Rebirth in Death

She looked at him and slowly turned away
Didn't say a word yet still broke his heart
Tired of the misery she felt every single day
In life she longed for a better start.

He begged her to turn back around
When she did so her eyes began to bleed
She opened her mouth and out poured the sound
Of sorrows great and deep indeed…

She confessed to him that their life was gone
That between the two of them there was no forever
Explained she had tried her best to right the wrong
That seemed to always come when they were together

The constant battles that raged in their words
The multitude of nights they spent alone
The wars that started over things so absurd
And the sadness in her heart that had grown…

This supposed paradise had fallen into disrepair
With hearts that were beat and broken
Suffering wounds from the one who was meant to care
But instead lashed out in violence spoken

In the life they shared, she cried millions of tears
They cascaded down her face like streams
Flooding at her feet for all of the years
Until they finally drowned away her screams

But she finally picked her up her head
And finally managed to swim to shore
And away from him she suddenly fled
She just couldn't deal with him anymore…

Her heart was heavy in her hand
But she had to take it back for it to be saved
Because it appeared that he did not understan
Just how she was miserable and depraved

That her love was more like robotic
That she when three words came out in monotone
She was under some kind of trance hypnotic
Because her heart had turned to stone.

But in this death there will be a rebirth
From the ashes this phoenix learns to fly
Finding out what she's truly worth
And learning to give life another try

Placing the left foot down and then the right
She's learning how to walk on her own
Down this path toward a future bright
Even if she is all alone.

She takes a moment to pause and reflect
And looks behind herself to him
Towards his feelings she means no disrespect
But she refuses to be his little whim.

She waves a silent farewell and starts to go
And pleads for a return fall on deaf ears
She's off to find the rebirth that she knows
Will save her from the loneliness and tears…