He's kind and charming,

the man of my dreams.

She's funny and cool,

just perfect for me.

Where he's lean muscle,

she is all curves,

and while she makes me laugh,

he whispers sweet words.

He's very handsome,

so tall and so fit.

She's incredibly cute,

so fair and such an imp.

He knows what I want,

he likes who I am.

She'd never ask me to change,

but knows not of my plans.

He always makes my skin tingle,

him I want to pull near.

Of her I never want to let go,

with her I know no fear.

Both make me feel loved,

feel appreciated and cared for.

For one I feel such strong affection,

and the other, too, I adore.

I want them both so much,

each stirs my heart up in a riot,

but when asked which I choose,

my heart is eerily quiet.

And so I turn to ask of you,

my dear, dear friend -

What in the world can I do

to make this confusion end?


You tell me to choose,

but that I cannot do.

For I'm sure if I did that,

my heart would split in two.

A half isn't enough,

not for one nor the other,

and just the very thought of it,

drives me mad, makes me shudder.

I can't let him go,

her I refuse to lose.

This is incredibly difficult,

I really cannot choose.


It seems my choice is made,

I'll cry, weep, and sigh.

Because I know I can't be with either.

Neither the girl nor the guy.

A/N- I really liked this poem for some reason when I wrote it. I haven't written a poem that rhymes in such a long time, so I feel kinda proud~ Please review and tell me what you think.