Q: How did your band '1066' get it started? What about the name?
A: Well first of all 1066 is when the Battle of Hastings took place, the Bayeux Tapestry depicts that. I met our bassist and rhythm guitarist in my history class back in freshman year. Our teacher showed us this ridiculous yet hilariously catchy music video about William the Conqueror. That's basically the reason for our name and how we formed. So thanks Mr. Wolf!

Q: So besides Johnny Meyers (bass) and Quentin Newcomer (rhythm) how did the rest of the band (DeLisi and McHale) come about?
A: Well Denton DeLisi was this guy I met through my girlfriend at the time. We were in our Junior year and needed a new lead guitarist since our old one moved to Austria. Denton was new to town so it was like a total reincarnation ya'know? A total Lost moment where Boone died and Aaron was born. It was fate. He was really Gnarly and a chill guy too. Now he's our best friend.

Then well January was definitely something different. It was sort of controversial actually (Beau laughs) we had this old kick ass drummer right, and he 'mysteriously' left so all our fans were wondering what happened. Then all of a sudden this chick was apart of our band. Needless to say a lot of our fans were pissed.

To be honest I was pissed too. Our drummer left and then we went to the label right after. They thrusted this strange albeit hot girl into our band that we had no clue about. Everyone welcomed her into the band though and as we're infamous for- January and I don't get on too well. But she's a brilliant drummer though. Better than anything I would've expect. Because come on, Jan's this five foot little thing who can work a kick drum faster than anyone I know. I was pleasantly surprised, but I wouldn't have let anyone know that back then.

Q: So speaking of January there's a lot of rumors circulating as well as pictures, videos and what not. So what IS your relationship status with her?
A: -Beau laughs- EVERYONE always wants to know. Mind sharing a few rumors you'd like me to clear up before I elaborate?

Q:You're the reason for January and her boyfriend splitting up, you two have sexual relations, she almost left the band once, you've got matching tattoos, Quentin had a crush on January so that's why you broke his jaw and you two are secretly getting married. Just to cover. The basics.

A: Well that's quite a lot of basics. About Quentin well I broke his jaw because I got piss drunk back at home before we set off to tour the next day. I thought he was some other ginger kid and wham! Broken jaw.

I wouldn't normally reveal personal things like this about my band mates, but this is January so screw that. I actually am the reason for her and her boyfriend splitting up. He was a total jackass and I hated the twat. He insisted on seeing her for like six tour dates straight. Couldn't stand the bloke. Rambled on about pointless things and just rude and god awful. Jan seriously could do better. One day after playing a set I went back to the bus with January since she needed something. Needless to say I ravished her- grabbed her face and kissed the girl senseless. Her hands were all over me and I was madly turned on. We had sex and her boyfriend strolled in like ten minutes after we finished up. I told him off telling him what happened and such. He blew a gasket and I wanted to run him over with the bus. I didn't though. I basically broke up with him for January, but she was going to do it anyway. She slept with me for Christ's sake.

So yeah we had sexual relations and still do. Ask her and she'll deny it, but we do.

We aren't getting married though. Not even dating. We do like to put on a show sometimes about how we are getting married or something. Always a riot.

January and I DO have matching tattoos actually- they're considering 'matching'. I have this Oasis tattoo that says 'you're gonna be the one that saves me' in January's handwriting on one set of ribs. While she has 'after all you're my wonderwall' in my handwriting really high up on her outer thigh. You don't see her's unless she's pants less or going for a swim. It took us a while to accept each other and when we finally did it was because of our favorite song- Wonderwall by Oasis.

About her leaving the band...well she almost left twice actually. I won't go into details about that since she'd leave the band if I told you. -Beau laughs- just kidding, but its better information to hear from her as opposed to me.

Q: So you two have a 'friends with benefits' relationship? Why is it that you two are much more involved? Why you over any other member of the band in your opinion?
A: Well we're not really friends but there are definitely benefits. Though you probably don't want to know January can satisfy me like no other...she's also a damn amazing kisser. I think we're more involved because the other guys think of her as a sister, so it'd be weird for them. While right off the bat there was this sexual tension between us-again something I never would have admitted back then.

Q: So what's your opinion on having a girl in the band?
A: I've never been opposed to it. I mean I always thought it was badass, like The Summer Set and VersaEmerge. I don't see it as anything different then having a guy in the band. It was just January I didn't like.

Q: Describe each band member with one word
A: Huh well Johnny...silly? Quentin is a ginger obviously. Denton...paternal. January well I don't know...she's a bitch but a sexy bitch. Is there a way to combine them? Well I guess I'll stick with a bitch.

Q: What about yourself?
A: Oh charming, hands down.

Q: Girls just go crazy for you, what's it like? What's the craziest thing a fan has done/said to you?
A: Yipes well it's flattering. I don't go looking to hook up with any of them so when they come onto me it's a bit sad when I have to be like 'oh sorry no thanks'. Because the only whore I need is January really. Unless I get a girlfriend, but that's doubtful-January would probably come and seduce me moments before I got married to some bird and I'd have to call the wedding off. -Beau laughs- probably for payback, but I wouldn't resist her so partially my fault.

Well I do have some crazy fans...one girl asked me to make out with her on video. The other asked if she could have my children. She literally didn't care if we had intercourse she said 'you can just put your sperm in this bottle for me'. I don't know there's quite a bit, but January has the craziest men after her and Denton has some psychos after him too. There was this one girl who cut off some of Denton's hair without him knowing and put it on a pouch around her neck.

Q: So who's the biggest prankster? Laziest? Technology addicted? Cleanest and messiest?
A: Well hands down Johnny is the prankster. He goes around pranking other bands all the time too. Sometimes during other band's sets he cuts off their mic and substitutes it for something else- like me and Jan fighting- or someone snoring, cows, his own dreadful voice too.

January is the laziest. Bitch gets people to carry her everywhere.

Denton is technology addicted mostly because of his girlfriend keeps him on a tight leash. Always have to be in contact.

Jan's the messiest since she's so damn lazy. While oddly enough Johnny is the cleanest despite his prankster status.

Q: What would you be doing if you weren't the lead singer of a band?
A: Well actually we all took online classes. I'm working on my master's degree, but it's a bit hard. You see I have my undergrad in pre-med. I've worked out this system where I do all the labs and whatnot while I'm not touring. Getting the masters is harder because well it's more hands on since I'm working for a medical degree. I'm going to be a certified surgeon. Quentin has a degree in linguistics. Johnny has a degree in accounting and Denton has one in marketing. Jan has one in education.

Q: So you don't think this band will last or you don't want it to?
A: Well sometimes when you're in a band people think that's like a way of not growing up. And not everyone grows up, but everyone gets older. I have a lot of ambitions and a lot of things I love doing. I love preforming and singing, but I also love science and helping people. There's just a point where not everything can be the same as it was when you're 18 or 20. Ideas change and people change. 1066 will always be around together- but we just might not be touring the world.