Friends with benefits. Two friends meet up to have sex. That's all there is to it. But I wonder when along the lines of this game that I actually started to fall in love.

"LEXI." It's him. I can just tell from the voice who it is. The one that I can pick out from a crowd of a thousand.

"Hey, Mike." I answered with a smile playing it cool. My pulse raced whenever he spoke to me though. It's those damn eyes. I swear I could stare at them forever. Those bright sapphire eyes…

He coughed and smoothed his hair out like he was nervous. I watched in anticipation at what he was going to say next. It's not like I already knew what he was going to say to me. Why else would he come to me? "So… um…" My 'friend' leaned in closer to my ear so the other students couldn't hear what he had to say next. "Can you come over tonight? My parents are out."

My breath hitched a bit when I felt his warm breath against my ear. I nodded lamely and gave him a small smile. "I'll come after dinner."

He broke into smile. God. I love that smile. "Great! Um… Well, I'm going now. See you later Lexi!" Mike waved goodbye before breaking off into a sprint for the next class.

I let out a shaky sigh and leaned against my locker. My chest was pounding in an erratic rhythm. I calmed myself before heading off to my last class.

"I'm heading out, Mom!"

"Be back by twelve, dear."


Mom never questioned me if I go out. Since I was 'such a good student'. If my mom new half the things I did, she might kick me out and disown me. The November air hits me as soon as I step out the door. I shivered involuntarily and pulled my jacket tighter around my body. I climbed in my car and headed toward the same house I've been going to for a month now.

I sighed as I adjusted to the cold temperature that was clinging to my wet hair. I had to look presentable don't I? I don't even know how this whole thing started. Actually, I do. I remember the day this whole thing started. How could one forget their first night? Drunk, yes, but nevertheless, it was still the first night.

"Fuck." Mike groaned into the crook of my neck.

"M-Mike…" I was panting alongside him. The marble of the island dug into my back, but I could care less. Mike's breath was present on my exposed skin and that alone made me blank out. I had no thoughts. I ran on pure instinct. Lust.

He lifted his head and captured my mouth with his. It wasn't a soft kiss, but it wasn't forceful either. His tongue ran across my bottom lip begging for entrance and I obliged. I let out a muffled groan as he mapped out my mouth. I could taste the alcohol on his tongue as we battled for dominance. I, of course, let him take over as he nibbled on my bottom lip earning a whimper from me. He chuckled at the provocative noises I was letting escape. He let go of my mouth and trailed his tongue over my cheek and up to my ear. He spoke in a husky, low voice, "You like that?" He grinded into me extra hard and I screamed with pleasure. He sucked on my earlobe and spoke again, "I asked you a question, Lexi." Fuck. I could have came right there from the way he called my name. He grinded harder again, pushing my back into the island. All I could do was nod frantically because I didn't trust my voice box to work.

The club music from behind the kitchen was muffled to us so I doubt anyone could hear us in here. Mike had had enough sense to lock the door too so we were safe from people intruding on us. I wrapped my arms that were around his neck tighter and pulled him closer. His mouth moved down from my earlobe to my neck again. He moved the flimsy material that was holding my tank up down my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I shivered at the sudden temperature change around my torso. He didn't hesitate after removing my top, but continued his mouth down its path. I let out a whimper as he started sucking on a spot on my neck. His tongue flicked over the spot that was now swollen with blood.

"Up." He commanded against my shoulder. I obliged and allowed him to lift me up to the countertop. He pulled himself up and pushed me down onto the hard, cold marble. I shivered as it made contact with my bare back. He straddled my hips and brushed my hazel hair away from my face gently. He leaned down and kissed me softly. "You're beautiful like this." I shivered again at his words and I pulled him down into another kiss. He let out a groan as I rubbed my leg up against his bulge. He left my mouth and trailed wet kisses down to my bra. He lowered his lower body down against my leg and continued to grind on it. "F-fuck." He grunted and gave my leg an extra hard grind.

I gasped when I felt one of his hands go around my back, lifting me up a bit. He quickly unhooked my bra with his right hand and I had to wonder how he knew how to do it so quickly and singlehanded too. He must not be a virgin, not that I expected him to be. He was in the popular crowd and hung out with all the slutty girls.

I let out a shaky breath as he threw my laced bra aside. He wasted no time to ravish my breasts. He shifted position and pulled me into his lap. I gripped his hair to control myself from the pleasure I was receiving. I moaned and whimpered at every touch and lick I was getting. He fondled my left breast as he worked the other with his mouth. "Mike." I barely got the name out as I bit my bottom lip to stop a scream that was coming up. He had bit one of my nipples and was caressing the other with this thumb.

He stopped working on my breasts and ran his left hand up and down my sides as the other stroked my cheek. "You don't need to hold it in. I want to hear your voice." He chuckled and kissed me chastely. I nodded lamely and moved my hands down his chest. I could feel his muscled underneath the plaid shirt he was wear. I tugged at the hem of his shirt and he obliged with taking his shirt off to expose his toned chest. I ran my hands up and down and he let out a content sigh at my touch. He leaned back onto the marble and I slithered down his chest licking my way down to his pants.

He propped himself up on his elbows and gave me a questioning look as I made to unzip his jeans. I smiled slyly at him and kissed him quickly. "Just enjoy yourself." I purred into his ear and he gave a shudder. I was surprised I could even let out such a tone, but apparently when I'm high on adrenaline, I could do anything. I kissed his abs, biting softly into each muscle I could find using my right hand to stroke his cock. He groaned as my thumb swiped across the top, spreading pre-cum all the way to the base. I left his stomach and positioned myself before taking it whole in my mouth. "FUCK!" He thrusted up into my mouth making me gag a little. I pulled away leaving a trail of saliva and looked into his eyes sheepishly. I could see his eyes dilating and he was panting. I didn't want to tease him for so long so I took him into my mouth again, this time not as deep. He groaned when my tongue swirled around him in my mouth. He gripped my hair suddenly, making me flinch, but I didn't break my rhythm. He pushed my head down trying to make me go lower and I allowed him to take control. He was groaning more frequently now and thrusting upward to meet me when I lowered. I heard him whisper something unintelligible and he gripped my hair tighter. I knew he was going to cum when I felt his dick pulse in my mouth. I quickly released him and gripped him around the base.

He let out a frustrated groan and he looked at me confused. He was panting and I could see beads of sweat trickle down his forehead. I kissed him and wrapped my tongue around his letting him taste himself. As I broke the kiss, I answered his unasked question, "You can't cum before the main thing." I tsked at him.

I crawled and sat on his stomach with his dick behind my skirt. He lied down fully and ran a hand up my thing touching the fabric of my underwear. I lifted my skirt up and threw it away landing who knows where. I then stripped the last piece of clothes that I had, off. He looked in approval at my naked self and I felt myself heat up. "That's not fair, Mike." He still had his jeans on while I was bare. I turned so he had a view of my ass while I set to work on his buckle and pushed his jeans off. Apparently, he liked to go commando style. He fondled my cheek until I got the jeans down to his lower leg and I turned back around facing him. I smiled coyly at him wanting to tease him a bit more. He wasn't getting my virginity that easily. I slide till I felt his cock touch my ass. We both gasped at the contact and I felt him pulse behind me. I moved till I could see his cock in front of me.

I tentatively slid against his cock, rubbing myself on him. He groaned as he felt himself touch my skin. I slid back and forth, rubbing us together. I groaned as I felt him touch my clit sending adrenaline throughout my body. "S-stop being such a tease." He gasped out as I gave a particular hard stroke. I giggled and answered him with a kiss.

I was already soaking wet so there was no need for anything else. I positioned myself on top of him and sank down. I screamed his name as I felt myself being stretched by his stick. The pain was immense and I couldn't do anything for a while. I felt him pulse in me and he looked at me in worry. He just gently stroked my leg and waited till I got used to him. I let out a whimper after a few minutes and nodded telling him I was okay. He brought both his hands to my hips and gently moved me up and down his shaft. I put both my hands on his stomach trying to support my own weight. He set a slow and steady pace waiting for me to regain my strength. He groaned when I sank down deeply and whispered hoarsely, "Fuck, Lexi. So fucking tight." He had let go of my hips now as I could carry the pace out myself. He thrusted his hips up to meet mine as I sank down and gyrated a bit sending him groaning in pleasure. I was at my limit when I felt my body heat up quickly, building a mass of warmth near my stomach. I could tell he was close behind me with the way his dick was pulsating in me.

"MIKE!" I screamed when he brushed his thumb against my clit sending me over the edge. I clenched down on him as I came making him cum too. I shivered when I felt his heated cum fill me. He groaned my name when he came and strung a few curse words together. We were both panting and trying to steady our heart beats that was beating too hard to be healthy. I gently lifted myself off of him and I felt him slip out of me. I laid there on his chest and giggled a bit. He petted my hair and whispered simply, "That was the best I had."

"Hey." The door creaked open and a flash of straight teeth sent my heart fluttering. I love that smile.

"Hi." I replied back with a small wave. He gestured me into his home and pulled me by the hand to his bedroom. Once I was in his room, my eyes trained to the queen sized bed he had. On it, there was a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold lying next to a gag. I looked at him questionably at the items and he just shrugged.

"I was thinking we could get kinky tonight." He smiled at me before kissing me hard on the lips, probably bruising it. I didn't care even if he had a knife on the bed. I was just happy I could spend tonight with him. Alone. Just Mike and me. Friends with benefit.

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