Title: We'll Meet Again

Warning: A little angst, not a very happy ending.

Author's Note: Wrote this on a whim; I only thought about this idea last night, when I had the sudden urge to write again after a hiatus. Definitely a lot darker than what I had initially intended, but I hope you like it nonetheless :)

I turned to face him. I only found myself immersed in the deep blue shade of his eyes, all initial resolution dissolved. It was my one and only weakness. Something I thought I never had.

I closed my eyes, only to find images of him flashing across my mind. I pressed my lips against one another, trying to keep a straight face as I held back my tears.

I remembered. I remembered the times when our arms would hold one another, when our hands would intertwine, when our lips would touch. Sometimes I just wanted to relive those moments. I wanted to go back to those lovely times when his smile was enough to make even the most worrying thing disintegrate into nothing but distant thoughts. I bit my lower lip.

No, I must remember to let go.

The minute I stepped into the room, I told myself that I would erase all of our beautiful memories and banish them from my mind. They cannot be thought of again, they cannot come back to remind me of the love we once had.

I sighed.

He had completely captured my heart. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what was so attractive about him – was it his boyish good looks? Was it his blonde curls? Or was it his sexy little smile? Anyhow, his love was so fast and so infectious; before I could defect it, it hit me like a bullet - and I was hopelessly falling into his arms, my heart skipping a beat whenever his gaze fell upon me.

No. I mustn't. I mustn't continue thinking like that.

I shook my head.


I took in a deep breath as I opened my eyes, ready to face him again.

Just as I thought, my walls came crashing down the moment he glanced my way.

My heart came to a stop as I felt his hand touch mine.

"Poppy..." He started. His soft, sweet voice made my lips tremble, his grasp beginning to feel tighter as I tried to let go. I couldn't continue. I couldn't bear to look at him anymore.

He held my fingers to his lips.

His soft, soft lips.

I kept my eyes shut, just cherishing the moment.

After what seemed like an eternity, he withdrew his hand from me. My heart sank.

Deafening silence filled the room, our eyes unable to tear away from one another. Every loving look he gave me was like a dagger through my heart as I recalled every second we spent with each other. I could hear my own heart shattering to bits and pieces, and no amount of words or comforting could ever mend it.

"So, it's down to this huh?" I broke the silence. I stared down at the floor, my eyes already filled with tears.

He laughed.

"I guess so."

"I never thought we'd be here now."

He paused for a while, before he answered:

"Well, we are."

I laughed bitterly. Holding out his other hand, he brushed it across my face - a habit of his since we met ten years ago. Since we became classmates, since we became best friends, till now when we are both 26 years-old. We have been best friends and lovers for the past ten years. And now he's saying he's leaving? The thought of it just threw me off the edge.

Before I could control myself, tears came rolling down my cheeks, my blinking eyes trying desperately to hide whatever emotion I was showing.

Even though the tears blinded my eyes, I could imagine his face as he pushes a strand of hair behind my ear, his hand cupping my tear-stained cheek as I begin to cry even harder.

"Dammit, Adam! You promised!" I croaked, "You promised me you'll be here forever-"

"-And always. I've never forgotten, my dear." I could see his eyes turning red.

"Then why! Why, you-"

His lips crashed against mine, as I lost myself in his arms yet again. I momentarily regained a little bit of happiness, a feeling that has never crossed my mind for a long time. It took me back to the time when he still hadn't fallen ill.

I looked down at Adam once again, his very sickly-self lying on the hospital bed. I could hear the beeping of the breathing monitor go slower and slower.

"We'll meet again." He smiled sadly, our hands intertwined again.

"Promise?" I choked on my tears; I couldn't even hear my voice anymore.

Using all of his remaining strength, he nodded.

"Goodbye, Poppy..."

His whisper gradually getting softer and softer…

"...I love you."

Crying, I held his hand.

"I love you too, Adam."

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