Captured and Defense

Chris slept beside me leaning against the metal wall of the warehouse, blindfolded and with his wrists tied together in front of him. What had I done? I had endangered the one person I didn't ever want to see this side of me. No, not even that, No one should ever see me like this. If they did… I didn't want to know the answer to that question. But the situation was here and now, and there was nothing I could do except accept the inevitable and pray that both of us survived this nightmare or at least he-… before I could finish the thought, the door in front of us opened and through it stepped a group of people. They all wore black sturdy, fitted clothing and I knew that inside the long trench coats and belts that they wore were weapons. The leader of this group, a tall bald man with a mustache and stubble on his chin, was named Joseph and it had been him who had captured me and kidnapped my best friend from his home to bring him here as bait for me. Needless to say, the bait worked and Joseph now had the means of bending me to his will. I was helpless.

"How's my wolf girl on this bright sunny day?" he asked cheerfully, spreading his arms out as if to come hug me. I narrowed my eyes and glared at him.

"There is no sunlight in here, if you haven't noticed, Joseph." I said his name with pure hatred. Joseph chuckled as if I had told him a joke.

"Now now, my dear. No need to be bitter. I set you free here didn't I? That was much better than when you had been confined with steel shackles and a gag, right?" Joseph raised his eyebrows in a knowing gesture. I swore and looked away. "That's no way for a lady to talk." He tsked. I shrugged, still not looking at him. The man in front of me sighed. "Is there nothing that I can do to please you and take that frown off your face?" He asked. For a moment, Joseph sincerely looked as if he wanted to help me feel better, but I knew that was a lie. I looked up then and stared into his eyes.

"Let my friend go free and unharmed." I demanded. Joseph shook his head sadly.

"I can't do that my dear, because, you see if I did that, you would escape also and you know I can't let that happen." He responded, shaking his head and walking a short distance away from me. I growled low in my throat.

"I'll stay, if he leaves." I said.

"I can't trust you Sarah."

"Why not? I haven't done anything to your stupid guards, have I? I'm pretty sure that there have been several opportunities for me to have killed…."I looked around, calculating. "At least four of them by now. They make many mistakes." I sniffed and smiled devilishly at Joseph. One of the men that had walked in behind Joseph took a step forward in anger.

"You brat!" He yelled, beginning to draw his weapon from his belt. Someone behind him grabbed his arm, and the two silently struggled with a short battle of wills, for a minute before the first man nodded, gritted his teeth and retreated back to his original position.

"Well, it looks like I should leave you but first; I would like to see how your strength is holding up under these conditions." He waved a woman forward. She was average in height with a fit body. The mere presence of this woman, however, put me on guard and I leaned forward into a crouching position. Joseph smiled approvingly.

"This is Jasmine. She is one of my most faithful comrades here. I would like for her to test you." He explained. I growled. As long as she didn't harm Chris, it didn't matter to me what she did. Jasmine stepped forward and I rose to my feet. I had to be careful. The hunters here had a lot of experience in fighting and they were strong. My opponent pulled out a sword from her belt, throwing the sheath circled each other slowly, syncing out breathing rates. We were sizing each other up and predicting what the first move was going to be. Then suddenly, Jasmine leapt forward, bringing the sword over her shoulder and swinging her arms out in a slashing movement toward me. I jumped to the side and spun in a circle to aim a punch but then she was in front of me again and I barely dodged her swing by leaping backwards. A few hoots and hollers came from the audience,… and that was what woke Chris. He sat up straighter, trying to stretch his cramped muscles.

"Sarah?" he called. I grinded my teeth, not taking my eyes off of Jasmine.

"I'm here Chris. Just give me a moment." I replied.

"What's going on? Why is there a crowd of people in here? Where are you?" he asked nervously. I was suddenly hit with the desire to run to his side and wrap my arms around him to comfort him. But I had a threat in front of me at present so he would have to wait.

"I'm right here Chris. Just give me a moment." I reassured. Jasmine jumped forward again, taking advantage of my distraction. I had to focus or I would be shredded by her sword. This time I spun on my heel and landed a bone crushing kick on my opponent's leg. Well, it would have been bone crushing if she hadn't moved at the last second and avoided the full force of my attack. Jasmine smirked, looking at the torn material on her pants where the air pressure of my foot had clipped her. She slashed her sword in the air, repositioning herself for the next 's body tensed instantly when he recognized the familiar ringing sound of the blade slashing through air.

"Are you in a fight, Sarah? Sarah?" his voice carried the obvious sounds of desperation and fear, rising in pitch. I pushed the thought of him back in my mind, trying to ignore my desires. I had to keep my concentration on my foe. Chris would then have no way to survive and I couldn't allow that to happen. Jasmine and I attacked each other aggressively, throwing blow after blow at each other but also dodging the blows that came at us, escaping total trauma. Soon we were covered in bruises and small minor cuts. Then just when I had thought I had an advantage over her, my opponent spun and aimed her sword….at Chris. I flew forward with every inch of strength I had left, my mind screaming at my body to move faster. My eyes dilated…and before I knew it, I was looking up at Jasmine and the sheath of her sword was in my hands, blocking the blow that would have killed Chris in an instant. Everyone froze. My heartbeat was racing and my blood roared in my ears. The room felt too hot. I felt my body tensing in anticipation of her next move but Joseph stepped forward, clapping his hands.

"Well done, well done both of you." He came up beside jasmine and touched her arm, signaling her to put her weapon away. She complied, after another second of staring at me, and then retreated back to the group by the door. Joseph stood above me, looking down at my furious expression as I stayed crouching by Chris. My breathing was still coming out in racing gasps of anger.

"You're still weak, little one. Your strength is waning as you keep your resolve to be tied to your friend." He said in a dark tone. A growl rumbled from my throat.

"You stay away from him. I swear, Joseph, if you so much as touch one hair on his head, I will kill you in the most excruitiating way possible and burn your body when I'm done." I threatened. Joseph's lips tightened into a thin line. He suddenly spun on his toe and landed a solid kick at my chest that threw me back against the wall with a resounding thud. The air in my lungs left me and I slouched against the wall breathless and with my head swimming in nausea. Smirking, Joseph turned and left, followed by his minions. Only after the door had closed did Chris manage to make a sound.

"Sarah? Where are you?" He asked in a soft voice. He scooted in the direction that he had hear me crash. I put out my hand, beginning to cough as my lungs regained their function. Chris grabbed my hand, pulling himself over to me as I wheezed and coughed.

"Did they hurt you?" He asked. I managed to catch my breath and replied in a breathy voice.

"I'm fine. Did you get any sleep?" I asked, trying to distract him. Chris's mouth dropped open in disbelief.

"Y-you're asking me if I got any sleep while you're coughing up a lung?" he asked incredulously. I nodded swallowing.

"I'm fine really. I replied, taking in my first deep breath. Chris shook his head and squeezed my hand.

"You're crazy Sarah. I don't know what's going on but you can't keep getting hurt like this. He pleaded. "It's already been three days, if I'm not mistaken, since we've been caught." He said as his voice dropped to a whisper. I squeezed his hand back gently.

"Don't worry too much Chris. I won't let them touch you. We will make it out of this. I promise that much to you." I said, closing my eyes and leaning my head back against the wall, hoping that no matter what, I would be able to carry out my promise to my friend… without any problems, if not too many.