructed.

After we phoned our parents, telling them we were staying over, (we always stayed over at each other's houses) I put on a pair of Ken's boxers and a t-shirt. Ken was sleeping next door and Xavier and I climbed into the covers, either side of Miki. It was a good job that Miki had a huge bed and could fit all of us.

Miki had already fallen asleep and I could feel my eyes start to drop. I could feel a pair of eyes watching; I opened my eyes and met with Xavier's blue eyes. He had an odd expression on his face but I was too tired so I smiled at him and said goodnight.

"Goodnight Xave," I mumbled drifting off.

"Goodnight Cody," he replied and this time I really did fall asleep.