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Full Moon

The full moon was approaching and Cody could feel it already on his skin. The itch to shift and prowl the forest, to howl at the moon and run with his pack. He had finally reached his sixteenth birthday, which meant in a few days he would be allowed to join his pack on the Full Moon Mating feast and search for his mate. Cubs weren't allowed, and his parents were adamant about that rule. Only when he reached the consented age for mating (sixteen), could he go with them.

"Cody," a strong, rumbling voice took him out of his stupor and he turned around in surprise. His Alpha stood in the living room, Cody's parents behind him.

Cody lowered his gaze to the Alpha's sternum, showing his submissiveness. "Alpha."

His pack's Alpha, Lucian, had an impressive figure. At 6' 3", with dark unruly hair and a body of defined, rippling muscles, his appearance screamed dominancy. He was always a stunning sight wherever he went, especially since he had yet to find his mate.

Cody was a meager 5' 6" and the youngest in his pack. His wolf had a golden pelt with a brown underbelly and paws. It showed on his hair, gold in the front and sides, with short cherry brown hair in the back.

"I heard you are going to participate in the Mating feast," his Alpha commented, observing him from head to toe. It was one of his jobs to make sure his members lived a healthy life and in good conditions.

"Yes," Cody nodded eagerly, unable to hide his excitement.

"Unmated members must be prepared for the Mating and understand the responsibility it carries," Lucian sat on the couch, and Cody sat as well. His father sat on his rocking chair by the door, while his mother prepared them a snack in the kitchen. "Some wolves do not find their mate on the first feast. Sometimes it takes years."

Cody knew that well. Lucian himself was a good example, still unmated at the age of twenty eight.

"You must also be prepared to bring her or him to this pack and vice versa," Lucian crossed his hands on his knees, eyes trained on him. "Are you ready for that, Cody? To share your life with someone else?"

Cody bit his lip. That seemed like an awful lot of responsibility to put on a sixteen year old teen. But he didn't think it would be a problem, he was still sixteen. The law clearly stated he could remain with his parents or his mate's parents until they reached the age of eighteen. His parents had also assured him they would take care of him and his mate, as long as he needed. Besides, he really wanted to find his mate, the other wolf that would belong to him and him alone.

"Well, I haven't thought much in advance but… I want to find my mate."

"Then it's settled. Your parents won't be allowed to participate in the Mating race before the feast since they're already mated, but they will be there later. I'll take you and the others to the race." Lucian stood up and Cody stood as well.

"Until then," he approached Cody, who instinctively tilted his neck back. The Alpha liked to recognize them by smell, which was impregnated in them through a bite in wolf form. Cody had a mark to prove it, two puncture wounds. His bite had scarred, although he knew it normally didn't. Lucian was probably feeling possessive when he did it. Or angry. Or something.

Lucian sniffed his neck, rubbing his nose against the scar and giving an appreciative growl. Cody could feel the vibration to his core. Something else touched his neck and Lucian stepped away, exiting the room with his parents behind.

Cody stood there, rooted to the spot, a blush on his face. He could swear he felt something wet on his neck. Did Lucian just lick him?

He massaged his neck, feeling his wolf a bit restless on the inside.

What was that about?

"Cody, are you ready?" his mother called from downstairs.

Cody took one last nervous look at the mirror. He had on a plain white T-shirt and jeans. He was barefoot since he would shift once the Mating race started and shoes would just be annoyances to get rid of.

As he ran down the stairs towards the hall, the first thing he noticed was Lucian by the door. And that wasn't all. He looked good.

Cody swallowed dry. The Alpha was wearing a leather jacket, black pants and a tight black tank top, showing his more than drool worthy physique.

"Cody," Lucian gave him a small nod, eyes roaming up and down his figure. He responded with a smile and his eyes focused on the other's sternum. "Ready?" the Alpha's voice curled around him.

Cody could feel his wolf grow agitated, excited by the Lucian's presence.

That was weird.

"Yes, let's go," he hugged his parents, which told him not to drink and if his mate was female (which they seemed to doubt for some reason) he should use protection because she could get pregnant.

Yeah, what an advice to give a sixteen year old teen. If receiving sexual advices from his parents didn't scar him for life, imagining a pregnant girl as his mate did.

Cody felt embarrassed, he was sure Lucian must have heard that.

Outside, five other members stood, two of them hugging because of the cold. Cody shivered, his breath misting in front of him. He always forgot the forest was cold at night, even during summer.


He felt a warm cloth envelop his back. He turned around to see Lucian without his leather jacket, zipping it up on him to keep him warm.

"Thank you," he whispered. The Alpha's smell permeated the jacket, surrounding him. It was the smell of wet earth and some kind of liquorish spice. It smelled so… tasty. He shivered, this time not from the cold.

He followed Lucian towards the surrounding forest along with the others, excited and nervous all at once. Finally, he was going to search for his mate.

Sound was the first thing he noticed, followed by smell and the light of a fire. They arrived at a large clearing, where 100 or more people swarmed around a bonfire. The alphas were all gathered in a circle, talking and looking rather dominant, with broad shoulders and intelligent eyes. The crowd was incredibly noisy. Several people touched each other to check for compatibility, while the females preferred to tease the males.

Wow… Cody had never seen so many wolves together. His pack was a large one, with more than thirty members and a few cubs on the way. But most of them were already mated and enjoyed having a quiet life. This was… exhilarating. Old guys, cocky women, even teenagers like him. And he was pretty sure a girl in the last group winked at him.

His wolf was itching to come out, pushing as the full moon appeared between dark clouds.

"Stay close to me," Lucian's breath tickled his ear. He almost whined at the touch, but nodded.

What's wrong with me, responding like this? He knew he was more submissive during the full moon, but this was just awkward. What would the others say if they knew he was responding to the Alpha's dominance more than he should? Snap out of it!

"Welcome, everyone!" An old Alpha, with grey long hair, spoke above all others, voice resounding through the air. "The Full Moon has come and it's time for another Mating feast!" the wolves hushed down to hear his words, though the air vibrated with their excitement. "Let the Mating race BEGIN!"

Wolves howled, undressing to shift to their natural forms. Cody did the same, a little conscious about being naked. It quickly disappeared as he shifted, his wolf taking over.

So many scents…

Rolling on the earth and stretching his limbs, he barked in anticipation. Several others bypassed him and he could feel a delicious smell close by. What is that?

The moon took his breath away and he howled. Other howls joined his, heady. All of them started racing, leaving dirt behind as their paws sank on the ground. Cody followed them, not really sure where was he supposed to go. Lucian was nowhere to be seen. How was he supposed to stay close if he wasn't there?

But his wolf seemed to know exactly what to do. It sniffed the earth, searching… searching… there!

An odor filled his nostrils to the brim, making him shut his eyes in bliss. A growl rumbled on the back of his throat. Yes… my mate… mate…

He took off, running between bodies, searching for the owner of the scent. He received several nips on his legs, but their scents were all wrong. It was not his.

He ran faster, looking for him, calling with a howl. Several howls responded but none felt right.

Where was he?

A loud howl pierced above all others, making him stumble through the trees as he recognized the sound and the scent.


A large, black wolf, entered his field of vision and he ran after him. It was him, his mate. He could feel it. He ran as fast as he could, but it was obvious the other was faster, bigger and stronger.

The black wolf kept glancing behind, making sure he was following.

They reached a smaller clearing, with a depression in the middle. The black wolf halted, eyes on him as it waited for him to step closer. He was strangely familiar. And his smell was so strong now, there was no mistake. He was his mate.

The wolf seemed even bigger as it approached him. Two black orbs bore into him as the black wolf muzzled his neck and licked his nose.

Oh… yes… mate… Cody yapped. He showed his neck in submissiveness. He was the smaller of the two, after all. He sat down, rolling to show his belly, trying to please the other and to see if he found him as attractive as well.

The other wolf, who was still strangely familiar, growled in approval. The black wolf muzzled his neck once again and sat down covering his body, marking him with his scent.

He heard the snap of bones and saw the black wolf shift. It was time to get to know each other, so he shifted as well.

Panting, he looked up and saw dark unruly hair and a handsome face of dark eyes gazing at him with lust.


"Lucian?" he asked in confusion. Lucian was his mate? His Alpha?

"Cody," his name was pronounced with a lustful rumble and he trembled, wolf whimpering on the inside.

Oh… That was… How could he not have realized this? Lucian was his mate.

"I waited for you for so long," Lucian licked his neck. Cody whimpered, grabbing the Alpha's forearms tightly. Lucian growled, eyes hungry as his teeth lengthened. Cody knew what was coming, but he wasn't prepared for the prickle of pain and pleasure that flooded him as Lucian bit his neck, puncturing skin to mark him. Mine.

"Lucian…" he could feel blood trickling down, which Lucian quickly lapped with his tongue.

"Oh god," Cody moaned.

"I couldn't take you when you were little. But I knew it since the moment I saw you," Lucian kissed him hard, biting his lip gently to make him open up and allow his tongue inside, tasting him. "You were so young, barely ten years old when I marked you," The Alpha sucked on his bottom lip, swallowing his whimpers and groans.

Cody felt as if he was drunk with the other's scent.

"You smell so good," Lucian uttered, running his hands up his stomach and caressing his arms.

The teenager knew he was rock hard, and if the steel length pressed against his thigh was anything to go by, so was Lucian.

"Look at me," Lucian said and Cody opened his eyes, which he didn't remember closing.

Lucian swallowed dry. Cody's half lidded eyes gazed up at him lustfully, his cock weeping. His throat was fully exposed in submissiveness, something he had done but probably hadn't realized.

"Lucian," Cody called him, yearning.

"I have to- I can't wait anymore," Lucian grabbed his thighs, pulling them up as he settled in between. Cody blushed, and fingers pushed his cheeks apart, making his blush intensify.

"Are you going to…?" he wanted to ask if there would be any preparation before mating, but he wasn't sure, his parents never talked to him about male mates.

And thinking about his parents was a mood killer, if not for the tongue suddenly touching him.

Lucian licked around his hole, seeing it twitch in response. He sucked on his middle finger, covering it with saliva before probing gently, pushing in to the knuckle. Cody was so thigh and warm, shuddering around his finger. The Alpha groaned, wanting to sink inside that heat so freaking bad. But he had to prepare Cody first, he didn't want their mating to be painful.

Cody moaned, as the finger inside slid at a fast rhythm. Another was quickly added, scissoring to stretch him up. He had yet to feel any discomfort.

"Lucian please, I want you," he begged, nails scratching the Alpha's shoulders as his wolf grew agitated, wanting to be with its mate.

Cody watched as Lucian spit on his hand, coating his cock and positioning himself.

"Ready?" Lucian pierced inside in one stroke. Cody moaned, feeling hazy, his head lolling to the side.

Lucian started a hard, pounding pace, not giving his ass time to adjust.

"Oh, fuck!" Cody swore, feeling Lucian touch a place inside that made him see stars.

With the full moon up and their intense scents melding together, Cody didn't last long, coming with a shout, which Lucian silenced with a hard kiss. Lucian came right after, growling to the forest his claim, and biting Cody's neck again.

Panting, Cody gasped as Lucian carefully pulled his spent cock out. Lucian sighed, lying down on his back with a small smile. Cody snuggled close, head resting on the Alpha's shoulder with a thigh between his legs.

Lazily drawing circles on the other's stomach, his eyes fluttered close. "So you're my mate. What happens now?"

"Now, nothing. Tomorrow, you'll come live with me," Lucian whispered, kissing his cheek, forehead and whatever he could reach.

I love you, Cody wanted to say. He bit his lip. "I… I lo-"

"I love you too," Lucian smiled, kissing his lips and circling their tongues.

Cody sighed in contentment. He had finally found his mate.

My mate.

The End.