Longing for the Lost

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A story about a girl who loves a boy, who never knew.

There is something utterly demeaning abut starring at the back of a head

But for five long years I have suffered my fate and longed

I longed to be hugged by his arms, and kissed by his lips

To speak with his words, and argue against his opinions

And at one time I thought I was close, very close

To gaining what I had desired to claim as my own

But then he became attached to another

So now every time I turn the corner, there he stands

Entwined in another and connected forever

And I was left all alone

Pretending that he was kissing my lips

Author's Note:

September 4th, 2:00 pm

Written at a family function where once again my cousin asked me who I was dating. This is what I wanted to say, but couldn't. Still writing poetry instead of my college essy... go figure!

Hope you like it, and even if you didn't, all feedback is welcome!